Tips for choosing marine binoculars
Denis Korablev
  • 25.10.2021
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Tips for choosing marine binoculars

Binoculars were invented over 400 years ago based on data on the creation of a telescope. Summarizing the experience of Dutch scientists, the great Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei in 1609 designed binoculars, applying his knowledge of physics and mathematics. The purpose of the binoculars is to observe objects in the distance.

Since then, the device has been improved, but without fundamental changes. And today binoculars are an optical device consisting of two tubes located in parallel and connected to each other. Thanks to the development of scientists, complex prismatic structures, an achromatic lens, appeared in binoculars. Powerful lenses allow you to see in detail a distant object and even determine the distance to it using a graduated scale.

Binoculars are used by people of different specialties. Each type of human activity has specific requirements for binoculars.

Types of binoculars

  • Theater binoculars - lightweight, beautiful, comfortable; gives a small magnification with high definition images.
  • Field binoculars have good magnification and high aperture.
  • Night vision binoculars are intended for night work, in the dark.
  • Military binoculars - powerful, compact, waterproof, shock and drop resistant; gives great viewing angles.
  • Marine binoculars are similar in characteristics to military ones, differing only in a high quality rangefinder and a built-in compass function.
  • Astronomical binoculars have the highest magnification and comfortable tripod.
  • Digital binoculars - the most modern, has video and audio recording functions, allows you to take photographs at a considerable distance.

Do I need binoculars on a yacht?

Marine binoculars as a navigational device are simply irreplaceable, whether you are on a trip to rented yacht or your own. Only with him can one make out the black buoys of the fairway in the pitch darkness; navigate through the barely visible sections on the seashore. Binoculars are safety first and foremost!

Marine binoculars differ from land-based binoculars with an extended field of view, high quality optics, buoyancy (able to stay on the water), powerful photosensitivity. The yacht is constantly moving, so stability is important, not too close.

Features of the structure of marine binoculars:

  • high-tech Porro or Roof prisms;
  • rangefinder function that allows you to calculate the distance to the object of interest, knowing the height and measuring the angle to the top;
  • compass function that helps to receive information from the object about the course and location; take bearings.

When choosing marine binoculars, what should you pay attention to?

Basic parameters

  1. Approximation of the image: magnification equal to 7, lens diameter 50-60 mm.
  2. Water resistance is measured by JIS (developed by the Japanese to measure water resistance). Choose binoculars with the highest values:
    • 6 JIS - protection from rain and short-term immersion in water;
    • 7 JIS - guaranteed operation of binoculars after falling into the water to a depth of 1 meter, staying there for 15 minutes;
    • 8 JIS - protection against immersion to a depth of more than 1 meter.
  3. A durable case with a rubberized coating should:
    • save all functions after hitting (falling);
    • don't slip out of your hands.
  4. Image stabilization allows you to see moving objects more clearly when rolling and shaking.
  5. The high aperture ratio allows observation at dusk. The backlight will not hurt in the dark.
  6. Anti-fogging.
  7. A good accessory is a special strap that retains its buoyancy.

Marine binoculars are resistant to the aggressive effects of sea salt, they are not afraid of fog and dust. High-quality devices are distinguished by a non-slip rubberized coating, excellent water resistance, good lenses. According to the experts 2yachts, universal marine binoculars are highly valued, it is better to choose brand names. Pay attention to the warranty period - this is one of the quality indicators. Selected manufacturers guarantee uninterrupted operation of the device for 20 years! Experienced buyers say this a lot. Models with an attractive appearance, but a short warranty period are unreliable, you should not even consider them.

Marine binoculars are a wonderful gift for a novice yachtsman; with careful treatment, they will last for more than a decade. There are cases when binoculars became a family heirloom passed from father to son in several generations. Choose your binoculars slowly with the advice of an experienced skipper!