Tips for choosing a yacht interior
Denis Korablev
  • 22.09.2020
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Tips for choosing a yacht interior

The interior of pleasure yachts should correspond to their purpose, that is, create conditions for a comfortable stay. After all, the romance of sea voyages is determined, among other things, by the qualities of the ship on which the voyages are made. Since a yacht during its stay at sea can become a full-fledged accommodation for a traveler, the correct interior arrangement of the vessel becomes extremely important. The creation of a functional and attractive interior should be carried out in accordance with the basic rules and design best practices.

The design principles of the premises on the ship are similar to those used in the arrangement of houses and apartments. The components of the interior filling should correspond to the chosen style and be in harmony with each other. Also, when arranging a yacht, it is important to take into account the constantly high humidity and the possibility of strong rolling.

Materials used

The cladding material must be resistant to moisture and dirt. The most common materials for yacht decoration are various types of wood. The use of wood can make the interior expensive, especially when choosing dark shades.

The space to be equipped is divided into functional areas: a place for eating, a room for maintaining personal hygiene and a place for rest. Experts 2yachts advise to dividing the premises into functional zones using walls made of such materials, like PVC or drywall. The bathroom and the place for maintaining hygiene must be reliably isolated from other rooms, and they must be separated by a massive wall.

An ergonomic and functional option for organizing a kitchen on board can be a parallel galley arrangement, with a sink on one side and a stove on the other. At the same time, the second wall may not exist, and the cooking area with a stove can be built into the kitchen island.

The dining area can be supplemented with seating that can be tucked into the corner sofa. This decision is justified if you sometimes invite guests, but the space of the kitchen-dining room is small.

To visually expand the space on small yachts, design decoration is performed using mirrors and glass. Also, light wall decoration in combination with dark floors allows you to visually increase the space in the rooms. Unobtrusive colors of beige, coffee shades will contribute to relaxation of those who spend a long time in the cramped space of the yacht. These colors are perfect for decorating a bedroom that you will visit for a night's rest.

The deck should also be functionally equipped and contribute to a comfortable pastime. The best material for deck finishing is teak, resistant to constant high humidity, sunlight and insects.

By using wood paneling and gray-black elements, you can give your interior a retro-futuristic feel. And using lots of glass elements and other reflective surfaces can make the interior look very glamorous. All accompanying elements of the interior, such as electrical wiring and lighting, must be reliably hidden in the walls, and furniture for safety must be securely fixed with reinforced hinges.


Skillful design brings the yacht to life while making the most of the space and allowing the owners to express their creativity. The problem of limited space is an obstacle when creating a yacht interior. The solution to this problem is seen in the use of such things as beds in niches, lockers, L-shaped sofas, folding shelves next to beds, folding tables, folding chairs and hidden built-in functions. Since the vessel is in motion, it is better to use built-in furniture and appliances. It is also known that many of the findings of yacht interior designers can come in handy for the owners of small apartments.

In the interior, ship paraphernalia can be successfully used, for example: porthole windows, a clock in the form of a steering wheel, a wooden shelf stylized as a rudder of a boat, stained glass windows on a marine theme, a panel depicting a wind rose on the floor and much more. Spotlights may be used for deck lighting, for safety reasons portable lights are not recommended on board.

Completes the creation of a successful yacht interior by decorating the interior with various accessories: unbreakable bar and dinnerware, napkins, tablecloths, rugs, etc.

By the way, yacht designers are engaged in the arrangement of the interiors of mega-yachts, working on the development and implementation of a unique interior arrangement project, taking into account the wishes of the customer. Also, sometimes architects and artists are involved in the development of yachts, who are able to introduce a creative component even at the concept development stage.

Ready-made solutions

Among the well-known brands are interiors from the following shipyards:

  • " Sunseeker " offering 14 finishes with granite and beautiful upholstery fabrics. The interior looks very elegant thanks to the predominance of sand, coffee and beige shades;
  • " Feadship ", which uses a lot of glass in the design, giving the interior lightness, naturalness and tranquility;
  • " Azimut ", which focuses on beige shades that bring a sense of coziness and warmth to the interior.

It is also possible to order the construction of a pleasure boat according to an individual project, while the equipment and the formation of the design of the premises will completely depend on the taste of the future owner.

The arrangement of the yacht's interior will depend on its size, the level of technical equipment, as well as the budget allocated for this type of work and the customer's preferences. To achieve the maximum functional result, it is necessary to use transformable furniture and stationary electrical appliances, and when adding new elements to the interior, it is imperative to consult with the specialists responsible for the technical equipment of the vessel.

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