Why is it worth studying at a sailing school
Denis Korablev
  • 09.11.2020
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Why is it worth studying at a sailing school

It is worth taking training at a yachting school because this way you can discover a new type of high-quality outdoor activity. You can go on a trip on your own or rented yacht at any time of the year by choosing a suitable country and planning your own unique route in advance ...

Traveling on a yacht every time promises an unforgettable experience and contributes to the acquisition of new and consolidation of already acquired skills and knowledge, as well as broadening the horizons and fruitful rest by changing the type of activity. At the same time, one should take into account the fact that vacation on a yacht is cheaper than in a hotel that offers a monotonous spending time throughout the entire vacation. Spending time at sea is much more interesting, this type of recreation is dynamic, active and diverse, because during the walks you can just as well go fishing, diving, beach holidays, in the evening attend noisy parties on the shore, and in the morning visit new places and get even more experience.

Recently, sailing has become increasingly popular among active youth and people who prefer active rest to a quiet pastime. This is also due to the reason that for many sailing has become not an expensive pleasure available only for oligarchs, but a positive hobby that helps to strengthen the spirit and physical health.

You can be trained in one of the modern sailing schools in Europe or other regions of the world under the guidance of qualified teachers and instructors with extensive yachting experience. Training allows you to acquire yacht management skills, gain an understanding of sailing, feel confident in sailing and managing a crew, gain in-depth knowledge of the rules of racing, etc. Also, after training, you can rent a yacht for sailing trips, training and participating in regattas.

Many yachting schools offer to take the practical part of the training course on the hike - this solution combines study and recreation, students can get the necessary skills directly at sea and at the same time visit the amazingly beautiful places of the coast.

The fact that sailing training unites people, expands the circle of friends, and also energizes and helps to develop further speaks in favor of undergoing training in a sailing school. There is no doubt that yacht management courses attract active, motivated, enthusiastic, sociable and cheerful people. Therefore, it is not surprising that in yachting schools many find new friends and even business partners.

In addition, yachting practice in an educational institution is an excellent alternative to classes in a fitness club. For sailing at an amateur level, a person does not need any superpowers, but such physical activity allows you to keep your body in good shape and raises the general mood.

Another reason to study at a yachting school is to acquire new skills. Since during the training period, sailing a yacht has to master new types of activities, the knowledge gained further helps in various situations on the water. Such skills can be useful not only on the water, but also in everyday life, for example, staying calm even in critical situations or working in a team.

When practicing sailing, you can independently generate new travel ideas that are not limited to the water area of one reservoir. As you communicate and networking with other boaters, you will have more and more new itineraries in your head that will be of even greater interest and allow you to gain a foothold in your skills.

Yacht management rights give you confidence and freedom. After completing the training, you become involved in the world of sea travel, sailing regattas and a qualitatively new recreation. Not everyone can boast of being trained at a yacht school. This new status increases your credibility in the eyes of others, and the idea of going fishing on a charter yacht this weekend is not so out of reach. For you, another vacation on the water becomes akin to renting a bike or car.

These reasons are more than enough to enroll in your chosen yachting school or take part in one of the beginner races.

Criteria for choosing a yacht school

Sailing schools differ in training programs, level of service and other features. When choosing an educational institution, it is worth considering the school has its own training yachts, as this is a big plus and allows students to plan their studies during the holidays. Schools without their own yachts practice in any chosen region on rented boats. At the same time, the choice of the country and the time of training depends on when there are enough people to form the group and on the opinion of the majority of its participants.

The next point when choosing a yacht school is the instructors. Trust your education only to experienced and responsible instructors who practice a fundamental scientific approach. Depending on your own experience, the length of your vacation and your willingness to study some theoretical topics on your own, you can choose courses of varying lengths. In addition, the school may provide the opportunity for additional practice, when you can go on your own trip with an experienced Skipper as a consultant.

The next criterion for choosing a yacht school is the cost of training, which may include additional costs, sometimes constituting a significant part in addition to the principal amount of the payment. Additional costs include the cost of fuel during training, payment for parking in marinas and transfer to the place of internship. It is worth being vigilant and clarifying the full cost of the course of study before the start of theoretical studies.

These are just the main factors that you should pay attention to when choosing a yacht school. Also individual approach to training is important, consulting support for students after training, the availability of new and comfortable yachts.

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