TOP 10 most beautiful fjords in the world
Denis Korablev
  • 06.11.2020
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TOP 10 most beautiful fjords in the world

If you suddenly find it too insipid to rest on the crowded beaches of European resorts with a warm sea and century-old pine trees approaching close to the water, you should try to go on a yacht to the northern regions. The northern regions of the planet are famous for their extraordinary landscapes, harsh and, at the same time, unearthly beauty of northern nature, centuries-old glaciers and deep fjords, which can rightfully be called the “pearl of northern latitudes”.

A fjord is called a narrow and deep, sharply fenced off by high, as if overhanging over the sea, rocks a drain, the mouth of which opens towards the sea. Called fjords, the sea bays offer tourists such breathtaking views that thousands of travelers strive to see them every year. Despite the fact that many consider the fjords to be a symbol of Norway, other parts of the world also have their own fjords, for example, in Chile or New Zealand. 2yachts brings you a list of the 10 most beautiful and majestic fjords in the world.


The Nørøyfjord in Norway is the narrowest fjord on the planet, as at a depth of up to 500 m its width is only 250 m. Majestic mountains surround the fjord along with waterfalls and green valleys. At this time, the Nерrøyfjord is one of the most popular tourist destinations and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Despite its northern location, this area was inhabited for ten thousand years ago, and today there are many farm houses on the banks of the fjord and agriculture plays an important role in this region. Travelers here discover steep slopes, glaciers, lakes with blue water, meandering rivers and slopes of mighty mountains. There are equipped observation platforms on the tops of the cliffs, from which a wonderful view of the sea and sheer cliffs opens.

In the south of the fjord there is a small village of Gudvangen, where you can stay for the night. There is a hotel decorated in the old style, old workshops and souvenir shops selling handicrafts created by local craftsmen. As a rule, visitors come to the shores of the fjord in summer, in winter local settlements are empty. There are a lot of opportunities for active recreation, it can be hiking along the hiking trails, traveling through the fjords on inflatable boats, etc.

Milford Sound

The Milford Sound Fjord in New Zealand is recognized as one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It is located in a protected state conservation area and is known for what the famous writer Kipling once called it "The Eighth Wonder of the World". And numerous travelers who have been here will confirm that this place is worthy of such a loud name. Rugged high cliffs surround the waters of the bay, over which the endless skies stretch.

In the language of the aborigines who have inhabited this area since ancient times, the name of the fjord sounds like "Piopiotakhi", which means "lonely thrush". There is also a beautiful legend about the folk hero of Maui and the lonely bird that gave the name to this place.

For the sake of breathtaking views, travelers from all over the world come here, some of the most vivid impressions remain after visiting the waterfalls, the waters of which rush down from the height of huge cliffs. Since the winds are constantly blowing here, they spray water jets and mist covers the space of the local valleys with a shining veil. For this reason, the waterfalls in the Milford Sound fjord are called soaring.

The local climate is very humid, so only moisture-loving plants grow here. And in the thickets you can hear the paradise singing of birds. A special feature of the fjord is that here fresh and sea waters are mixed, forming a unique ecosystem. The Milford Sound area is home to many endemic plants and rare animal species of great scientific interest. When planning a yacht trip to Milford Sound, check the weather forecast before going out to sea so that bad weather does not spoil your vacation experience.


Scorsby Fjord is located on the east coast of Greenland, where it stretches for 350 km and is the longest fjord on the planet. Snow-white glaciers and icebergs create all the splendor of this place, comparable to the paintings of science fiction artists. The fjord got its name in honor of the pioneer explorer by the name of Sorrow, who and his son were the first to put this place on the map.

The natural conditions here are such that even in winter the water of the fjord does not freeze and a large number of animals live near Scorsby. The rocky shores are inhabited by ermines, arctic foxes and lemmings, as well as deer and musk oxen graze here, and in summer whole colonies of birds migrating from the south fly here: polar loons, terns, herring gulls, etc. Also in the bay, which reaches a depth of 1450 m, there is a lot of fish, and these are the most uninhabited fishing spots in the northern hemisphere.


Fjord Lysefjord is located in the south of Norway and belongs to the most picturesque and deepest fjords in this northern country. The waters of the fjord are surrounded by high rocky mountains that form fantastic landscapes. Just 25 km away is the city of Stavanger, the third largest city in Norway, called the "oil capital".

Here is a local landmark - Preikestolen Rock, and nearby there is a very popular Kjerag rock among tourists, famous for its round stone, stuck in a crevice of the rock. The highest staircase in the world with 4,444 steps leads up from the Lysefjord; you can climb to the mountain lakes along one of three well-marked routes.

In the Lysefjord area there are all opportunities for active time: rock climbing, base jumping, hiking, horse riding, etc. Fishing is also popular in the area, and kayaks, boats and fishing equipment are rented here.

Aysen Fjord

Aisen Fjord is located in the sparsely populated region of the same name in Chilean Patagonia and has glacial origin. Many lakes, canals and fjords remain here from the periods of glaciers.

The local climate is so harsh that the first inhabitants settled here only at the beginning of the 20th century.

However, the landscapes of the bay inspire travelers with unexplored mountains, rivers with crystal clear waters and hanging glaciers.

Getting to Aisen Fjord is very difficult but well worth it and many people head here for ecotourism or sport fishing.

Kenai Fjords

Fjords Kenai Fjords are vast territories of the national park of the same name in the United States on the Kenai Peninsula. The main attraction of these places is the numerous glaciers sliding between the tops of the mountains into the sea. The local fjords are habitat for marine mammals and thousands of nesting birds. Despite the fact that the national park is open any day of the year, it is only accessible for 3-4 months. In winter, the area is completely covered with snow and becomes inaccessible to road transport.

The best time to visit the Kenai Fjords in the United States is from June to August. A traveler visiting these places will have access to spectacular mountains and glaciers, as well as deep fjords, in which you can watch seals, sea otters and sea lions.

Ilulissat Fjord

Located on the west coast of Greenland, the Ilulissat glacial fjord is 55 km long, with some areas up to 6 km wide. Local glaciers are the fastest in the world, moving at a speed of 40 m per day. In winter, the fjord is covered with ice, and in summer the water space is filled with icebergs of all shapes and crushed ice.

Due to the exceptional beauty of these places, the Ilulissat Fjord has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Truly incredible and fantastic landscapes await travelers here, the best months to visit these unique places are June and July.

Howe Sound

Hau Fjord is Canada's southernmost fjord and is very popular with travelers and tourists. The fjord is located near the capital of British Columbia - Vancouver, and is surrounded on all sides by high mountain peaks rising straight from the sea.

This strait is widely renowned for sailing, fishing, diving, camping and other outdoor activities.

Also in the fjord there are many interesting islands, and small pleasure yachts passing by are not such a rarity here.

Misty Fjords

Misty Fjords or Foggy Fjords (translated from English) are located in southeastern Alaska and are popular as an excursion area for small plane tours, boat trips and group kayaking tours. The local landscapes are formed by stately snow-covered mountain peaks, huge waterfalls and blue glacial ponds.

Fishing is especially popular here, during which you can catch impressive specimens of trout and arctic grayling. Sometimes it is possible to get to local lakes and rivers only by seaplane.

Here you can rent a yacht, which will become your home during your vacation.

Isa Fjord

The Isa Fjord is located in the northwest of Iceland and has a length of 74 km, at the mouth its width is 22 km. The water here is surrounded by rocky steep banks, on which there are numerous settlements, including the largest city in the region, Isafjordur. There are three islands in the water area of the fjord, the largest of them is uninhabited, and on the remaining two small picturesque farms have been built.

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