25,07 m / 82,25 ft
5,90 m / 19,36 ft
1,30 m / 4,27 ft
58,00 tonne
Max speed
45,00 kn
6 000 liters
Fresh water
1 300 liters

Despite the impressive size, Mangusta 80 is one of the smallest yachts in the family of Overmarine. In addition, it is the last boat in the lineup, which are half-sunk the screws Arneson Surface Drive (ASD). All of the larger sports yacht Overmarine complements the cannons. At the shipyard think the water cannons are more preferable from the viewpoint of efficiency and reducing the noise, but for a yacht this size they are still too heavy and bulky.The presence of ASD allows you to maximize the usable space of the yacht and its dynamic properties: two engines of 2.400 HP each — and 25-meter-long machine to accelerate to 45 knots. Want even more drive — get behind the wheel of a Mangusta 80. The engineers took care about the excellent review, informative steering wheel and comfortable chairs. At maximum speed autonomy move Mangusta 80 is only about 250 miles, but it's enough to have Breakfast in Cannes, lunch in Corsica and evening cocktail time in Genoa or Saint-Tropez. But back to household facilities. The main deck of the Mangusta 80 is a comfortable respectable salon and cockpit, as well as a Solarium on the bow of the boat. Residential deck can be made in two versions: with a little room for crew in the bow of the boat or with the "real" crew-mess, in a separate compartment with a galley and other household premises.

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