31,00 m / 101,71 ft
6,70 m / 21,98 ft
4,90 m / 16,08 ft
68,00 tonne

Comet 100RS was the first boat of a class "Maksi", built by the shipyard Comar in the Italian city of Fiumicino. For the prototype in terms of hydrodynamics were selected as two previous models of Comet 52RS and 62RS that the result was far fast cruiser with small displacement. Just look at the deck lines and outlines of the body to clearly understand the class of this boat. However, despite its low weight, the boat offers the highest possible level of comfort, typical 100-foot boats, so that at any regatta, her crew will feel in a familiar environment, not sinking to the Spartan life aboard a racing "soap". The hull is made using high strength epoxy resin having a baking temperature above 80° C — infrequent case when building a pleasure, and not the extreme racing yachts.

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