49,90 m / 163,71 ft
9,20 m / 30,18 ft
1,80 m / 5,91 ft
285,00 tonne
0,26 tonne
Cruising speed
35,00 kn
Max speed
37,00 kn
40 000 liters
Fresh water
4 000 liters

Mangusta 165 is a yacht for those who love comfort, large size and speed. In short, all at once. Just imagine 285 tons, rushing through the water at a speed of 37 knots! Such a spectacle will not leave without emotion, even far from the yacht theme people. Since its premiere in 2007, this model the shipyard Overmarine remains the most high-speed fiberglass yacht open class. Such impressive speeds the 50-meter Mangusta 165 required three MTU engines 4609 HP each and Kamewa water jets.In 2014, the Mangusta 165 has acquired a new propulsion system on the basis of four engines with a total capacity of 10400 HP and four water cannons. The use of engines of the new generation allowed to reduce boat weight and fuel consumption — at speeds of 20-30 knots, it saves up to 35%. A modified version of the Mangusta 165 has received the letter E (Evolution).The volume of the interior Mangusta 165 is not inferior to the "regular" three-Decker yacht. Residential deck will provide maximum comfort up to 12 guests — however the layout of the yacht, of course, depend on the wishes of the client. Crew-mess consists of 9 team members and has a separate entrance. Huge saloon on the main deck and no less impressive size of the cockpit, if necessary, can be a great springboard for large parties on the beach. Upper deck with additional control position will give an unforgettable feeling of flight and speed — after Mangusta 165 buy it for that.

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