Yachting in the Caribbean: Martinique Island
Denis Korablev
  • 26.04.2021
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Yachting in the Caribbean: Martinique Island

Yachting in the Caribbean is a great opportunity to see exotic islands with lush tropical nature, dive and explore the vibrant underwater world of coral reefs. On a yacht trip, you can not only see the white beaches and lush tropical vegetation lost in the ocean, but also learn a lot from the colonial past of this region.

The advantage of this region is that there are a huge number of already laid and possible routes. It is very easy to find the ideal destination in this region due to the large number of both inhabited and uninhabited islands. Discovered by H. Columbus at the beginning of the 16th century, the island of Martinique is perfect for lovers of romance and admirers of tropical beauty. The mountainous island is surrounded by waters: from the west - the Caribbean Sea, from the east - the Atlantic Ocean.

Martinique has long beaches, lush tropical vegetation and one active volcano. Beginning yachtsmen who decide to choose Martinique as their starting point of travel are advised to give preference to the Caribbean Sea, but do not forget about caution - there are many coral reefs in this area.

Also in this region, vacationers can conveniently combine yachting with other outdoor activities, such as diving or sea fishing. And the very mild climate allows yachting here all year round. The best period for yacht charter in Martinique is from the end of November to May, when the likelihood of tropical cyclones is not so great. But interesting events for lovers of yachting and sea travel take place all year round.


Martinique is rich in sights; on the island there are picturesque cities and old French villages. There are many popular among tourists and interesting places worth visiting: historical monuments, parks, green areas, picturesque squares, museums, fountains, etc.

The best attractions in Martinique include:

  • Catholic Church of St. Henry Catholic Church, next to which there is a beach with clear water;
  • Fontaine Didier Falls;
  • An interesting temple located in a picturesque place on the mountain is Balata Cathedral (Sacré-Coeur de Balata). It offers impressive views of the sea and buildings nearby;
  • Memorial, erected in honor of the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery - Memorial de l'Anse Caffard;
  • Open Air Historical Museum - La Savane des Esclaves;
  • Catholic Church of Sainte-Luce;
  • Observation deck Le Morne Gommier;
  • Ancient ruins of Bureau du Génie et des Ponts et Chaussées;
  • Church of Eglise Notre-Dame de la Bonne Delivrance with a monument to the soldiers of the First World War nearby;
  • House-Museum Habitation Pécoul;
  • Lost in the city center among low-rise colonial-style buildings, St. Louis Cathedral;
  • Fort Saint-Louis 17 under construction;
  • Dungeon Cachot de Cyparis;
  • Scholcher's Library;
  • Riding Center - Ranch Anse Macabou. Here you can ride horses and go on an organized hike;
  • The beautiful Route de la Trace motorway runs through the very center of Martinique. Driving along it, you can see dense thickets of roadside bamboo and tall tree ferns, and if necessary, go along one of the trails to the peaks visible in the distance.

Martinique has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, here you will find many hotels (most of them, fashionable), everywhere there are high-quality roads, the transport sector is very developed, allowing you to more actively explore local attractions.


Thanks to its island location, Martinique has developed a special cuisine based on seafood. In addition to seafood, rice is prepared and exotic fruits are served. The most popular local dishes to try:

  • Balau from stewed small fish and freshwater shrimps;
  • Flying fish fillet cooked in garlic sauce;
  • Spiced stuffed Farsi crab.

Each institution has its own menu for tourists, in which a variety of seafood is necessarily present: fish, shellfish cooked on coals, etc.

Also, almost everywhere you can buy fresh juice from the fruits of exotic plants. As for alcohol, the main type of drink is rum, prepared according to an unusual recipe.


The main type of entertainment on the island is a beach holiday. This is why tourists come here, and the development of these territories begins from the coastal zone. Active guests can go surfing, water skiing and jet skiing. Diving is very popular as the underwater world of Martinique is very diverse.

In addition, such a type of extreme recreation as a jeep safari is very popular. Also, many people choose horseback riding. There are numerous nightclubs at the service of young people, as a rule, in such institutions music is played, which is a combination of the national music of Martinique and American motives of the middle of the last century.

The colorful Yole Boat Race and many other yachting competitions are held here every year. This further increases the demand for yachts. Martinique is home to the largest marina in the Caribbean, Le Marin, with 750 vessels and an extensive range of services.

Going on a sea voyage on a yacht, you can see Martinique from a new perspective. The main thing is to decide on which ship you will explore the island. If you need help choosing a yacht to buy or you are interested in renting a yacht in Martinique, you can always turn to the professionals of the 2yachts company for help. With us you will find your dream yacht!