Yacht shipyard Cranchi was created by Giovanni Cranchi, who in 1866 opened his own workshop in Bellagio, on the shores of Lake Como. The company was officially registered four years later, in 1870.

The Cranky family launched the serial production of sailing and motor boats in the 1930s, when the grandson of Giovanni turned the former dyeing plant in Brieno into a shipyard.

In the 60s, the shipyard launched mass production of wooden boats, including models such as Sbarazzino, Taunus, Faster, etc. In 1970, the company switched to production of boats with a fiberglass hull. The flagship model Pilotina, which began production in 1972, remained the bestseller for six years.

In the early 2000s, the brand became known worldwide. The shipyard was run by the fifth generation of the Kranka family, and DuPont technology was introduced into the production, allowing you to create buildings from Kevlar.

In 2016, Cantiere Nautico Cranchi signed a contract with designer Christian Grande, thanks to whose projects the ships become winners in many international yacht competitions.

The collection of the Italian shipyard consists of eight lines of yachts and boats:

  • Flybridge (with planing hull type and flybridge, have large volumes of habitable space on board);
  • Crossover and Trawler (cruising range - up to 2300 nautical miles, calculated for cruises for medium and long distances);
  • Hardtop (closed, with hardtop and sports flybridge);
  • Cruisers (open, combine the characteristics of a trawler and a planing vessel);
  • Day cruisers (open cabins);
  • Outboard (with outboard engine);
  • Sport Line (sports).

Each of the models the shipyard offers to customize and add the necessary options depending on the preferences of each client.

Cantiere Nautico Cranchi owns two shipyards in Lombardy on Lake Como. Production facilities are equipped with a large number of robotic sections, thanks to which all the processes occur from the creation of matrices to the painting of the buildings.

Another shipyard located on the Adriatic includes a test center. Thanks to this division, testing of the developed models is being carried out, and future owners can try any of the presented boats.

About 90% of the products are exported, and dealerships and representative offices are open in 55 countries.

Yacht models

E26 Collection

Endurance Line

Sport Yacht

Length 11.70 m2 Cabins8 Passengers
new from $ 272 413

Crossover Collection

Length 11.85 m3 Cabins12 Passengers
new from $ 343 805

Trawler Collection

Length 13.80 m12 Passengers
new from $ 573 357
Length 17.00 m3 Cabins8 Passengers
new from $ 1 116 317

Hardtop Collection

Length 13.82 m2 Cabins12 Passengers
new from $ 449 441
new from $ 920 307
Length 18.52 m3 Cabins14 Passengers
new from $ 1 046 613
Length 18.52 m3 Cabins14 Passengers
new from $ 1 188 118

Flybridge Collection

new from $ 947 559
new from $ 1 068 080
Length 18.40 m4 Cabins14 Passengers
new from $ 1 215 371


new from $ 3 459 011

Discontinued production models

Length 8.32 m1 Cabin8 Passengers
Length 9.15 m2 Cabins8 Passengers1999 - 2014
Length 9.18 m1 Cabin8 Passengers2012 - 2016
Length 9.30 m1 Cabin8 Passengers2014 - 2017
Length 10.25 m1 Cabin8 Passengers2009 - 2018
Length 10.35 m2 Cabins6 Passengers1997 - 2008
Length 10.41 m1 Cabin10 Passengers2012 - 2016
Length 10.42 m2 Cabins10 Passengers2006 - 2014
Length 10.53 m1 Cabin10 Passengers2013 - 2017
Length 11.61 m2 Cabins12 Passengers2012 - 2016
Length 11.98 m2 Cabins10 Passengers2001 - 2007
Length 12.37 m3 Cabins12 Passengers2014 - 2017
Length 13.70 m2 Cabins12 Passengers
Length 13.80 m2 Cabins12 Passengers2010 - 2017
Length 13.80 m2 Cabins12 Passengers2006 - 2011
Length 14.45 m2 Cabins11 Passengers2006 - 2011
Length 14.98 m3 Cabins6 Passengers2007 - 2009
Length 15.32 m3 Cabins12 Passengers2002 - 2008
Length 15.82 m3 Cabins12 Passengers2016 - 2017
Length 16.76 m3 Cabins8 Passengers2016 - 2018
Length 17.20 m14 Passengers2013 - 2016
Length 17.20 m3 Cabins14 Passengers2012 - 2016
Length 17.20 m3 Cabins14 Passengers
Length 20.85 m4 Cabins16 Passengers2012 - 2016
Length 20.85 m3 Cabins16 Passengers2011 - 2016

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