The best places on the planet for sailing yachts
Denis Korablev
  • 26.04.2020
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The best places on the planet for sailing yachts

Sailing attracts not only by its freedom, but also by maintaining good physical shape, a sense of independence, and a beneficial effect on the general mental state. Going into yachting, you can forget for a while about everyday problems and relax your body and soul. It is worth going on a sea voyage once to "get sick" with this hobby for life. The art of sailing has evolved since ancient times, the Vikings set sail for thousands of miles, conquering the sea, Arab travelers conquered the seas under triangular sails, and the Chinese sailed under wide sails attached to the ship with the help of poles made of bamboo.

It is the freedom to travel on sailing yachts that opens up new horizons for yachtsmen, gives a pleasant awareness of what is still possible. In reality, at sea there is no guarantee that you will not be caught in a storm, you will not be caught by seasickness or problems when crossing borders with other states. However, if you ignore the potential difficulties, any sailing trip can be the most memorable adventure of your entire life. Consider the places on the planet, a sailing trip in which can please even a novice yachtsman who has ventured on a sea adventure for the first time.

Islands of Greece

Greece is a favorite holiday destination among yachtsmen, which is facilitated by the constantly blowing sea breezes, azure waters and countless attractions of ancient cities. Sailing along the Greek coast is a great opportunity to get to know the rich culture of the country of the Hellenes, like the mythical leader of the Argonauts Jason. Only instead of a rune, you will get an unforgettable experience and take wonderful photos. You should definitely include in your travel itinerary some of the most interesting places in Greece - such as Athens with the yacht marina Alimos, the islands of Paros, Ithaca, Paxos, Antipaxos, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Hydra, Zakytnos, Aegina, Spetses, Corfu, as well as the Saronic gulfs, Korintiakos and Argolicos. A trip can be organized even without having your own boat, as there are more than enough offers for yacht charter in Greece.

Galapagos Islands

Galpagos Islands is a place on the planet that will surely appeal to connoisseurs of unspoiled nature. There are so many unique animals here that you would not find anywhere else. That there is only observation of giant lizards, which have preserved their unique population in the Galapagos. The unique nature of the area also includes impressive volcanic landscapes that are worth seeing and capturing on camera.


Greenland is a unique place on the planet, which is worth visiting for its picturesque landscapes, as well as observing the unique and rare representatives of the Arctic flora and fauna. It is necessary to travel in the summer, when, in a leisurely sailing along the eastern shores, you can observe killer whales and whales, contemplating majestic icebergs, endless glaciers descending into the sea and other wonders of northern nature. On land you can find snow hares, polar foxes, lemmings, reindeer, polar bears and musk oxen (they live only in the north of the island).

New Zealand

New Zealand is famous not only for its landscapes, numerous islands with untouched nature, long indented coastline, picturesque bays and sandy beaches, but also excellent opportunities for outdoor activities: snorkeling, diving, surfing, kiting and gambling fishing with dreams of the most interesting trophy of these places - marlin. Auckland, the country's largest city, offers many ways to spend an unforgettable time, from leisurely walks along the coastline with dolphin watching, to guided tours of the vineyards and wine tastings at local restaurants. One of the most memorable places in Auckland is Fiordland Park, the largest in this country. Here you can enjoy views of picturesque mountains, lakes in depressions, fjords and a sprawling beech forest. Cove of Roberton Island is one of the best anchorages when traveling in this exotic country. Rest here can be combined with snorkeling, this exciting activity is available even with children. The fishing village of Opua deserves attention, which yachtsmen from all over the world are eager to visit. In Opua, it is worth visiting the local yacht club and fish restaurant, which serves excellent seafood dishes. There are many opportunities for yachting in New Zealand, the spectacular wilderness oases with clear waters ideal for snorkeling and diving will impress you.

West Scotland

West Scotland is a great yachting destination during the summer and if you want to be alone, sail towards the western islands in the Inner Hebrides. When sailing along the coast of Scotland, be sure to visit local establishments for the famous Scotch whiskey.


The Mediterranean coast of Croatia (the most ecologically clean country in Europe) can promise you excellent yachting, here, as in Greece, there are full of islands with great beaches, most of which are located along the Dalmatian coast. Traveling in Croatia can include swimming in the turquoise sea, visiting medieval fortresses and partying at night in the clubs along the coast. The starting point can be Dubrovnik, from where you can go on a free voyage.


Lofoten in Norway allows you to combine yacht travel with skiing. Here you can both visit the remote islands of the archipelago and go on a ski trip in the mountains. It is worth visiting the Lingen Alps, the sky over which is cloudy most of the time. The local scenery and the northern lights will leave a lasting impression on your memory. On the shore you can see lonely standing houses, small settlements, fishing buildings, and in the mountains - waterfalls and many lakes with icy and clear water.

Holy Trinity Islands

The Holy Trinity Islands in Australia are renowned for their white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and excellent snorkeling opportunities. 2yachts will help you rent the right yacht to go diving and see with your own eyes the fascinating underwater world of the islands includes schools of colorful tropical fish and mesmerizing reefs.