Interesting places of the island of Moorea (French Polynesia)

Interesting places of the island of Moorea (French Polynesia)

Moorea is a small island in the Society Islands archipelago in French Polynesia, located 16 km west of the famous island of Tahiti. French Polynesia is an ocean-lost world with lush tropical volcanic islands where you can find many secluded retreats far from civilization.

As noted by experienced travelers 2yachts, Moorea is one of the most colorful and memorable islands in the region that enjoys popular with tourists due to its extensive opportunities for windsurfing, diving and other water sports, clean beaches and unspoiled nature. In addition, the heart-shaped tropical island has been very popular with honeymooners and couples in recent years. On the island of Moorea, tourists will find the purest turquoise ocean waters, gorgeous white sand beaches, a rich underwater world, exotic cuisine and, of course, friendly locals.


Since the average air temperature throughout the year is + 26 ° C, you can come to Moorea at any time of the year. During the wet season from November to May, the island can rain at night and in the morning, cooler and drier from June to October. Since Moorea is considered the ecologically safest place in French Polynesia, ecotourism supporters love to come here.


Travelers prefer to rest on Moorea, for whom the most important thing is privacy and romantic atmosphere. This place attracts tourists with its pristine nature, picturesque lagoons with clear turquoise water, soft beaches, fantastic coral reefs, fertile pineapple plantations and enchanting landscapes with volcanic peaks.

Popular among tourists are the Afareaitu waterfalls, the Dolphin Center and Opunokhu Bay - the latter is of historical interest, since it was here that the famous British traveler and explorer Captain D. Cook landed here in the middle of the 18th century. In addition to natural attractions, the island has numerous religious shrines - in total there are over a hundred magnificent temples and cathedrals.

The main cultural attraction on Moorea is the Tiki Village cultural center (a copy of the village of the ancient Polynesians), which is an open-air museum with a developed excursion program. Visitors to the cultural center can learn about the arts and crafts of Polynesia and purchase handicrafts. Also scattered around the island are the stone temples of the marae, which make up its cultural heritage. In ancient times, the Polynesians worshiped deities, the statues of which were placed in the corner of the temple.

The Lagunarium is a very popular among tourists - a marine reserve, the inhabitants of which are rare stingrays, many varieties of exotic fish and turtles. In a specially fenced lagoon, tourists are even allowed to swim with marine life - the rays are completely safe, you can touch them and take great photos with them.

Moorea Dolphinarium provides its visitors with a unique opportunity to swim with amazing creatures - dolphins. Dolphin Center is located in the town of Papetoai, dolphins live here in a natural lagoon, fenced off from the sea by a pontoon. By visiting the Dolphinarium, you can learn a lot about the life of these marine mammals. Of considerable interest for tourists is the Pineapple and Fruit Juice Factory, where you will have the opportunity to observe the juice production process, as well as purchase the company's finished products.

The beaches are the main holiday destinations for tourists, they are well equipped and offer a wide range of water activities. Among the beaches, one of the most popular is Temae, characterized by tranquility and tranquility. From water activities, snorkeling and sup-boarding are available to the visitors of the beach. The inaccessible and uncrowded Faimano beach, located between two bays, is well suited for a secluded getaway.

The local population is small, and the islanders live in small fishing villages scattered along the coast. Since for the locals tourism is the main source of income, they are always glad to visitors and welcome them hospitably on their exotic island.

Traditional cuisine

Fans of gastronomic tourism can find here a lot of interesting things for themselves, because the local Polynesian cuisine has absorbed the best traditions of Asian and European cuisines and is famous far beyond the region. The local restaurants offer numerous fish options, as well as incredible delicacies that cannot be tasted in other regions. Interestingly, some restaurants with traditional cuisine even have special earthen ovens, in which the inhabitants of local villages used to cook food. In addition to delicious restaurants of Polynesian cuisine and exotic establishments, you can also find European cafes that are familiar to us on the island.

One of the most famous traditional dishes is marinated fish a la tahitienne. Popular meat dishes are Chinese ma’a tinito made from pork and shish kebab, which is also made from fish. Also popular among tourists are breadfruit, which are cooked in a variety of ways, for example, baked or fried in a pan.

Outdoor activities

The island has excellent conditions for diving and other water sports, and anglers will not be able to pass by the opportunity to participate in gambling sea fishing - for this purpose, overnight boat trips are organized on the island. Scuba diving allows you to explore the beautiful coral reefs, and if the opportunity presents itself, even watch humpback whales. In the southeast of the island is the magnificent coral reef Lagoonarium de Moorea, where you can observe a variety of fish and corals. This location is perfect for those who want to learn how to snorkel.

To get acquainted with the nature of the island, you should sign up for a sightseeing tour by jeep or canoe. Moorea is surrounded by a road, so many of the island's attractions can be explored by driving around it. While walking, you can walk through interesting places known only to guides and a few locals. From the magnificent Belvedere observation deck, located in the very center, you can observe wonderful views of the nearby bays. The ruins of an ancient Polynesian temple are located nearby, and interesting sightseeing tours on ATVs are organized for tourists.

Another famous observation deck is located on the Magic Mountain, where most tourists get during excursions by off-road vehicles or ATVs. The view from here is much wider, you can see most of the northern coast with small islets. During the dry season, from July to September, the hiking trails are more walkable, and this is the best time for hiking tours, such as visiting the archaeological sites in the Opunoku Valley.

Those who are more interested in the diversity of the underwater world can take a boat trip or canoe with a transparent bottom. A rather interesting entertainment is a walk along the bottom of the lagoon with a diving helmet, during which the participants are photographed and filmed. For lovers of adrenaline, the excursion "Shark feeling" is suitable - an extreme entertainment, the participants of which are invited to feed sharks from their hands.

Also, those who wish can try their hand at paragliding and parachute jumping. Visitors to the Moorea Green Pearl Center can snorkel and enjoy other outdoor activities, while golf lovers enjoy the upscale Moorea Green Pearl Golf Course located in the northeast of the island.

Having visited Moorea, it will be difficult to limit yourself to walking, beach recreation and sightseeing. Also not to be overlooked is the large selection of souvenirs available in local shops, of which a variety of shell crafts are the most popular among travelers. Wealthy tourists can find many shops selling pearl products. Also from the trip you can bring a piece of solidified volcanic lava or handmade jewelry.

Moorea Island is a secluded Pacific corner where travelers can relax and forget for a while about the hustle and bustle of megacities. After just a couple of days spent on the island, you will be able to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of serenity and tranquility prevailing here. Sailing enthusiasts will find great views of the bays, green peaks and surrounding reefs. Renting a yacht will allow you to travel around a region with a large number of uninhabited islands and at the same time having good yacht harbors with all the necessary infrastructure.

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