Tips on how to get through the winter without forgetting about sailing
Denis Korablev
  • 04.12.2020
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Tips on how to get through the winter without forgetting about sailing

For any real yachtsman, the arrival of cold weather with snowfalls and strong winds is not a reason for sadness, but rather an opportunity for better preparation for the next sailing season. Even if you do not have the opportunity to fly to Thailand or the Seychelles to enjoy yachting, you can find many interesting things to do in temperate latitudes. And often you don't even have to leave the house for this. So here the 2yachts team presents affordable ways to get through the winter without forgetting about sailing.

Watching movies about the sea

When it gets cold and it is snowing outside, films about yachting will come in handy, with their beautiful views of the ocean, fascinating sailing trips and gambling sailing competitions. Moreover, it is not necessary to buy films on disks, look for them on video hosting sites on the Internet or buy tickets to a cinema, you can limit yourself to watching thematic TV programs.

One of the best films on the theme of yachting is "Wind" by the outstanding American filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, which tells the story of a beautiful romantic story between American yachtsman Will Parker and his girlfriend Kate. Watching the film, you can plunge into the mysterious world of sea races, the picture is rich and valuable with beautiful views, as well as the general atmosphere of the oldest regatta on large displacement yachts for the America's Cup.

It is also interesting to watch the creation of Ridley Scott on a winter evening - the film "White Flurry", which describes real events that took place in the Caribbean in the 60s of the last century. The plot of the film is based on the survival of young graduates of the maritime school on a sailing ship in the process of circumnavigating the world, as a result of which the young men become real men and reveal in themselves qualities that they never knew about before.

Another film about sea travel, worthy of attention of real sea lovers - "Hope Will Not Fade away" directed by JC Chandor, in which only one actor was filmed - Robert Redford. This picture shows the struggle for survival, when a person is alone with the water element. In the story, an elderly man goes on a yacht trip to the sea and nothing bodes well. But suddenly it happens that the side of the yacht accidentally breaks through a cargo container wandering in the sea, and the man has to look for ways to survive in the fight against the elements. There is no doubt that watching this film will cause you only the best feelings - admiration for the courage, calmness and perseverance of a real yachtsman.

Disassemble and organize photos and videos of last year's travels and regattas

Photos and videos taken at different times can be stored in the memory of your phone or other recording device for more than one year, and at this time you will take new frames and only hope to someday select the best of them.

In winter, you finally have free time to deal with memorable materials, for example, buy a photo album or order a photo book as a keepsake further serve as a pleasant reminder of the best moments of your yachting life.

Reading books about sea adventures

Sitting in your armchair in a cozy atmosphere in the evening, along with a mug of fragrant tea, it is very pleasant to read an interesting book. Having chosen a rather fascinating work in accordance with your feelings or based on the reviews of other readers, you can plunge headlong into the world of sea adventures, imagining how the sails are filled with the wind, and the ship, under the guidance of an experienced captain, cuts the water surface, moving towards new discoveries.

Seek inspiration for new experiences

If your city is large enough, you can check what interesting things are happening in it at the moment. If you have time, you can visit, for example, a art gallery or a thematic photo exhibition to enjoy the results of the work of famous marine painters. Of course, in large cities there are more opportunities and, if you wish, you can buy a ticket to the aquarium or even to the maritime museum.

Sign up for a remote yachting training course

There is no limit to improving skills and knowledge in sailing, even for beginners, even for experienced yachtsmen. And for learning it is not necessary to go to distant tropical countries to gain new knowledge. Today, on the Internet, you can find a large number of specialized courses, offering to take training in yachting online. It is also worth downloading useful applications to your smartphone and in your free time to get and improve new skills, for example, to train to knit sea knots.

Select and purchase equipment

In winter, you should carefully examine your clothes, and if necessary, hand over some items for repair or pick up and order new things and accessories in online stores. This is all the more important, since it is during the winter period that yachting equipment stores offer discounts on most of the goods.

Attendance at master classes

Since yacht schools cannot conduct practical classes in winter, many of them hold interesting lectures and master classes. These events are not only educational in nature, allowing you to better learn sailing, but also entertaining.

At master classes, you can meet famous sailors and travelers around the world, improve your artistic and culinary skills, and learn a lot of interesting things.

Organization of a friendly sea party

Nothing cheers up and cheers up like inspiring meetings with fellow sailors. You can organize a friendly meeting at any time, having previously warned all your friends. Gathering together, you can remember and discuss the events of the previous corporate regatta, celebrate the meeting with your favorite dishes and exchange plans for the future.

A trip to a warm region, where even in winter you can travel on yachts in warm sunny weather

If you can't find a worthy substitute for real sailing, you can go to the winter regatta or sign up for a yachting practice group. Expensive and exotic options like the Philippines and Thailand are not for everyone. But nothing prevents you from going for a "dose of yachting" in a more accessible direction, for example, to Turkey.

If you are interested in yacht rental prices in any region of the world - for detailed information and support in paperwork you you can always contact 2yachts. We will help you find your dream yacht for an exciting and unforgettable voyage!