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You can hardly see it on the race "between the banks", but it certainly will meet in a long voyage is built on one of the oldest shipyards of Europe, the Swedish yacht Hallberg-Rassy is designed for long family journeys.


company History

Harry Hallberg began to build his own yacht at the age of 14 years and at 29 he founded the shipyard under his own name. It happened in 1943 on the island of Orust. After nearly 70 years in the town of Ellös, a street will be named after the company, Hallberg — Rassyvägen.

Curiously, in the first years existence of the shipyard yachts (then wooden) were built with virtually no drawings — founder of the shipyard Hallberg Harry sincerely believed that those who cannot build a boat without a blueprint, generally can not build a good boat.

Until the early 70's the shipyard Hallberg Rassy and (founded in the 60s by German Christoph Russi) were competitors, while Christophe has not acquired previously owned by Hallberg production and joined the company, creating a brand Hallberg-Rassy. At the same time, the shipyard finally moved to GRP.

Surprisingly, in the 1960-ies of the 35-foot wooden boat Hallberg was considered to be incredibly large, and today the flagship of the shipyard are models of length 50 and 60 feet. Since 1988, the company cooperates with German Person senior. Of nearly 10,000 built by the Swedish shipyard yacht-third designed by the famous Argentine. In particular, models 54, 57 and 62 feet.


the Lineup

Today, Hallberg-Rassy offers >sailing yachts with a center cockpit from 30 to 64 ft in upscale price segment. Since 1990s, many models have received a number of prestigious awards and became winners of the international rankings. For example, HR40 in 2002 was named "Yacht of the year" in Europe, and in 2004 in the United States. Such titles were awarded and model HR43, HR372 and others. Hallberg-Rassy 62 "lit up" even in the Bond — movie "quantum of solace".

Yacht models


Length 14.12 m3 Cabins10 Passengers

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