Attractions of the island of Amorgos
Denis Korablev
  • 23.09.2021
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Attractions of the island of Amorgos

Amorgos is a mountainous island in the Cyclades archipelago with a long history and one of the most romantic in Greece. Due to its geographical position, it connects the Cyclades with the Dodecanese archipelago.

As noted by experienced travelers 2yachts, they come here to relax away from the noise of civilization and resort crowds, sunbathing and swimming on the cleanest beaches and getting acquainted with traditional Greek cuisine. Adherents of health-improving recreation to Amorgos are attracted by the favorable ecological situation and the peculiarities of the climate, which has a positive effect on the body.

On the island, tourists find everything for a good rest - beaches of impressive beauty, magnificent panoramic views and historical sights. traces of antiquity and monuments of the medieval period have been preserved here, and the most valuable archaeological finds are collected in the National Archaeological Museum. Inhabited since the early Cycladic era, the island is ready to introduce you to its rich culture and traditions.


Covered by a mountainous landscape, the island also has fertile valleys with olive groves and old vineyards, known since antiquity. Despite the fact that Amorgos is considered an island with sparse greenery, many endemic plants grow here, including rare medicinal herbs. Fans of excursion tourism will find many monuments of ancient civilizations on the island.

Among the most important and interesting sights of Amorgos:

  • the magnificent snow-white monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa 11 in Chora, built in the shape of a cliff. Is the pride of the island and offers breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea;
  • 13th century Venetian castle with wonderful views of Chora and the surrounding countryside;
  • Church of Agia Anna, located on the beach of the same name;
  • the site of the Olympia shipwreck is a beautiful place against which many tourists take pictures with pleasure;
  • Muros beach with impressive sea caves;
  • 16th century Gavras Tower, distinguished by its outstanding architecture - it houses the Archaeological Museum with interesting exhibits from all over the island.

Also noteworthy are the small church of Agios Georgios Valsamit of the 17th century, located 4.5 km from Chora and the monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos - the oldest on the island. And in the picturesque settlement of Katapola (the main port of the island), be sure to visit the Church of the Virgin (Panagia Katapoliani), built on the site of the ancient temple of Apollo.

Beaches of Amorgos

The most attractive city for a beach holiday is Aegiala in the northeast of the island, its sandy beaches are well equipped and suitable for families. The sea here is calm and clean, there is a large selection of taverns and bars on the coast. The beach is crowded, and those who are more like to relax in a secluded atmosphere should be advised to go to Kalotaritissa beach in the west of Amorgos - due to the remoteness from tourist sites, there are not so many visitors here. Agia Anna beach in the central part of the southern coast of the island is considered the most beautiful and romantic beach with popular hotels and restaurants in its immediate vicinity.

On the territory of the port of Katapola there is a comfortable sandy beach, it is far from the city and the water here is quite clean. Also well equipped and suitable for large groups of people wide pebble beach in Halara Bay. And on the beach of Gramvousa, located in a bay accessible only from the water, travelers have the opportunity to relax in a secluded atmosphere.

Outdoor activities

Amorgos has all the possibilities for spending time actively - for example, you can go hiking along trails and paths that connect all significant historical and cultural sites. Hiking trails are marked on tourist maps, which allows you to plan your movements accurately enough. Many trails follow very scenic spots, such as the path to the summit of Mount Krikellos, the highest on the island. The observation deck offers a magnificent view of the surroundings and the sea. You can also rent a car or bike if you need an inexpensive means of transportation, the latter option is preferable, because bike paths are scattered throughout the island.

By organizing a sightseeing tour around the island, you can visit remote bays and appreciate the stunning views of the island from the sea. Tourists have a great opportunity to go fishing, both from the shore and in the open sea. In order to diversify their vacation, those who wish can try their hand at kiting, sailing, snorkeling, windsurfing or kayaking.

Diving enthusiasts can rent equipment and set off to explore the crystal clear coastal waters. Established just a few years ago, the Amorgos Diving Center has state of the art equipment and can offer a range of services including night diving, underwater photography, etc. The most famous place for diving is Liveros Bay, at the bottom of which the motor ship Olympia rests (its remains were used in the filming of the film "Blue Abyss" by Luc Besson).


The cuisine of the traditional Greek island of Amorgos is represented by a large selection of meat dishes, as well as fish and seafood recipes. It is noteworthy that in all settlements on the island there are taverns where you can eat deliciously.

Especially Amorgos is famous for Fava - mashed peas with olive oil. Also worth a try are the traditional Patatato (braised lamb or kid), local Ladotiri sheep cheese and minced meat moussaka. Popular alcoholic beverages include herbal crayfish, honey crayfish, chilled retsina wine, and ouzo aniseed vodka.


The climate on the island is temperate Mediterranean, with strong winds in winter and hot summers. There are more than 300 sunny days a year. In the summer period the Meltemi wind prevails blowing from the north - due to the features of the relief, it does not penetrate only into the Aegiali region. In July-August, Meltemi reaches its greatest strength. The weather conditions in the Cyclades are more difficult than in other parts of Greece.

The best time to visit the island is from May to June and September to October, when it is not so hot and there are no crowds of travelers that are observed in the summer, and accommodation prices are not so high. You can also come to Amorgos in winter, when sometimes there are good days for swimming and the weather is favorable.

The shores of the island are mostly rocky and steep. There are 2 harbors on Amorgos - Katapola in the central part of the northern coast and Aegiali in the northern part of the island. Katapola is fairly well protected from Meltemi, like Aegiali, in the middle between these ports is the anchorage Nikuria - the most protected from the dominant winds on the island. Despite the fact that the tourist infrastructure on the island is just beginning to develop, there are many hotels for accommodation. If you are tired of the hustle and bustle and want to relax on the charming beaches, as well as get acquainted with the history of the island, inhabited by people since the Bronze Age, then Amorgos is an excellent choice for your holidays in Greece.

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