Installation of additional equipment on the yacht during the tuning process
Denis Korablev
  • 03.12.2019
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Installation of additional equipment on the yacht during the tuning process

Modification of the yacht in the process of tuning allows to give the vessel individuality, improve performance and increase the comfort of staying on it. Tuning is a rather complicated process, since in its process you need to try not only to modernize the yacht, but also to achieve safety during the operation of the vessel. Therefore, you should only entrust the work to improve the yachts to professionals who have experience in tuning and have already managed to get positive customer reviews.

Both a new and a used ship can be retrofitted, and if in the first case it is caused by the desire to expand the capabilities of the standard equipment, then in the second - by the need to modernize outdated or replace out-of-order equipment. In addition, you can do even easier, contact our consultants and take yacht for rent already tuned in accordance with your wishes.

At the request of the owner of the yacht, various types of additional equipment can be installed on it, including:

  • Means of communication (telephones, internet, etc.);
  • Safety devices (chartplotters, navigators, night vision systems, echo sounder, etc.);
  • Air conditioning and heating equipment;
  • Equipment for recreation and entertainment (radio, TV, subwoofer, DVD, karaoke, etc.);
  • Household appliances;
  • Technical equipment (thrusters, ladders, lifts, stabilizers, etc.).

Most popular tuning

The most common type of tuning is the installation of various electronics and servos. The echo sounder will allow you to better navigate, accurately identifying objects under water - a wide range of signals can be used for greater detail. A modern echo sounder makes it possible to significantly increase the efficiency of fishing, study the bottom topography of any reservoir and ensure safety when fishing from a yacht. And the radar installed on the ship will ensure increased safety of navigation, depending on the power of the device, the visibility and target detection zone will fluctuate. Marine radar is the primary means of collision avoidance and greatly simplifies yacht control.

Thanks to the GPS / GLONASS navigation system installed on the vessel, it is possible to accurately position it on nautical charts, data from satellites are transmitted to the navigation display with a convenient and intuitive interface. A navigation system is a very necessary thing on a ship, if necessary, it is capable of correctly and accurately constructing the path of the ship's movement, suggesting signs of the ship's situation and depth, remembering the track for a night return.

Additional lighting equipment may be required if the owner often spends the evening or night hours on the yacht. Additional lighting helps you better navigate the water and assess the situation, which avoids many unpleasant situations.

Satellite TV on the ship will allow you to enjoy watching TV while traveling on the water, modern equipment is able to provide exceptional picture and sound quality. With the help of satellite TV, it becomes possible to watch a huge number of TV channels from anywhere in the world.

Radio communication may be needed when driving within the line large cities, by the sea or large rivers. The most important function of radio communication is security, marine radio stations can be portable or airborne (stationary). Portable devices are designed primarily for small ships, they are shockproof and waterproof, most of the models are also floating. Fixed radios are mainly intended for large ships.

On long journeys, to keep in touch with loved ones, you will need a satellite phone, which makes it possible to stay in touch anywhere in the world.

With the thermal imager you can navigate safely even in complete dark conditions, this system has proven itself well in man-overboard situations. This device will allow you to see objects that could threaten the yacht - land, rocks, other ships, etc.

Video cameras will allow the captain to observe the situation in the "blind spots" on board the ship. A video surveillance complex can become a real "lifesaver" for the owner of a yacht leased for private entertainment programs - he will be able to observe the situation from the wheelhouse, and any attempts of drunk guests to get into the control area will be recorded, as well as any illegal actions.

Optional equipment

An autonomous heating system, a multimedia center or anchor winches installed on the ship can also greatly facilitate the life of a yachting fan.

As noted by yacht charter specialists 2yachts, quite often on the boats offered for rent there is a bow or stern thruster, which is a good help for inexperienced skippers when mooring in adverse conditions. Thrusters improve the maneuverability of the boat and make it easier to steer. The ladder will allow you to get on board comfortably, and with the help of a vertical lift you can easily get the yacht out of the water, as well as conveniently and safely launch it. Roll stabilizers increase the stability of the boat and help to significantly reduce the intensity of roll.

Installation of additional equipment requires compliance with its compatibility and consideration of technical parameters for the correct selection of models, setting up equipment may also require professionalism from the installers, therefore, for the services of retrofitting a yacht, you must contact experienced specialists.