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Castelsardo is a cozy medieval city located on one of the capes of the island of Sardinia. The coast near the resort has many quiet bays, there are sandy beaches and an impressive cultural heritage. Local landscapes are worthy of the brush of famous artists, there are many attractions and you can try great dishes of lobster.

To spend an unforgettable vacation on the Mediterranean coast, rent a yacht in Castelsardo - a cozy town on the island of Sardinia. With the help of our site you can pick up the best offers for the rental of luxury yachts and sailboats for a period of one day. To organize a chic vacation on the coast of Italy, explore the options for renting yachts in Castelsardo , available in our electronic catalog.


Castelsardo is a picturesque and pleasant town for the heart of the visitor, the main type of business in which is tourism. Every year tourists from all over the world come to Castelsardo - they are attracted by castles and fortresses built in the 12th century. Castelsardo has many objects of historical and cultural value. At the top of the hill is an ancient fortress surrounding the 12th century Doria Castle. The Doria Castle now houses the Weaving Museum, where you can familiarize yourself with the history of the city. Also on the territory of the castle today there are several restaurants, cafes and craft workshops. It is worth visiting the church of San Antonio Abate of the 14th century with a high church bell tower, the cathedral of St. Anthony the Great of the 16th century with many artifacts and the watchtower of Frigiano of the 16th century. In Piazza Santa Maria, you will find the Monastery of San Martino and the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

The main attractions of historical value are compactly located in the historical center, so it’s easy to get around them on foot.

The coast near the resort is saturated with landscape elements - such as, for example, the rock "Elephant", formed as a result of the development of erosion processes. There are thermal springs near Castelsardo , and in Monte Ossoni there are impressive remains of a prehistoric settlement (prehistoric village) surrounded by a stone wall.


Castelsardo restaurants have long served fish and seafood dishes, lobsters are very popular. You will love the fish soup flavored with tomatoes, onions and chili. Desserts have wonderful names: "papassini", "amaretti", etc. You can also try delicious home-made wine . You can go to any restaurant or trattoria you like to treat yourself to Castellardian seafood dishes. At your service in Castelsardo there are about 50 restaurants that have dishes for every wallet, and they cook them only with fresh products.

Castelsardo traditionally hosts the Luninisati procession, which begins with service in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazia and continues until the next morning.

The city is traditionally engaged in weaving baskets , so here you can buy products from straw and natural palm fibers, including baskets, caskets and home decoration. Especially popular are small bread dishes, boxes for storing sweets and roomy chests. Also in Castelsardo, in memory of the city, you can buy ceramic products, coral jewelry, carved wood products and other souvenirs.

At the foot of the hill in Castelsardo is a small beach with a marina . At some distance from the city there are other beaches that are well suited for windsurfing and sailing. Landscapes in the Castelsardo area are able to fall in love with a tourist - around are rocky slopes, near the endless sea, as well as the beach, awarded the Blue Flag award.

Castelsardo has a large number of hotels and apartments for every taste, where you will be welcomed with open arms. Castelsardo is perfect for active tourism , during which you will get acquainted with the medieval history of the island and the city, sunbathe on the beaches and enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Yacht Charter Castelsardo

Yacht charter in Castelsardo is a unique opportunity to spend a vacation on the sea, sailing on a spacious and safe boat, visiting the picturesque bays, doing snorkeling and other active sports. Yachting is favored by the warm Mediterranean climate of these places, and many are attracted by the natural beauty of the island. You can rent a yacht in Castelsardo of any class and size - to view suitable offers, use the search form on our website.