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Genoa is a port city of Italy with a rich centuries-old history, where sailors can discover many historical monuments of world significance. The city has a length of more than 30 km along the Ligurian coast, dotted with antiquities, and its history is closely connected with trade and navigation.

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The charm of this city, which welcomes tourists from all over the world, is due to the extensive selection of museums, a large number of historical and cultural monuments, as well as city beaches. In Genoa, antiquity and novelty are organically intertwined, because here you can see both medieval squares and streets, as well as modern entertainment centers, for example, the Botanical Garden, the famous local aquarium, the museum dedicated to navigation and other attractions. If you decide to buy a yacht in Genoa, you should contact specialists in this matter, because only professionals will be able to choose the most relevant and advantageous offers for you.

Attractions of Genoa

Among the city attractions of Genoa, it is first worth visiting:

  • The magnificent building of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo (Cattedrale di San Lorenzo) of the 12th century;
  • Old Port (Porto Antico) with a maritime museum, a botanical garden and a city aquarium;
  • National Gallery in the 16th century Spinola Palace;
  • Labyrinths of the Old City - narrow alleys of Karuji;
  • Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale) in the historic center;
  • Rosso Palace (Palazzo Rosso);
  • Cemetery of Staglieno;
  • The unique Villetta di Negro park with exotic plants, trees, lakes and fountains and breathtaking views of the Old Town;
  • Tesoro Museum;
  • Galata Maritime Museum;
  • Museum of World Culture, etc.

You can also not ignore the Villa Park Durazzo Pallavicini (Parco e Villa Durazzo Pallavicini), Cobbled streets of Garibaldi and Balbi, the Genoa aquarium (Acquario di Genova) and the richly decorated palaces of Rolly (Palazzi dei Rolli).

Yachting in Genoa

In the area of Genoa, yachting is very popular, because there is a well-developed yachting infrastructure and developed marine tourist routes. You can take a trip along the coast of Italy to discover the beauty of the coastline and picturesque islands of this southern country. There are two marinas in Genoa - Marina Porto Antico for 270 vessels up to 70 m long and Marina Molo Vecchio for 160 vessels up to 90 m long with an extensive list of services, including supply of electricity, drinking water, assistance with mooring, etc. Also west of Genoa is 5 miles from the Marina Aeroporto yacht port with more than a hundred places for yachts up to 40 m long. If you are interested in selling yachts in Genoa, you can always turn to the services of regional yacht brokers, for example - YACHT PARTNER SRL (Mesagne) or SICILIAMARE (Sicily, Messina).