Yachting infrastructure and attractions of Athens
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  • 09.05.2021
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Yachting infrastructure and attractions of Athens

Athens is the capital of one of the most popular European countries among travelers, while this city is one of the best destinations for yacht charter in Greece. The flow of tourists here only increases every year, and Athens never ceases to amaze visitors with its natural beauty and numerous historical sights. You can visit and view the best marinas in the city, as well as the ports in the Saronic Islands, for an unforgettable moment on your sea voyages!


Athens has an ancient and rich history (in which no other European capital can compare with this city) and there are an abundance of attractions here. In contrast to the time, which may not be enough to inspect everything planned. Athens is the center of the cultural, political and economic life of Greece. And the sights of this city are known all over the world and are symbols of the world historical heritage.

The Greek capital not only preserves the monuments of ancient civilization, but also preserves a special atmosphere of incessant celebration and cloudless idleness, which makes the city unique and unlike any other in the world.

The most popular attractions in Athens include:

  • The Athenian Acropolis is the largest of all the city-states of Ancient Greece erected on the territory. The concentration of monuments of past eras is so great here that a separate day can be devoted to their study. The Acropolis is one of the symbols of Athens, everything here is saturated with the breath of time and architectural grace. Previously, it was possible to enter its territory through the Propylaea gate, in one of which the world's first art gallery was located. The most significant temple in the Acropolis is the majestic Parthenon, striking the imagination not only in size, but also in its layout, which allows you to see the building in volume. Until the 5th century, the main decoration of the temple was the statue of Athena made of gold and ivory (later it burned down in a fire). The Parthenon is rightfully considered a masterpiece of world architecture and the flow of tourists attracted by it, in whom it causes undisguised delight, does not dry up from year to year;
  • Archaeological Museum (the largest in Greece) with unique collections of items left over from the great ancient civilization. In the museum you can trace the entire history of the Greek people, the stages of change in its culture and traditions;
  • Plaka is the old quarter of Athens, which has come down to us almost unchanged since ancient times. Despite the fact that there are usually many tourists here, Plaka has an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Walking along the old streets, you can get acquainted with the peculiarities of Greek culture and feel its unique flavor;
  • Originally built of wood and serving as an arena for celebrations, the Dionysus Theater has been rebuilt more than once and has survived to this day in stone form. It was here that ancient playwrights competed, and the tragedies of Sophocles and Euripides, as well as the comedies of Menander and Aristophanes, were first shown;
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus 6th century BC - the most grandiose structure of the ancient world, the construction of which was initiated by the then ruler of Athens - the tyrant Pisistratus. The ruler had grandiose plans for this structure - after all, according to the plan, it was supposed to outshine all the wonders of the World that existed at that time, and, in particular, the temple of Artemis built in Ephesus;
  • The Temple of Hephaestus (built in the 5th century BC in honor of the patron saint of fire - the god Hephaestus) is a favorite place for tourists to visit, as it is considered one of the best-preserved ancient monuments in Athens. The temple is located on (in those days - the central) city square Agora - the center of public life and the main place of trade. Agora is located near the station. m. Fision, at this time the borders of the square are the shopping streets of the Monastiraki district, where a weekend bazaar is organized weekly;
  • Hadrian's Library is a unique architectural complex, from which only ruins have survived to this day. At the time of its foundation, the library was not just a place for storing books, but a whole cultural complex with a lecture hall, translation rooms and a reading room. In total, it contained over 16 thousand copies of expensive manuscripts;
  • Daphni Monastery, the interior decoration of which is adorned to this day by the masterpieces of Byzantine mosaic art that have not lost their brightness;
  • The Cycladic Museum with a huge collection of various artifacts relating to the ancient civilizations that inhabited the coast of the Aegean Sea and Cyprus;
  • The monumental building of the Zappeyon Palace, built by the Austrian architect Theophil von Hansen, commissioned by local patrons, the brothers Zappas-Evangelis and Konstantinos. The first dreamed of reviving the Olympic Games in Greece, and put a lot of effort into this. The building under construction was to be located near the Panathinaikos stadium and be used exclusively for the Olympic Games. During his lifetime, Evangelis did not have time to realize this idea, however, in accordance with his will, the construction was carried out by his brother Konstantinos. In 1888, by the beginning of the 4 Olympic Games in Athens, the palace was inaugurated. At this time, the multifunctional building is used for all kinds of congresses, scientific symposia and exhibitions, as well as political events and concerts. Visits to the palace are allowed only during these events, on other days you can only view it from the outside, as well as stroll through the garden surrounding the Zappeyon.


One of the most preferred marinas in Athens - Athens Marina, is the first in the list of recommended when organizing a charter yacht charter. It becomes the starting point for planning trips to nearby destinations such as the Cyclades Islands. The Marina is located 5 minutes from the center of the Greek capital and provides a convenient and quick connection with it.

They can help you rent a car or call a taxi. The nearby port of Piraeus, which is no more than 5 km away, is no less popular. This marina offers a wide range of services, including fuel and electricity, toilets and showers, storage, car parking, laundry service, maintenance, yacht cleaning, Wi-Fi and mooring assistance. In addition, here you can use the services of professional divers.

One of the most popular and modern marinas in Athens is the Athens Marina, where you can find everything you need, including various shops, bars and even a special food market. Also a short drive from the city center in Piraeus is the Zea Marina, which offers boaters a wide range of commercial services, including cold breakfasts, souvenir shops and clothing stores. Zea Marina maintains a friendly atmosphere and the staff are always courteous to customers. The list of services offered: laundry, Wi-Fi, car and boat rental, toilets and showers, a fuel station, as well as cafes and restaurants. Here you can get professional services for hull inspection and yacht maintenance and repair.

Another good parking option is Zea Harbor, where you can not only stroll through the crowded streets of Piraeus, but also watch live concerts organized on the shore.

Those interested can stay at Flisvos Marina, especially for the owners of megayachts. This marina is located near the city center and provides good opportunities for visiting the sights of Athens. You can get from here to the center by several types of transport. If you are traveling by car, you can use the ring road, you can also choose from several types of public transport. Attractions close to Flisvos Marina include the Acropolis and nearby museums.

Arriving here by boat, you will be delighted and surprised that there are all conditions for organizing various types of water sports. Departing from Flisvos Marina, you can visit the nearby islands on a yacht and learn a lot about the life and history of the country. Flisvos Marina is a very comfortable and protected harbor offering a range of modern services. If you are involved in any kind of sport, you should definitely like it here. In addition, the port has a watchtower and a magnificent promenade.

If you are interested in purchasing or renting yachts in Greece (or another region of the world), the specialists of 2yachts are always ready to offer their services for you. With us, you will choose the most suitable option for purchasing or renting a boat for organizing recreation or participating in sports competitions.