Yachting around Edinburgh
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  • 01.03.2021
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Yachting around Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, the second largest city after London, a popular city among tourists from different countries. 13 thousand tourists come here annually from all over the world. The city has 16,000 architectural monuments, including various museums, all kinds of souvenir shops, pubs and parks.

Due to the rugged coastline in the Edinburgh area, yachtsmen always have the opportunity to create interesting routes along the coast. Note also that the list of yacht club services may include whiskey tours in the form of yacht cruises, during which the participants are given the opportunity to taste various types of whiskey.

Most popular marinas:

  • Port Edgar Marina - in the west of the city with free Wi-Fi, accessible parking and other amenities;
  • Edinburgh Marina - world class marinas;
  • Royal Forth Yacht Club.


Although the local climate is rather harsh, the warm breath of the Gulf Stream softens it somewhat. The weather in this area of Scotland is variable and sudden rain clouds or wind can be expected at any time. In the period from October to April, the most persistent of the yachtsmen are engaged in yachting here.

Places of interest

What is the first thing a yachtsman should pay attention to when planning a vacation in the vicinity of a “ghost town,” as the Scots call it?

Edinburgh has a lot of historical, architectural and natural attractions that you should definitely visit. Especially for you, the 2yachts team has made a selection of the most popular sights of the city that you can visit when traveling along the east coast of Scotland.

Royal Mile

This is the main city attraction, consisting of four streets, the total length of which is exactly one mile.

At the beginning and at the end of the street are Edinburgh Castle and Holyroodhouse Palace. There are free walking tours here.

Along the Royal Mile, there are many pubs and restaurants with their own unique history. Daniel Defoe wrote that this is the most beautiful street in the world.

Calton Hill

Edinburgh is a city located on seven hills. Calton Hill is one of the hills from which there is a excellent view of its surroundings.

In addition, there are several historical monuments and the city observatory. On the hill there is a popular monument - the National Monument of Scotland, a copy of the Athenian Parthenon.

It was built in memory of the soldiers who died during the hostilities with Napoleon's army. The monument was not completed, all proposals for its completion were rejected.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is the most visited of the monuments in Scotland. When Walter Scott began to popularize this country, the castle gained wide popularity. The castle is located on an extinct volcano, which is now called the "Castle Rock". The structure is visible from anywhere in the city, and you can get here along the Royal Mile. Every year at the end of August, a picturesque festival is held here with the participation of military-led orchestras. It starts with Scottish pipers and drummers.

Inside the castle, there are many museums with unique displays of royal regalia and coats of arms. Its main attraction deserves special attention - the huge cobblestone, on which the Scottish monarchs have been crowned since time immemorial. Also next to the cobblestone is the crown and sword of the kings of Scotland.

Holyroodhouse Palace

This is the place where key historical events took place. Queen Mary Stuart lived at Holyroodhouse Palace.

Today, during her visits to Scotland, the palace is used by the queen as her residence. She is staying here for a week.

The palace is open to the public from April to October and boasts a collection of unrivaled Brussels tapestries.

Royal Yacht Britannia

The legendary yacht Britannia is located in the port of Lit, which at one time served as the residence of the royal family. Elizabeth II traveled on it to almost all corners of the earth.

The history of the yacht has 968 official sailings. Now it houses a museum. The interior of the ship is carefully looked after, so here you can travel back in time to mentally see the life of her family and the crew of the yacht.

Museum of Illusions

This is an original museum with many interactive exhibits that will plunge you into the world of optical illusions. The museum was founded in 1835.

Here you can see a mirror tunnel, lightning balls, a musical staircase and many other attractions that will be of interest to children and adults. With the help of the museum's highlight - the camera obscura, which is located on the top floor of the building, you will take a fun and interesting tour of Edinburgh.

Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens have a long history and are constantly changing and expanding. Here plants from different continents are collected, which create a real landscape show.

The territory is divided into six zones with different themes. A leisurely stroll through the botanical garden will allow you to relax your soul, and in case you get tired, you can visit a small cafe. The entrance to the botanical garden is free, you need to buy tickets if you want to visit the greenhouses.

National Museum

The National Museum is a place that can pleasantly surprise a visiting tourist. Throughout the existence of the museum, all collections have been constantly replenished, and now they are ordered and divided by subject matter. In the National Museum you can learn not only about the history of Scotland, but also see exhibits collected from different parts of the world. The entrance to the museum is free, however, you can deposit any amount you wish, which will then go to charity. There are many play exhibits here that will not let you get bored. If at the end of the tour you go up to the roof of the building, you will be able to admire the beautiful view of the city. In addition, the architecture of the building evokes admiration and strikes with its monumentality.

Whiskey Heritage Center

The Museum of Scotch Whiskey will tell you a lot of interesting things about the history of the national drink, provide detailed information about the various varieties and their characteristics, and also show you the manufacturing process from choosing the right ingredients to sealing the barrel. One of the more enjoyable parts of the tour is the whiskey tasting. The museum houses a collection of 3.5 thousand varieties of this drink. The excursion takes place interactively - during its duration tourists move in trailers stylized as barrels. You can purchase tickets for different types of tours, which differ depending on the time and number of whiskeys offered for tasting.

Mary King's Dead End

According to legend, people who were infected with the plague were put into a dead end by Mary King in order to prevent the spread of the disease. To destroy the center of the epidemic, it was decided to enclose the “forbidden city” with a blank wall. However, in reality, only part of the legend is true - there really was a quarantine here, but there was no wall. The quarter is named after the owner of most of the buildings built in it - Mary King. At this time, this place has turned into a tourist attraction, where guides play local characters - Edinburgh inhabitants, immersing tourists in the gloomy atmosphere of the past.


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