The most beautiful beaches, bays and bays in Montenegro
Denis Korablev
  • 15.04.2020
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The most beautiful beaches, bays and bays in Montenegro

In Montenegro, the entire coastline is state-owned, and you will not find private beaches here. The swimming season starts in mid-May and ends in mid-October. The best time for a beach holiday is June and July, when the water is warm and the sun beats mercilessly and you can hide from it only under umbrellas or in the shade of spreading pine trees. Montenegro is a country of mountains, so there are many wonderful bays with natural beaches. In this article, we have compiled a selection of some of the best (and secluded), in our opinion, places to stay in Montenegro.

Bay of Kotor

One of the most amazing places in Montenegro is the Boko-Kotor Bay, which arose long ago as a result of the destruction of a river canyon. The bay consists of five bays - Hercegnovskovo, Tivatsky, Kotorsky, Morinsky and Risansky - named after the nearby towns. Local panoramas will not leave anyone indifferent, here you can admire not only the picturesque shores, but also the cargo and pleasure boats passing by (there are several passenger and cargo ports in the bay). It is known that people began to populate the bay since the period before our era, throughout history in the Bay of Kotor life was raging - cities were built, the economy and navigation developed.

Many take to yacht charter in Montenegro to visit this bay for a relaxing holiday, which contributes to calm coastline without waves and currents. Having visited this place, you can observe ships of different sizes, and on the shore you will get acquainted with the most beautiful architecture and you can visit Perast - the city of millionaires. You will find here many medieval buildings and a huge number of churches worthy of your attention. Nearby are the beaches of Dobrech and Zupa, surrounded by rich vegetation, and the healing air of the bay will help strengthen the immune system (if you need to treat diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, you can contact the local health centers). It is worth visiting the towns of Kotor and Bar - in the first one, on the streets of the old town, you can feel the spirit of the Middle Ages, and in the second one there are more than 20 beaches at your service - long and not very long, sandy and pebbly, with access exclusively by the sea.

Bay of Pechin

The hard-to-reach beach of Montenegro - Queen's Beach, is located on the picturesque coast of Pechin Bay, surrounded by rocks (therefore, it is best to get to it by sea). The beach is marked with the "Blue Flag" - the sign of ecology and cleanliness, the European quality standard and is perfect for lovers of romantic and secluded relaxation. The entrance to the water is shallow, and the beach is well suited for children, the water is very clean and transparent, and the bay is reliably protected from winds and waves. It is hard not to notice the beauty of this place - picturesque shores overgrown with dense vegetation, emerald water of the Adriatic, few people and the atmosphere of solitude with nature. At the service of vacationers - equipment rental and several cozy cafes, where you can order snacks, salads, meat dishes and seafood dishes.

Bay of Trashte Bay

In the bay of Trashte Bay, there is a beach that has a reputation as one of the most environmentally friendly and cleanest in Montenegro (awarded the Blue Flag). And the very name "Plavi Horizonti" is very beautifully translated from Montenegrin as "Blue Horizons". Here at the services of vacationers - beautiful nature and soft sand, plus the health properties of this area. The beach is reliably protected from the winds by a picturesque pine forest, which permeates the air with coniferous aromas and freshness even in the hottest weather. The water in the bay is surprisingly clear, and its depth is shallow, which allows visitors to observe the underwater life right from the shore. The bottom is gently sloping, so parents can leave their children to splash in shallow water with peace of mind. There are no dangerous predators in the water near the shore either. Lovers of walking should be advised by the promenade along the resort strip with benches on the sides. There are equipment rental points on the beach, boats are rented, and in the shade there is a restaurant with an extensive selection of food and drinks. reasonable prices.

A bay near Ulcinj

Ulcinj Bay offers two options for yacht mooring: either at the embankment (depth up to 4 m), or in the middle of the bay with depths of up to 5 m. The bay is open to southern winds, which will catch waves into it. Here is the famous beach with "black sand", 13 km long and only 70 m wide. Turquoise water splashes in the bay, the shore is sandy and the entrance to the water is gentle. For those interested in history, in addition to a beach holiday, it is also worth visiting the nearby fortress, as well as admire the houses with red tiled roofs. Ulcinj is the southernmost resort of Montenegro, and travelers are very pleased to visit here at least a day - the water is clean, sandy and pebble bottom, all day long you can find a shade to escape from the bright Mediterranean sun. Algae floating in the water can spoil the experience somewhat, however, if you do not want to swim, you can sunbathe and sit in a cafe on the shore, trying, for example, pizza.

Bigovitsa Bay

Bigovitsa Bay is a wild beach with medium-sized pebbles, this place is very famous among divers, because ships stopped here until the 15th century, many of which sank and, along with related things, are of great interest to underwater archaeologists. Artifacts lie at depths of about 60 meters, which still remain unexplored. Despite such a great attraction for divers, the beach is devoid of any amenities, and it is not so easy to get to the 100-meter strip of the beach - there is no road or a well-trodden hiking trail. There are no cafes and restaurants here either, but clean water, mountains and sand are provided for you. Having been here, you will feel unity with nature, harmony and tranquility, so you will want to come back here again and again.