Yachting in Thailand. Phi Phi Islands
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  • 21.04.2021
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Yachting in Thailand. Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi Islands are rightfully considered one of the most picturesque islands in the world. The recreation industry is well developed here and therefore tours to Phi Phi are very popular with tourists from around the world. Almost untouched by man, tropical forests, magnificent coral reefs, fantastically beautiful landscapes, pristine cozy beaches, unprecedented opportunities for recreation on the water - all this makes a vacation on Phi Phi an attractive destination for people of all ages. Here you can completely forget about stress and excitement and how to relax, enjoying the sun, tranquility and incredible views.

Thailand is a country of incredibly beautiful nature, and tourists who have ever visited it recall with admiration the wide beaches with white sand and clear water, tropical forests with giant trees and picturesque islands. You can take a fascinating journey, during which you can explore this country like a true discoverer. As noted by 2yachts, yachtsmen, on a yacht you have access to the most secluded bays, tropical islands and neighboring countries, where you can admire the magnificent nature of the region. Here the traveler will find turbulent waterfalls rooted in the water of mangrove thickets, mysterious tropical jungles and picturesque mountains. The fauna of the Phi Phi Islands is diverse and is represented by endangered and rare inhabitants of the seas and jungles (octopuses, crabs, lizards, turtles, monitor lizards, barracuda, moray eels, turtles, different types of birds, etc.).

There are 6 islands in the Phi Phi archipelago, the largest of which is Phi Phi Don, consisting of two monolithic limestone parts connected to each other by a sand spit. The peculiarity of this island is that movement by cars is prohibited here by law (with the exception of police cars and ambulances). Phi Phi Don is the only island in the archipelago where there is a developed tourist infrastructure. From here, excursions to 5 neighboring islands are organized - for organizing diving, snorkeling and carefree beach holidays. On the Phi Phi Islands, fascinating excursions to extraordinarily beautiful places await you. Ascending the Phi Phi viewpoint, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the sea and nearby islands. Boat trips are very interesting, we also recommend visiting the island of Phi Phi Le (the second largest in the archipelago), which many saw on the movie screen while watching the movie "The Beach".

Active time options

Rest on Phi Phi means, first of all, active rest. First of all, this is diving and snorkeling. The abundance of coral reefs, underwater caves and tunnels offer tremendous opportunities for diving enthusiasts. Avid fishermen will feel great here, as they have the chance to catch several species of exotic fish. There is every chance of catching a trophy barracuda here, and mackerel is a common catch.

The most suitable destinations for deep-sea fishing are the islands of the Racha and Similan archipelago. To be guaranteed to catch good fish, it is worth going further, beyond the island of Racha Noi. The Similan Islands are ideal for harsh, multi-day fishing, but they are only available during high season. Besides deep sea mackerel fishing, day trips to other islands (usually by kayak) are a popular type of entertainment on the islands. If you feel ready for heavy loads, you can advise walking along paths running between hills, wild thickets or mountain trails.

Since the Phi Phi Islands are limestone monoliths, it is not surprising that the sport of rock climbing finds a lot of fans here. Jumping from cliffs into water will also bring you a lot of pleasure. Many hotels in Phi Phi offer rental equipment for divers, anglers and climbers, so you don't have to carry everything you need to practice your favorite hobby. The main type of entertainment on the islands is diving; in the vicinity of Phi Phi, there are a large number of underwater caves and grottoes. The most popular diving sites are the islands of Bida Nai and Bida Nok, as well as the sunken King Cruiser ferry.

The underwater world of the Andaman Sea is very rich in different types of fish that allow you very close to them, as well as in numerous aquatic animals. Plunging into the sea near the islands, you can feel like in an aquarium. In addition to brightly colored fish, small sharks are also found here - they are all safe and do not attack people. Beware of jellyfish - they are dangerous. Remember that feeding fish in this area is prohibited and is subject to a fine, as well as collecting collections of corals with shells.

Phi Phi is a paradise for gourmets and connoisseurs of delicious food. There are so many local restaurants and they are so diverse that you can eat in a different place every day, discovering unique flavors and food combinations. Thai, Italian, French, Scandinavian and other cuisines are widely represented on the island. Shopping fans will also find something to do in their free time from the beach and excursions. As a souvenir of your vacation in Phi Phi, you can bring various souvenirs and trinkets, handmade silver jewelry, antiques, etc.

Despite the fact that hotels on Phi Phi do not differ in the excessive luxury of decoration and high level of service, you will undoubtedly be cozy and comfortable here. Staying in a bungalow or villa, you can simultaneously enjoy the benefits of civilization and enjoy the privacy of this tropical paradise. On the largest beach of the island, fire shows are regularly held, during which participants demonstrate traditional dresses and dances; a lighted bonfire becomes an obligatory attribute of Asian fun. And nearby there are shops and catering establishments where you can buy ice cream, food and cocktails at low prices.

Thais are very smiling and friendly, and since tourism is one of the main sources of income for them, they try to organize trade and service at a level. Here you can buy anything from souvenirs to massages. But it must be remembered that Thais do not bargain. And the farther from civilization, the easier people are, as well as the design of retail outlets and cafes. We are sure that after a vacation on Phi Phi you will feel full of strength, energy and good mood for a long time. And your photo and video archives will be replenished with magnificent colorful photos and video frames.


Parking places should be chosen as carefully as possible, and the reliability of the anchor fastening to the bottom should be checked, since the wind often changes direction. The main yacht mooring of Phi Phi Don Island is located in Ton Sai Bay. There are many yacht buoys located here - it is difficult to determine which are private and which are intended for guests' mooring. The nearest large marina - Royal Phuket Marina - in the east of Phuket, is designed to receive up to 350 ships up to 35 m in length.

34 km northeast of Phi Phi, there is the city of Krabi - here you can rent a moped at a low cost and go around the maximum number of Buddhist temples in a day. It is also worth going to local bazaars to stock up on fresh fruit, and in the evening you can organize dinner at one of the local bars - you can eat there with musical accompaniment. Phuket Island, Thailand's main yacht base, is 38 km to the west. Yachts of any class are available for rent in Phuket. Before traveling, you should definitely decide where you are sailing, for what purpose and who will travel with you?

If you plan to devote most of your time to entertainment, you should take a closer look at the locations in the Pang Na province. You also need to keep in mind that there are islands in the region with lakes on their territory (you can get there only at low tide, using a small canoe for this). Secluded beaches in the Krabi province are the most rave reviews - where you can always grab a bite to eat, organize a barbecue or order dinner, or stay overnight.

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