Shipping and yachting in Malta
Denis Korablev
  • 25.02.2021
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Shipping and yachting in Malta

Due to its favorable strategic position of Malta directly in the center of the Mediterranean, this island has historically been one of the most important points in the world of maritime shipping. Many international sea routes pass through Malta, and the country's shipping register is included in the top 10 of the largest registries in the world. Malta has ratified many international conventions on the observance of the regime of the continental shelf and sea spaces, so the likelihood of arrest of ships registered under the Maltese flag is practically excluded.

For a long time, services in the field of shipping and trade transport have been very popular in Malta. Trade in this country was developed much earlier than the financial services and gambling industry. Thanks to the richest historical heritage of Malta, a powerful and developed material and technical base, an established state regulation system, today merchant shipping and yachting are so developed on the islands.

Malta owes much of its success in the global marketplace to qualified maritime lawyers, brokers, as well as professional services companies and banks with an extensive range of services for pleasure and merchant boat owners.

Scope of shipping

The Maltese shipping industry is based on the openness and convenience of a jurisdiction that does not impose significant restrictions on the registration of yachts under its own flag. Accordingly, even custom yacht owners can get registered in Malta. By registering under the jurisdiction of Malta, shipping companies are entitled to a variety of tax incentives. In addition, some ships pay taxes at a flat rate, and their owners are completely exempt from tax on income earned from boat rental and other services.

Places of interest

In addition to beaches and sailing tours, Malta offers numerous local attractions. By visiting them, you can literally be able to travel back to the times of the ancient inhabitants of the archipelago. Among the objects that are worth visiting in the first place:

  • Virgin Mary statue;
  • Roman salt ponds;
  • Monument to the victims of the war with ancient streets;
  • Mills built by the Knights of St. John;
  • Shemshye Historical Trail;
  • Ancient Olive Center in St. Paul Milky;
  • Tower Combo;
  • Catacombs of St. Paul;
  • Aqueducts;
  • 161-meter Ta 'Gurdan lighthouse;
  • Cold War Memorial;
  • Luzzu Traditional Maltese Fishing Boats;
  • Statue of the risen Christ.


The yachting industry in Malta is divided into two types: pleasure and commercial yachts. The yachts used for commercial purposes are regulated by companies eligible for significant tax breaks in the region. Pleasure yacht owners can count on fast check-in, VAT reduction (in some cases up to 5%), for example, for leasing.

In addition to tax advantages, simplified registration and reduced value added tax in some cases, the islands also have a developed infrastructure, including modern ports and marinas (including marinas for megayachts). Many berths have developed and practiced a wide range of services, such as refueling, servicing, repairs, and access to all kinds of technical facilities available both on and off the marinas.

The Great Harbor, around which the capital of the country, the city of Valletta, was built, has a reputation as one of the safest natural harbors in the Mediterranean. The architecture and sights of this harbor reflect the rich heritage of the country's maritime history dating back over 7,000 years. The Big Harbor can accommodate over 250 tourist liners with a total number of passengers on board exceeding 200 thousand people a year.

Since the days of the Phoenicians, Malta has acquired the role of the main port in the Mediterranean basin, a field for trade and military operations. Today, the Maltese harbors are home to thousands of yachts and commercial ships. Due to the fact that the coast has a winding line, you can always plan and carry out a trip on your own or chartered yacht in Malta and then dine in private, in an atmosphere of peace and quiet.

The climate in Malta is mild and sunny, which creates excellent conditions for sailing or traveling on a motor yacht.

Navigation lasts from April to November, and during this period many yacht races are organized here. The likelihood of small storms (this is due to the cold wind of Gregal blowing from the northeast) occurs only in the middle of winter, thanks to the mistral and sirocco sailing here leaves an unforgettable experience. The natural beauty of the Maltese Islands is successfully complemented by a large selection of local companies providing a modern range of services for boaters, passengers and crews.

Thanks to this, the marinas of the islands are reliably protected from the winds blowing from the sea, Malta has long been one of the most attractive recreation centers for both beginners and experienced yachtsmen. Today, there is a renovated marina in Vittoriosa. Msida Marina has over 300 berths. Also popular with yachtsmen are the marinas at Majar Harbor on Gozo and at the Portomaso Hilton. If you need to provide technical assistance, you can moor in the port of Manuel Island.

Note that all yachts in Malta used for charter are required to be provided with a license issued by the island's transport authority. The license is issued only after a thorough inspection of the vessel and checking its technical condition. Insurance is also required, be sure to inquire about its availability when planning to rent a yacht in Malta.

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