Yachting in Greece: surroundings of Heraklion
Denis Korablev
  • 20.09.2021
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Yachting in Greece: surroundings of Heraklion

The Greek port of Heraklion (the capital of Crete) was named after the hero of the myths Hercules, who performed one of his exploits on Crete. Today, thanks to the dynamically developing tourist infrastructure and rich history, this city is the most popular holiday destination.

Modern Heraklion offers tourists many opportunities to explore the many cultural and religious sites, as well as outdoor activities and shopping. The region's rich past is in harmony with its natural beauty.

Places of interest

The city is perfect for the first acquaintance with Crete - having been here, you can get acquainted with the history of the most ancient civilization in Europe and the heyday of Venice. Of course, one day is not enough to visit all museums and architectural monuments, but it is quite possible to cover the most important objects of the city.

Among the most interesting and popular sights of Heraklion, experienced travelers 2yachts especially note the following:

  • Palace of Knossos is the most famous monument of the island, allowing you to get acquainted with Minoan architecture. Built over 4 thousand years ago, the palace served as the administrative and economic center of the city of Knossos. According to legends, it was here that the labyrinth of the Minotaur was located;
  • Archaeological Museum of Heraklion - repository of monuments of world importance (mainly belonging to the Minoan civilization);
  • Historical Museum of Crete - here you can get the most complete picture of the history of the island, located on the border of Europe, Asia and Africa - at the intersection of the zones of influence of powerful powers;
  • Aquarium of Crete is one of the most modern centers for the study of marine life in Europe. Its inhabitants include sharks, octopuses, jellyfish, starfish and moray eels;
  • Medieval fortress Kules - built on rocky ledges above the sea harbor;
  • Natural History Museum of Crete - where you can learn a lot about the geological history, as well as the extinct and now extant animals and plants of the island;
  • Cathedral of St. Minas 18th century - the largest temple in Greece;
  • Cathedral of St. Titus 10th century, etc.

Also, travelers can go on an excursion to the village of Fodele, 26 km northwest of Heraklion, to visit the homeland of the famous Spanish painter El Greco. For a leisurely and relaxed atmosphere of rest, you should go to the resort town of Agia Pelagia, and you can have fun at discos and nightclubs in Hersonissos (25 km east of the city). Of the sights of Hersonissos, two temples, the Menlaos Parlamas Museum and three water parks are worth mentioning.

The resort of Anissaras, 2 km west of Hersonissos, is known for its friendly attitude towards tourists - excellent sandy beaches and a calm measured atmosphere are at the service of vacationers here.

18 km east of Heraklion is the city of Gouves, where you can see colorful houses, walking along the cozy streets. The city has a very well-developed infrastructure of restaurants and taverns, there are hotels for every taste. To experience the European level service, it is worth going to the beach resort of Stalis, 30 km east of Heraklion. The infrastructure is well developed here, and an international airport is located nearby, which is very convenient for tourists from Europe.


It is difficult to imagine the traditional cuisine of Heraklion without olive oil, it is included in most dishes. Also, many culinary products are prepared from seafood, which can be used as an independent dish or included in a variety of salads. Don't miss the opportunity to try squid grilled octopus or red sea bass. Some types of fish make wonderful soups, and in order to appreciate the whole variety of seafood, it is worth going to the fish market.

In the vicinity of Heraklion, there are several farms that produce organic products. Here you can taste and buy excellent feta cheese as well as the well-known Anfotiro cheese among gourmets.

In the process of a regular walk through the markets of the city, you can make many gastronomic discoveries for yourself. Here, in abundance are presented with fresh fruits, various types of honey, fresh dairy products and rare seafood delicacies. There are restaurants on the large marketplaces that will offer you regional cuisine.


Heraklion is famous for its long coastline, which has great beach destinations. Due to their impeccable cleanliness, local beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag more than once.

Amoudara Beach is located just a few kilometers from the city center and is represented by a strip of pebble coast 5 km long with separate patches of sand. The beach is distinguished by a gentle entrance to the water, there are always waves here and in windy weather they can reach a height of 3 m, which is why the beach is not suitable for snorkeling. On Amoudara, free showers and dressing cabins are available for vacationers, umbrellas and sun loungers can be rented. There are also numerous catering establishments on the coast.

Located 12 km west of Heraklion, Paleokastro beach is small and very cozy, but due to the steep slope it is not suitable for families with small children. At the service of vacationers - free showers and changing cabins, you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas. The taverns on the coast offer national Cretan cuisine. It is best to visit the beach on weekdays - then there are not so many people here, and there are free parking spaces.

Malia Beach is located 35 km east of Heraklion and is a magnificent sandy area 6 km long. The beach is equipped with free showers, umbrellas and sun loungers can be rented. This recreation area is very popular among young people, for which it is even called the "Cretan Ibiza" - the range of youth entertainment presented here is impressive.

Located 62 km southwest of Heraklion on the southern coast of Crete, Matala beach attracts tourists with its white sand and gentle entry into the water. The beach is located in a bay well protected from the winds, so here its own microclimate has formed and it is not so cold in winter and cool in summer. Umbrellas and sun loungers can be rented here, and numerous cafes and taverns serve traditional Cretan cuisine.

Halfway from Heraklion to Rethymno is Bali's Blue Flag beach - the sea is very clean and there are no waves. Due to the gentle slope into the sea and the flat sandy bottom, the beach is suitable for families with children. To services of vacationers - a free shower, as well as changing cabins and toilets. Those interested can watch mollusks and crabs, and snorkeling fans can also explore the underwater world with many beautiful fish.

Opportunities for outdoor activities

The most popular type of water entertainment in Heraklion is windsurfing, which is due to the constant presence of waves of sufficient height on the northern coast of Crete. Among surfers Malia beach is very popular, located 35 km from the city - here you will also find the oldest water sports center - Dolphin Water Sports.

And the largest windsurfing school operates on Amoudara Beach, here you can rent equipment and take training under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Also, beach visitors have the opportunity to go water skiing, snorkeling or rent a canoe. A great place for diving is the picturesque Palekastro beach, 12 km west of Heraklion. The sea here is deep and clean; there is a large diving center in the nearby village of Agia Pelagia.

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