What qualities a good captain should have
Denis Korablev
  • 27.10.2021
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What qualities a good captain should have

As a rule, the owners of charter yachts hire a professional captain and crew to sail their clients, but sometimes the owners of the yachts used for personal needs, so that you can enjoy your sea voyage without worries. It happens that the captain is hired to help the crew members work out certain skills. The captain is responsible for the safety of the vessel, for the life and health of passengers and crew. It is up to the captain whether the cruise is safe and enjoyable or a hassle. How to determine if this captain is good, can you trust him?

What is the job of a captain on a yacht?

The main duties of the captain:

  1. Assess the technical condition of the vessel before sailing.
  2. Ensure the safety of passengers and crew.
  3. Ensure the safety of all property on board.
  4. Develop a sailing route, taking into account weather conditions; follow it when traveling.
  5. Inform the owners of the yacht in a timely manner about technical malfunctions and force majeure circumstances.

Important! If the yacht's property is damaged as a result of the actions of the captain, he will indemnify for the damage personally.

What to check first?

  1. Specialized education. It is good if the captain presents a diploma from one of the specialized educational institutions. The diploma guarantees that in the course of study a person has acquired the necessary knowledge and has the appropriate personal qualities.
  2. Has first aid skills:
    • when rescuing drowning people;
    • for food poisoning;
    • upon injury;
    • for burns;
    • for an epileptic seizure.
  3. Small boat driving experience.
  4. Experience as a captain on a yacht. On small ships, emergency situations often arise, which are kept silent in educational institutions. For example, will the captain handle a rowdy or drunken passengers?
  5. Degree of proficiency in English (at least Intermediate). The captain must understand the international language of radio communication and communicate with the coastal services of other states.

Important! If an international voyage is planned, the captain must have a visa valid for the entire duration of the trip.

Does the captain of the yacht have to be licensed?

Even with a specialized education, the captain is required to undergo additional training in yacht handling. The American (American Sailing Ass) and English (Royal Yachting Ass) systems are considered the world standard. You can take training both in Russia and in other countries.

British training has four stages under one license. For passing each stage, a certificate of the corresponding qualification is awarded:

  • experienced sailor;
  • day sailing yacht skipper;
  • coastal sailing yacht skipper;
  • offshore yacht captain.

Successfully passing the Astronavigation Exam and completing at least one ocean voyage is required to obtain a RYA Certificate of Excellence.

If the captain has such certificates (the higher the degree, the better) - there is no doubt in his professionalism.

Good captain. What is he like?

Possesses such personal qualities as:

  • stress resistance;
  • responsibility;
  • endurance;
  • meticulous work;
  • communication;
  • quick response;
  • decisiveness;
  • exactingness to oneself and subordinates;
  • observance of chain of command when communicating with passengers.

Important! The captain must be healthy, free from chronic diseases. Consider this, especially if the voyage will last more than three days.

What to ask a yacht skipper during an interview?

Key questions to ask:

  • What educational institution and in what year did you graduate?
  • Does it have a license, of what rank?
  • How many years have you been in this position?
  • Have you ever worked on small boats?
  • Do you have experience in the merchant marine? If the answer is yes, then that is a good sign.

Important! Test the captain's communication skills. Start a casual conversation and appreciate how easy it is to communicate with it. Is it pleasant to be in his company? Remember, this person will always be there while swimming.

According to the experts 2yachts, the listed actions are enough to be convinced of the professionalism of the captain and entrust him with the yacht and your life with a calm heart.

What additional services can the captain offer?

Sometimes yacht skippers offer for an additional price:

  • create an interesting entertainment route;
  • hold master classes;
  • organize participation in the regatta;
  • work as a water taxi;
  • to drive the yacht from the home marina to its destination.

Of course, the owner of the yacht himself can complete the courses, get the appropriate rights. But it will take more than one year to regulate multi-day swimming at a professional level.