De Alm

De Alm

The Dutch shipyard De Alm with a rich history of building a steel trawler yachts in length from 10 to 30 m, which, unlike many similar in appearance of vessels is designed not only to inland waters and coastal navigation.

The experience of the company that once specialized in fishing trawlers, allowed the yacht with the beginning of the "boom" in the 1960-ies to retrain for the creation of recreational vessels, which are able to make long sea crossings. For example, yachts from the range Delfino and Almtrawler can rightly be called a "pocket explorere" because from the point of view of seaworthiness and equipment they provide long-term presence on Board and high autonomy.

Forwarding model De Alm are classified according to the ocean class "A" and is equipped with a professional electronic systems and equipment to improve comfort, including the stabilizers pitching. All yachts De Alm assuming a custom deck layouts and interiors, and for those who doubt the reliability of the just-launched boat, the shipyard offers a two-week test drive in the Norwegian fjords, with subsequent elimination of all the "childhood diseases".

Yacht models


Length 7.85 m1 Cabin10 Passengers
Length 10.80 m1 Cabin12 Passengers
Length 14.00 m2 Cabins18 Passengers
Length 14.00 m2 Cabins15 Passengers
Length 14.80 m2 Cabins18 Passengers
Length 15.10 m2 Cabins15 Passengers
Length 15.80 m3 Cabins20 Passengers
Length 16.80 m3 Cabins20 Passengers
Length 17.15 m3 Cabins20 Passengers
Length 18.00 m3 Cabins20 Passengers
Length 18.00 m3 Cabins20 Passengers
Length 18.25 m3 Cabins20 Passengers2013 - 2024
Length 21.55 m3 Cabins20 Passengers
Length 22.50 m4 Cabins22 Passengers
Length 26.75 m4 Cabins25 Passengers
Length 27.90 m7 Cabins30 Passengers

Discontinued production models

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