7 best films about yachtsmen
Denis Korablev
  • 07.12.2020
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7 best films about yachtsmen

In winter, when the yachting season ends, not everyone has the opportunity to go to warm tropical regions to travel on a yacht. Therefore, to cope with longing for the sea and brighten up your free time, the team 2yachts recommends watch films about sea adventures and yachts.

Throughout the history of mankind, sea travel and ships have become the basis for fascinating books and films. After all, everyone can easily recall many well-known works on this topic, for example, Homer's Odyssey or Jules Verne's Children of Captain Grant. Despite the fact that there are not so many films about sailing and yachting in foreign cinema, there are films that can easily replace the emotions of being at sea and allow you to escape from everyday life. These are films about the eternal confrontation between man and the sea. We hope that watching each of the films presented in this article will not only bring you pleasure, but also allow you to learn a lot of new and informative about yachting.

Hope Will Not Fade (2013)

Hope Will Not Fade, an adventure film directed by JC Chandor, tells the gripping story of the desperate struggle of a yacht captain on the high seas, who, by the will of fate, found himself on the verge of death. The main role is played by actor Robert Redford, who has done an excellent job. He is the only character in the film and, according to film critics, this is the best role in his entire career.

According to the plot, the main character of the film - a tall man-yachtsman, goes on a solo trip on a luxury yacht across the warm calm waters of the Indian Ocean. However, the seeming calmness is suddenly replaced by horrible events coming one after another, as a result of which the yachtsman has to survive at sea, challenging ferocious verses and not losing his composure in the fight against sea animals and his own failures.

The hull of a sailing yacht accidentally breaks through a metal container passing by. The yachtsman has to make every effort to repair and maintain the yacht in the absence of radio and communication. The only hope remains - to approach the shipping lanes, to be noticed by one of the passing ships. However, the scorching sun, ubiquitous sharks and approaching hunger make the yachtsman look death in the eye. Therefore, this film can be considered a kind of a guide for survival on the water and ensuring safety on a yacht.

"At the mercy of the elements" (2018)

The film of the famous Icelandic director Balthazar Kormakur was released relatively recently, but has already managed to collect many positive views from viewers. This motion picture combines sea adventures, impressive pictures of picturesque nature and a beautiful story of the birth of great love.

The film is based on real events and tells about the meeting in 1983 off the coast of Tahiti of two main characters - British sailor Richard and American Tami on the island, who later met the owners of the luxury yacht "Hazaña" - Peter and Christine Crompton. According to the plot, the Crompton couple must urgently fly to London, and they see a way out of the situation in offering Richard to deliver the yacht from Tahiti to San Diego, USA for a substantial monetary reward.

Richard agrees and together with Tami they find themselves on a luxury yacht in the boundless waters of the Pacific Ocean. Suddenly the ship is overtaken by a powerful hurricane and young travelers have to survive in the extreme conditions of the raging elements, in the power of which are not only their future, but also their lives. "In the Power of the Elements" is a picture of human resilience and the power of love.

"Wind" (1992)

A dramatic film from renowned director Carroll Ballard tells the story of the participation of American yachtsman Will in the most prestigious regatta in the world - "America's Cup", in which, despite all his efforts, he loses to the Australian athlete.

However, thanks to the help of his ex-girlfriend Kate, he manages to assemble a new team and take revenge by returning the Trophy to the United States. The director has successfully recreated the stunning atmosphere of sea racing. It is noteworthy that the executive producer of the film is the legendary American filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola.

Morning Light (2008)

The documentary "Morning Light" tells an inspiring story about a group of young and ambitious yachtsmen who took part in the challenging Trans-Pacific Yacht Race Transpacific Yacht Race.

After intense training off the western coast of America, they kick off a regatta that will take them over 2,200 miles from Los Angeles to Honolulu. The film "Morning Light" is a story about fortitude, the relationship of athletes in a team and overcoming oneself.

Tabarly (2008)

French director Pierre Marcel's documentary Tabarly depicts the life of the famous French yachtsman Eric Tabarly. A glorious Frenchman and navigator, Eric Tabarly since childhood passionately loved the sea and knew for sure that his life in the future would be devoted to yachting.

Tabarli achieved his first significant success by winning the Transatlantic Race in 1964. Subsequently, the legendary yachtsman won many victories in prestigious regattas and is rightfully considered the father of French yachting. Many records were set by the famous French yachtsman, and his whole life was devoted to the sea, while at sea he met his death.

Lonely (2013)

The film by French filmmaker Christophe Offenstein was filmed in France, Belgium and Spain. In this motion picture, as well as in the American film Hope Will Not Fade, all events are woven around one main character - a mature yachtsman named Jan Kermadek. However, there are also other actors present and dialogues between them take place.

Starring François Cluse, playing a lonely yachtsman dreaming of taking part in the Vendée Globe, a round-the-world solo yacht regatta. Suddenly, not a young yachtsman has a chance to take part in such an important event for him - he will have to replace his friend in the race. At the beginning of the regatta, Jan quickly becomes the leader, but on the fifth day he is forced to stop off the coast of Brazil in order to repair the keel. And at this moment a sudden meeting with a young illegal who slipped on a yacht (in order to get to the shores of France) changes the whole course of the race.

Race of the Century (2018)

Race of the Century tells the real story of the yachtsman Donald Crowhurst, who survived the collapse of his family business and decided to take part in a round-the-world regatta to save himself from bankruptcy. Taking part in a round-the-world trip for the main character of the picture is a dream of his life, moreover, if he wins the race, he receives the prize of the Sunday Times newspaper.

In the story, an amateur sailor from the UK builds a yacht with his own hands and embarks on a long and difficult journey alone, in which he is supported only by Claire's wife and three children who remained on land. Without a lot of experience and appropriate training, the prestigious round-the-world regatta becomes an adventure, and later the plot of the film takes an unusual turn.

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