12,74 m / 41,80 ft
3,92 m / 12,86 ft
2,20 m / 7,22 ft
8,00 tonne
150 liters
Fresh water
400 liters

When you create a Comet 41S, the objective was to maintain the attractiveness of its larger sisters — Comet 45S and Comet 50SC. To achieve the desired result failed to do one computer simulation (as has now become the norm), and had to build almost a dozen models in the scale of 1:10 in order to find the right visual proportions, and also accurately determine the size of the cockpit and cabin. Considerable attention was paid to the contours of the yacht — she has a very good alignment in different wind situations, a very good response to steering and the ability to quickly accelerate in the gusts.

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Comar Comet 41s
La Spezia, Italy
  • 2008
  • Length 12.74 m
  • Beam 3.92 m
  • Draft 2.20 m
$ 1 861
per week
01:18 09.10.2021
Comar Comet 41s
Kavala, Greece
  • 2010
  • Length 12.49 m
  • Beam 3.92 m
  • Draft 2.20 m
$ 1 861
per week
07:03 14.11.2021
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