Anguilla Island - the pearl of the Caribbean
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Anguilla Island - the pearl of the Caribbean

The island of Anguilla is part of the Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, 130 km east of the Virgin Islands. The Republic of Anguilla is a Self-Governing Overseas Territory of Great Britain. The area of the island state, which includes Anguilla and the surrounding islets and reefs, is only 102 square kilometers.

As noted by experienced travelers 2yachts, the coral island of Anguilla attracts tourists with its dazzling beaches, rich fish reefs, mysterious caves , sunken ships and picturesque shores. Here travelers have the opportunity not only to relax on the beaches, but also to snorkel in the clear turquoise waters, get acquainted with the traditional architecture of the West Indies, taste excellent dishes from freshly caught seafood, and participate in a variety of festive events.


The climate is tropical, hot weather prevails throughout the year. In Anguilla, storms and hurricanes are frequent, accompanied by heavy downpours. The average temperature of the year fluctuates around + 25 ° С, in some periods the heat is softened by the trade winds coming from the Atlantic. The rainy season lasts from August to November, the best periods to visit the island are winter and spring.

Places of interest

Anguilla is famous, first of all, for its beautiful beaches with white sand and turquoise sea waters. Beautiful lagoons and picturesque islets attract tourists here, who are accommodated in resorts located along the sea coast. On the north coast lies Crocus Hill Cliff, informally called "Saffron Hill" - this is the highest point of the island, and offers mesmerizing views of the sea, uninhabited reefs and nearby islets.

The picturesque nature makes boat trips along the coast of the island unforgettable, in which tourists can take impressive photographs against the backdrop of the hilly coastline, complex buildings and luxurious beaches. Most of the trees on the island are coconut palms. Feral domestic animals donkeys, goats, and rabbits live in small thickets. Anguilla is a wintering place for dozens of bird species. Among the feathered inhabitants of the island are parrots and nimble hummingbirds, delighting travelers with their appearance. But the locals still consider the dove to be the symbol of the island.

The quality of service in Anguilla is considered to be the best in the Caribbean. The safest and most peaceful resort in the country is Meads Bay, here at the services of vacationers - magnificent beaches. The Sandy Ground resort attracts tourists with a huge selection of entertainment facilities and excellent beaches. Many yachts from the island drop anchor in this bay, no wind blows here.

The islands of Angillite, Seal and Prickley Per Cays are popular with diving enthusiasts from all over the world who come here to explore the underwater world of the coral reef. In the capital of Anguilla, The Valley, it is worth visiting the Wallblake House - the oldest surviving building in the city (250 years old), as well as the National Museum with unique exhibitions dedicated to the nature of the islands. Also in the city you can stroll along the beautiful alleys, examining the few buildings of the colonial period.

In the vicinity of the Valley, next to Shoel Bay East, there is Fontaine Cave - here ancient examples of carving of the Arawak Indians were discovered (this people is the indigenous population of Anguilla). Shoel Bay East is the best resort area on the island with the most prestigious hotels and restaurants, as well as expensive cafes. This place is famous for the annual sailing and windsurfing competitions.

Randavu Bay is the longest beach in the country and the best beach on the island. Vacationers here are greeted by a coast of white sand, azure clear water and spreading palm trees. The harmonious atmosphere is conducive to calm, restorative relaxation. Very picturesque surroundings of the beach of Catouch Bay, located near the pristine jungle in the north of the island. Here you can not only go snorkelling, but also organize hiking on the hiking trails to the Iguana Cave and the top of Crocus Hill.

Captain's Bay beach surrounded by cliffs is unusually beautiful, there are all conditions for snorkeling, beach recreation and picnics. The Crocus Bay beach offers excellent opportunities for snorkeling and swimming, where you can watch beautiful exotic fish. For those seeking seclusion in this tropical paradise, head to Burns Bay Beach in the northwest of the island. You can not only relax on the sand or under the shade of spreading palm trees, but also devote your free time to beach games on the widest coast of Anguilla - Meads Bay.

The island of Scrub is very popular among tourists, because you can watch whales from its western coast. The local beach has snorkeling and diving facilities. Fans of fishing should be advised to go to the small village of Island Harbor on the northeastern coast of the island - there are several cozy bays in its vicinity, where you will be provided with a good catch.

The Port of Road Bay, close to the airport, is a nightlife where good clubs and nightlife restaurants sit side by side with expensive yachts moored.


The cuisine of Anguilla is hardly distinguishable from the cuisine of most other islands in the region. The traveler here may be surprised by the abundance of exotic seafood dishes. Oysters, octopuses, lobsters, lobsters, which you can taste in numerous restaurants, are very tasty on the island. Among fish dishes, various cooking options for sunfish, barracuda, sea bass, mackerel, cod, etc. are popular.

Due to the fact that the island has a rather dry climate and infertile soil, there are no conditions for the development of agriculture and most of the products are supplied here from the mainland. Beef is practically not eaten, the main types of meat are poultry and pork. Vegetables are usually used in a variety of salads, rice with various sauces and legumes serve as side dishes.

Among the popular dishes on the island are rabbit stew with spices and vegetables, grilled chicken, pork kebabs, curry pilaf. Plain bread is often replaced by banana or various types of tortillas such as johnny cake. The choice of dishes in local catering establishments is not limited only to Caribbean cuisine, therefore, if you wish, you can order dishes of national cuisines from other countries of the world. Among the drinks, the most popular are tea and chilled juices from tropical fruits collected on the island.

Outdoor activities

There are many dive sites around the island that deserve the attention of divers. Diving enthusiasts should definitely take part in one diving excursion. The diversity of the underwater world is impressive, so tourists get a unforgettable experience from exploring it. Best dive sites are Little Bay and Stony Bay, the Bay Harbor reef system (Shoel Bay East resort area), the reef walls off Dog Island, Seal Island.

Along the coast of Anguilla there are the remains of sunken ships of the past centuries, which divers are happy to visit. Yachts of various classes often visit these territories and stay here for long rest. There are many beautiful diving and snorkeling spots near Scrub Island, but you will not find tourist facilities here. Today, only feral goats are the inhabitants of the island.

Sandy Ground Beach has an excellent infrastructure - shops, restaurants and water sports centers are located here. Nearby are the yacht marina and salt lake, formerly used for the extraction of salt, and today serves as a healing place for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the restoration of the health of the respiratory system.

Excellent conditions for snorkeling are created on the small island of Sandy Island, which is 1.6 km from the Sandy Ground beach. The island can be bypassed in just how many minutes, having examined along the way a small grove of coconut trees, a patch of shiny sand and a pretty lighthouse.


Since the outlets in Anguilla are not distinguished by low prices, shopping here can hardly be called profitable. This is a very expensive resort, by the way, it must be said that world-class stars are regular visitors to the island - Brad Pitt, Chuck Norris, Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, etc.). But in local restaurants you can taste delicious lobsters and lobsters, visitors can also try and take with them rum and cigars, which can be purchased almost everywhere. Souvenir shops can be found on beaches, coastal villages and in the island's capital for memorabilia, local delicacies, jewelry and other rare items.

Every year in August, the island hosts a colorful carnival that lasts a whole week. mass events are often organized here and during any of the seasons at least one such celebration will certainly take place, for example: the November jazz festival, the February flower festival, etc.

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