Yachting in Malaysia: Langkawi Archipelago
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  • 22.04.2021
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Yachting in Malaysia: Langkawi Archipelago

Malaysia is a distant country that boasts excellent yachting. It has access to the Andaman and South China Seas. The length of the coastline of the peninsular part of the country is about 1900 km, but the coastline of the eastern part of Malaysia exceeds 2600 km. In the west of this Asian state, yachtsmen have hundreds of cozy bays.

Both parts of Malaysia differ in climate, and if in the eastern part the climate is tropical, then the peninsular part is characterized by an equatorial type of climate with continuous rains during the summer. There are two main types of winds in the country - the north-east wind blowing in winter and the south-west wind blowing from the Australian deserts that replaces it. The average annual temperature is + 27 ° C.

Every year yachting in Malaysia is gaining momentum, which is primarily due to the convenient geographical location of the country - after all, almost all of its territory is surrounded by water. It is not difficult to organize a trip here on a rented yacht of any size. But at the same time, one should not forget about the natural features of the region, for example, in some places there are very strong tides reaching two meters in size. There are also numerous coral reefs and dangerously overhanging cliffs.

The most popular and explored yachting area in Malaysia is the Langkawi archipelago with the nearby coast of the Malay Peninsula. Langkawi is one of the most popular yacht charter locations in Malaysia. The interior of the island has many canals, on the banks of which you can conveniently moor. Tourists are attracted by incredible in their original beauty temples, excellent hotels, pristine beaches and picturesque rocky landscapes. If you want to experience the culture of the Chinese, Indians and Malays, then you should definitely visit the islands of Langkawi.

What to watch

One of the main attractions of the most famous Malaysian islands is the Langkawi Sky Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world. The imposing 125 m high structure is supported by only 8 cables attached to a single support. The Sky Bridge is worth visiting just for the sake of just seeing it, not to mention the beautiful views of the mountains and water openings from the bridge.

In the capital of the island of Langkawi - Kuah, it is worth visiting the marina and "Eagle Square" (called Dataran Lang) with many nearby catering establishments. The square is decorated with numerous artificial reservoirs, bridges and open terraces. Here you can also visit the Park of Legends, where you can see exhibits dedicated to legends and mythical heroes. And you can also visit the huge Galeria Perdana museum with a collection of over 2.5 thousand exhibits: objects made of ceramics, crystal, porcelain, as well as paintings.

We advise you to visit the Pantai Pasir Hitam beach, located in the north of the island - it consists of black volcanic sand and serves as one of the main attractions of the archipelago (there is a whole attraction with cafes and tents here). Also worth a visit: Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi (crocodile farm), Underwater World Langkawi, Kilim Karst Geoforest Park nature reserve with breathtaking landscapes and Telega Tujuh waterfall safely hidden from prying eyes in the jungle.

On the islands you can also visit the Gua Chrita caves with ancient inscriptions and Gua Kelavar, hidden in the thickest of mangroves and accessible only from the water. If you are interested in landscapes, you can take a ride on the cable car, and you can improve your health in the hot springs near the village of Ayer Hangat. You can choose and buy handicrafts at the Folk Crafts and Culture Complex, located near the Teluk-Yu Bay. In the village of Kampung Belanga, you will find the Langkawi Bird Paradise, a fully indoor bird park, where you can observe the life of more than one and a half hundred species of exotic birds.

In conclusion, you can head to the island of Pulau Dayang Bunting, where you can visit the lake of the Pregnant Virgin surrounded by rocks and immersed in the green jungle, here marble and granite shaped a figure resembling a pregnant woman.

The beaches

The best beaches in Langkawi are located on the south coast, and most of the hotels are also located here. The most popular among tourists is the Senang beach, which stretches for 2 km along the southwestern tip of the island. The quieter and more romantic Tengah Beach is an extension of Senang Beach. The most secluded Kok beach is located in the west of the island. The most picturesque beaches in the region include Tanjong Rhu in the north of the island, which surprises with its cliffs and thickets of mangrove forests.

In the vicinity of Pasir Tengkorak Beach (also known as the "Coast of Skulls"), you will find a museum where you can get acquainted with the outstanding canvases by the most famous artist in Malaysia, Ibrahim Hussein.


You have a good opportunity to sail from Thailand (Phuket) to Malaysia on a chartered yacht and drop it off at the Royal Yacht Club Langkawi marina. In Langkawi, an excursion to the Pulau Payar Island Marine Reserve is very popular, where scuba diving or masking is organized.

One of the most popular excursions is a boat tour of the islands of the archipelago along the route: Kuhe - about. Pulau-Singa-Besar - about. Pulau Dayang Bunting - about. Pulau-Bras-Basach.

Langkawi Islands Yacht Moorings:

  • The Royal Yacht Club of Langkawi is where most yacht trips around the archipelago begin and end here. The marina can accommodate up to 250 ships up to 90 m long. You can rent a yacht here;
  • In the west of the island of Langkawi is Telaga Marina, designed to receive ships up to 50 m in length. Located in a natural harbor, protected from all winds. From here it is easy to arrange an excursion to the Seven Wells Waterfall or Sky Bridge;
  • The anchorage of yachts at Tanjung Ru Beach is located in the north of the island. Langkawi. From here you can explore the mangroves by boat and 7 small beaches along the shores of the bay. We recommend visiting the Tanjong Rhu beach and local restaurants;
  • Off Timun Island - Stops are located off the east coast of Langkawi between Charonp, Paku and Timun. There are no restaurants here, but there are quiet places to stop for lunch or spend the night;
  • At the uninhabited island of Bumbon Besar;
  • Between Tuba and Lintang Jalan islands, it is located 2.5 miles south of the capital of Langkawi - Kuah;
  • In the south of Dayang Bunting Island - the parking lot is located 10 miles southeast of the capital Langkawi;
  • Well-sheltered from the prevailing winds at the Gubang Darat yacht marina (the closest attraction is the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden);
  • Anchorage near Batu Mera Island - surrounded by beautiful forested islands. There are fish farms nearby;
  • In the east of the island of Sina Besar, there is an anchorage for yachts in Botol Bay. The site is used during the summer, and the island is a nature reserve created to preserve the population of local sea eagles;
  • Rebak Marina on the private island of Rebak Besar is designed to accommodate up to 179 ships up to 30 m long. It provides yacht service and repair services, a restaurant, bars, a laundry and a shop;
  • In Datai Bay in the northwest of Langkawi Island, it is well suited for anchorage in winter;
  • In the northeast of Langkawi Island, there is an anchorage for yachts off Tanjong Dedang Island, surrounded by beautiful tropical forests. There is a fish farm here, there are several interesting caves to visit;
  • Tuba Island, 4.5 miles south of the capital Langkawi, is ideal for summer parking;
  • At Payar Island Protected Marine Park near Big Coral Langkawi. On the east side of Pulau Payar you can visit the best beach on the islands;
  • In Ayer Thuan Bay, located in the south of Dayang Bunting Island;
  • In Dayang Bunting Bay on the western side of the island of the same name. Protects yachts well from wind in winter;
  • There is also an anchorage for yachts in Ketapang Bay. Not suitable for parking in summer, a little to the south near the Chupak island - good places for snorkelling;
  • Parking on the river. Kilim;
  • In a bay in the northeast of Singa Besar Island.

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