The best wintering places for a yacht
Denis Korablev
  • 14.09.2021
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The best wintering places for a yacht

The vast majority of people know that any vehicle will serve reliably and for a long time, only with proper care. This is especially true for those rented in yacht rental, which are subject to constant stress throughout the season. A yacht, as a floating vehicle, is a complex mechanism that requires periodic maintenance and wintering in favorable conditions.

To maintain a presentable appearance, to maintain the technical systems of the yacht in good condition, there are specialized winter parking areas. Well-equipped marinas have a service base for maintenance of engines, main yacht systems, etc.

The service infrastructure of winter yacht berths has heavy-duty cranes, the craft can be refueled with high-quality fuel, tanks for gray and black waters are serviced. Marina for winter storage and servicing of yachts of all sizes and tonnages, usually located in close proximity to the main navigation areas.

Prices for using the winter parking or marina differ depending on the length of the vessel, the lease term and the amount of necessary technical work to keep the yacht in excellent technical condition.

For many yachtsmen, the proximity of Turkey and Croatia, where yachting has become a favorite sport and recreation, winter storage of sailing ships has always been popular.


Offering yacht service in the winter, it guarantees that all the necessary work will be carried out by highly qualified personnel, at a low cost of work. Depending on the size of the yacht, mooring at Yalikavak Marina (Bodrum) will range from 17,118 to 79,077 euros. In addition, the owner of the yacht pays for water supply (6 EUR / m3) and electricity supplied from the shore (0.45 EUR / kW).


Due to the absence of a language barrier, the presence of more than fifty well-equipped marinas and low prices for fuel and maintenance, Croatia is always popular with yachtsmen. Additional options for winter maintenance of yachts on the water include starting the engine, inspection and necessary repair of the bottom, cleaning, air dehydrator maintenance, regular ventilation of the ship's premises, and many additional services. Wintering of a yacht in Marina Frara (Rogoznica), initially including the cost of supplied water and coastal electricity, is determined from 7170 to 19900 euros. Croatia is famous for its abundance of islands and an abundance of picturesque bays.

French Riviera

Almost everyone has heard about the French Riviera without even knowing about yachting. Cannes is associated in our minds not only with the famous festival, but also with the whole forest of yacht masts.

The infrastructure of marinas for the winter service of ships of all sizes, in Cannes, is the most developed. Full winter service of the yacht will cost the shipowner from 9000 to 48000 euros. The absence of fogs and the ideal dry and mild climate make the yacht's wintering extremely favorable. For this reason, parking on the Cote d'Azur is booked for a year in advance.


With the longest coastline in the Mediterranean, Greece has many convenient harbors and marinas for the wintering of sailing ships. Service prices are quite affordable - from 6600 to 33000 euros (Zea Marina, Piraeus), and include the entire range of high quality service. Additional costs will be the payment for the supplied water and electricity from the shore.


Conditions have been created here under which you can moor a yacht in almost every seaside town. The renowned Marina Limassol can accommodate up to 650 yachts at a time, providing excellent service and safety. The unique location of the harbor allows it to keep the water surface calm despite the force of the storm. Payment for winter parking with super and megayacht service will cost from 10,100 to 45,800 euros.

According to the specialists 2yachts, a correctly chosen winter berth will preserve the original exterior and interior appearance of the yacht for many years of operation.