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Cecina is always preferred by tourists for its proximity to the coast. At Tomboli, long stretches of dunes covered with dense vegetation extend from the beach to further inland and are a characteristic ecosystem created to protect croplands from sea winds. Lilies and poppies bloom on the beach, in the lower bushes, junipers attach themselves to the outer dunes, and in the higher bushes, holly oak and common and sea pines grow.

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  • 1997 Production
  • 9.00 m Length
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  • 2016 Production
  • 12.35 m Length
  • This charter offers free rescheduling in the event of mandatory COVID-19 related travel restrictions, preventing you from arriving in your destination country.

Marina di Cecina is a beautiful seaside town surrounded by centuries-old pine forests. The deep and crystal clear sea of the Etruscan coast descends in waves on a long long beach with soft sand in Marina di Cecina, surrounded by the greenery of a Mediterranean shrub.

Yacht Charter in Cecina

Since 2006, this coast has been gaining recognition of the Blue Flag quality mark every year. Marina di Cecina is ideal for lovers of sea and water sports that can be easily practiced with relaxation.

Cecina is one of the most popular yacht rental bases among sailors and water sports enthusiasts from around the world. Contact us for detailed yacht charter information starting in Cecina and inquire about your individual yacht charter offer. We are at your disposal to organize and plan your trip, starting with Cecina. Or use our convenient search function on the Internet, search for yachts to find the perfect yacht with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Cecina is a vibrant and vibrant tourist city; it is considered one of the most important centers on the Tuscan coast. Situated between the countryside and mountainous hills, its landscape extends to the bright blue waters of the Etruscan coast . The Cathedral of Chechin overlooks the main square, built in 1851 by the Grand Duke Leopold II. Dedicated to saints Joseph and Leopold, this is one of the five parish churches in Cecina. Do not miss the interior view to admire Vincenzo Lamy's wall decorations.

Between the ancient center of Cecina and the marina you will find a tree-lined avenue stretching for about 3 kilometers. Over the past few years, Marina di Cecina has grown significantly , thanks to the advent of many homes, shops, public places, beaches, sailing clubs, diving centers and a nudist beach. Here you will also find several campsites in the shade of a beautiful pine forest.

Cecina is always preferred among tourists because of its proximity to the coast. In Tomboli, long sections of dunes, covered with dense vegetation, extend from the beach to further inland areas and they represent a characteristic ecosystem created to protect cultivated areas from sea winds. The Tomboli Biogenetic Reserve in Cencina, which stretches for 15 kilometers, is covered with dense and diverse vegetation, which changes as it reaches the interior. Lilies and poppies are blooming on the beach, in the lower bushes the juniper is attached to the outer dunes, and in the higher shrubs, holly oak has grown, as well as ordinary and marine pines. Various species of animals also find refuge here: wild rabbits, foxes, weasels, porcupines, roe deers and badgers. Among the species of birds found here, there are bumblebees, green peaks, hoopoe and pigeons that nest here for a long time. The Cecina region is also part of the prestigious Etruscan coastal wine road and is a center for the production of quality wine.

How to get there

By car from northern Italy, take the A12 Genoa-Livorno motorway and the Rosignano Marittimo exit. Continue following directions for Rome on the Aurelia SS1. Get off at Cecina Nord and follow the signs. From Rome, take the A12 motorway towards Civitavecchia. Continue onto SS 1 in the direction of Grosseto, exit at Cecina South and follow the signs. By train, you can get to Cecina Train Station via the Genoa-Rome railway line. If you want to get to Cecina by plane, the nearest airports are in Pisa (65 km) and Florence (130 km).

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