Oahu - a piece of paradise in Hawaii
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Oahu - a piece of paradise in Hawaii

Oahu is the most developed and popular island in the Hawaiian archipelago. There are many historical and cultural sights here, as well as nature provides excellent conditions for sports. Oahu is the central and most populous island in Hawaii, home to the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu and the Pearl Harbor naval base. Architectural monuments of the 19th century have been preserved in the capital, but most of the tourists from the United States and other countries come here for surfing and an impeccable beach vacation.

Places of interest

The island is home to the most famous cultural and historical attractions of the Hawaiian archipelago. Oahu has a developed tourist infrastructure, so fans of various types of recreation can find entertainment to their liking.

Among the most popular attractions in Oahu, experienced travelers 2yachts note:

  • Diamond Head Crater, formed by the eruption of the Koolau volcano. The indigenous Polynesians call this place "Liiahi". Today it is a nature reserve in the vicinity of Honolulu, with magnificent views of the city from the top of the crater;
  • Waikiki Beach, home to prestigious restaurants, bars and nightclubs, as well as water sports centers, is Honolulu's city beach with crowds of vacationers;
  • 19th century Iolani Royal Palace;
  • 19th century Kawiahiao Church;
  • Foster Botanical Garden - a rare collection of plants from tropical regions of the planet;
  • memorial over the sunken hull of the battleship "Arizona", in memory of the sailors who died in the Battle of Pearl Harbor;
  • Hawaii Maritime Center is the largest maritime museum in the United States.

Separately on the list of attractions is Honolulu's Chinatown - a hub of interesting shops and restaurants with Asian cuisine, which is ideal for walking. And the Waterfront area is marked by numerous excursion sites, skyscrapers stand out among the tourist attractions.

Outdoor activities

On Oahu, the traveler has many options for spending time actively - hiking, horse riding, jeep trips, zip lines, flying over the island by helicopter and plane, etc. Water lovers can also choose a suitable activity for themselves, for example: surfing, SUP, snorkeling, kayaking, rafting, boating, yachting or underwater scooter trips.

The Hawaiian Islands are considered the birthplace of surfing - the north coast of Oahu is known for huge waves, and surfers from all over the world come here every winter. The popular Sunset Beach hosts international surfing competitions. In the famous Hawaiian "Pipe" Pipeline Beach near Ehukai Beach Park, waves reach heights of 8-12 m in winter, and this place is a dream of all surfers in the world. To visit the beautiful places of the island, you can rent a bicycle, electric bike, scooter, motorcycle or ATV (you need a license to drive a motorcycle). However, the most convenient way is to rent a car and move around the island on it.

Hikers should definitely climb Mount Tantalus, which offers magnificent views of the city. It is also recommended to visit the waterfalls of the island, among which the most beautiful is Manoa, which amazes with its scale and natural landscapes.

Interesting excursions are held on the island, for example, to Pearl Harbor and the city of Honolulu for those who are fond of military topics or in Polynesian villages - relevant for those who are interested in the history, customs and culture of the region. A new but very popular excursion to Oahu is a submarine trip, during which, thanks to panoramic windows, participants can explore the coral reefs.

Beaches of Oahu

There are over a hundred beaches on Oahu for every taste, and each of them has its own characteristics that make it stand out from the rest. Here you will find both popular with surfers and the best sailing, as well as the most peaceful sandy beaches suitable for a relaxing family holiday.

A natural feature of the "rainbow state" (as it is called because of the frequent occurrence of this natural phenomenon) - sandy beaches of all colors, from black to white. Diving enthusiasts should love the beaches of the Windward Coast, while the beaches of the North Coast will delight the windsurfing enthusiasts.

In the heart of tourist Oahu, there is Waikiki beach with a developed infrastructure - a place that has become a cult place among tourists from different countries. At the same time, the water here is clean and transparent. The name of this place is translated as "jets of clear water". Today, Waikiki is a popular destination for food tourism, shopping and entertainment among island residents and visitors. It is interesting that here travelers have the opportunity to get acquainted with the underwater world without plunging into the sea - for this, the Waikiki Beach Aquarium was created.

In Khanuma Bay on the southeast coast, you will find Sandy Beach Park, famous among water sports enthusiasts for its powerful waves. This beach is considered the most dangerous in the region and inexperienced athletes should not try here. Most vacationers come here to admire the sea and the tanned surfers conquering the waves, as well as take beautiful photos.

The longest beach on the island is Waimanalo Beach on the east side, just under 9 km long. One of the most uninhabited is Lanikai Beach with white sand on the east coast of the island. It is important for tourists to know that no beach offers as many options for active time as Kailua Beach. Waimanalo Beach Park on the east coast is very beautiful and far enough away from the signs of civilization, where you will have the opportunity to relax in seclusion with a picnic or stroll in the shade of trees.


The island's cuisine was formed under the influence of traditions brought from Europe, Asia and Africa. Typical local dishes are rice flour manapua buns with various fillings, spam musubi ham, Hawaiian beef jerky - Pipi kaula, steamed pork Laulau and loco moco "(rice with meat cutlet and egg). Local chefs prepare a delicious katsu dish from chicken by frying the chicken fillet in breadcrumbs. Fans of first courses should definitely like the Saimin noodle soup, which is often used as a main course.

Fish and seafood are also expertly prepared on the island. On a trip to the island, you should definitely try a salad of raw pickled tuna, "mihamakhi" (a distant relative of the dolphin, the local name of this representative of the shark genus sounds like "delicious"), lightly salted salmon Lomi salmon and fish dishes wahoo. Oahu has great desserts - you can recommend the banana lupmia roll, malasados donuts, guava pie with passion fruit and lime, and banana bread made from a special variety of apple bananas.


The climate on Oahu is tropical, with a predominance of precipitation in the summer. The air temperature rarely drops below + 16 ° C and rises above + 32 ° C. During the summer months (May to September), refreshing trade winds continuously blow from the north and northeast, while in winter they are not so constant.

All Hawaiian Islands are good to visit all year round (the water temperature ranges from +23 to + 27 ° C, depending on the time of year), but it should be borne in mind that during the high season, housing prices can increase dramatically (up to 2 times ). The lowest prices for flights and places in hotels are in October and November, when the weather is dry and hot. Due to their proximity to the equator, the islands are well supplied with heat. On sunny days, the sun can be very active and it is advisable to wear hats and apply sunscreen to your skin to prevent sunburn.

By renting a yacht with a crew, you can cover a lot of excursions and entertainment while staying in hotels on the islands of the archipelago. During the trip, a spa weekend, a party for loved ones, snorkeling, diving and fishing for large fish (dolphin fish, marlin, yellowfin tuna, etc.) can be organized. On Oahu, it's easy to find a place where you can learn to stand on a board - Waikiki's most popular beach for newbies. The weather allows surfing all year round, so you can safely come to Hawaii whenever you want.

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