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Ischia is called a green island. Besides the beautiful beaches, tourists often come here to walk along the green mountain trails. Enjoy views of the vineyard terraces and sparkling sea at the top of the 2,500-foot rise - the highest point in Ischia.

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Ischia is a wonderful 17 square miles of green island paradise, beaches and thermal spas in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is best to choose the beginning of summer (June and July) when the weather and water are warm. August is a busy high season point because lodging and sun loungers are expensive. Crowds disperse in September, although the weather remains ideal for swimming in the sea. Be aware that many hotels and restaurants close from late October to April.

Italians have always flocked to the shores of neighboring Ischia for decades. Because, Ischia, the largest of the volcanic islands in the Gulf of Naples, is famous for its rich natural beauty, thermal springs and sandy beaches .

The island has it all: modern five-star resorts and small fishing towns that feel frozen in time. Whatever your travel style, Ischia gives you an idea of how wonderful it really can be.

Arrival by sea will give an unforgettable first look at the island and its characteristic port . Go to Castello Aragonese, connected to Ischia Bridge, the castle is located on its own rocky islet. The first buildings date back to 471 BC, but most of the current castle was built in the 15th century. Now it is privately owned, but you can see the buildings and gardens for a small entrance fee.

Unforgettable holiday experience

After the castle, enjoy the sunset at Bagno Antonio on a small beach between Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte. Find a table with great views and sample fried fish and squid for dinner with local wine. After waking up in paradise and a quick Italian breakfast in the style of coffee and pastries, the time has come to discover Ischia by land or by sea.

Ischia is called: green island. You will know this by starting an early start in the village of Fontana as a starting point for a one-hour hike to the top of Mount Epomeo. If the beaches of Ischia are teeming with sun worshipers, the green mountain trails are almost deserted. Enjoy the views of the vineyard terraces and the sparkling sea at the top of the 2,500-foot lift because it is the highest point in Ischia. Stopping for lunch at a rustic restaurant located on the hills of Serrara Fontana, will show that island life is not only seafood, but here you will find rabbit dishes that are Ischia's specialty. Try it in bucatini pasta sauce while enjoying a wonderful view of the hill and the sea.

Then, stop the three-wheeled taxi to go down the hills to Maronti Beach. One of the largest beaches on the island, Maronti is a great place to relax because there are sun loungers and umbrellas available for rent for a small fee. If you want to explore more, follow the signs for Le Fumarole Beach , you can experience some volcanic activity. The beach has natural openings and volcanic steam heats the sand.

Sant'Angelo is the southernmost part of the island, a tiny fishing village, known for its quiet squares, picturesque views and colorful houses . According to local legend, the houses are bright and colorful, because the sailors and fishermen who lived here wanted to see their houses from the sea. Sant'Angelo is the most charming corner of Ischia, and one of the most peaceful, so after sightseeing, take a walk along the isthmus with a glass of wine and dishes with cheese and salami.

Recover at the thermal springs

After exploring the unique places of the island, spend a day of relaxation. Ischia is part of the Phlegrean Fields, a volcanic area. The volcano is at rest, but active enough to be interesting. In particular, Ischia is famous for its thermal springs, take a look at the Poseidon Thermal Park. In the park there are 20 swimming pools with heated water, which has healing properties , there is a wellness center where you can add a hot stone massage after swimming in mineral waters. The park overlooks Chitara Beach, an ideal place for lunch. Find a table by the water and ask the waiter to book a deck chair for you to relax after a meal. After swimming, return to your hotel to change for dinner. Book your room at Oasis Ristorante Restaurant and arrive early to enjoy the amazing sunset. Enjoy the magnificent view and relax because live piano music plays in the background.

In Forio, heated thermal pools are almost standard in most hotels . Choose the Semiramis Hotel for a relaxing break near Citara Beach and enjoy the view from the panoramic terrace. In the same area, Il Gattopardo offers more modern rooms with a variety of spa services, from massage to mud therapy.

How to get there

Ischia is only accessible by ferry, hydrofoil or private boat. The ports of Naples and Pozzuoli offer regular departures. The nearest airport is Naples, although a flight to Rome is also possible, as cities are just an hour away by express.