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The spa therapy at Torre Annunziata is based on drinking and bathing in certain waters containing substances believed to have medicinal value. Mineral springs usually contain appreciable amounts of salts in solution, including lime carbonate and sulphate, table salt, iron and sulfur. Magnesia and many trace elements, in particular lithium, are also medicinal substances. In addition to the healing waters, there is an opportunity to have a good rest while traveling on a yacht.

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The modern Torre Annunziata is a bathing resort and thermal spa with a small port in the Campania region of Italy. An important railway center, it houses industrial enterprises for the production of chemicals, pasta and firearms, and also has shipyards and a metallurgical plant. The city got its name from the chapel and hospital dedicated to the Virgin Mary of the Annunciation, built there by Wilhelm Nochersky in 1319. The population of Torre Annunziata in 2004 was 47,780. Torre Annunziata is located in the province of Naples. Use our website to find out how, where and when you can go on a yacht cruise to Torre Annunziata.

The city is located in the Gulf of Naples at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. The city was destroyed during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. and in 1631. Torre Annunziata was once the center of the important metallurgical (Deriver, Dalmine) food and pasta industries. Today, naval, arms manufacturing and pharmaceuticals are still active industries. Archaeological sites near Torre Annunziata have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Torre Annunziata borders on the municipalities of Boscoreale, Boskotrekase, Castellammare di Stabia, Pompeii, Torre del Greco and Trekaz. On the territory of Torre Annunziata was excavated one of the richest Roman villas. Dating back to the 1st century BC, the villa probably belonged to the Poppea family and is known as Villa Poppea.

Torre Annunziata Spa Resort with thermal or mineral water is used for drinking and swimming.

The practice of "drinking water" for medicinal purposes reached its peak in the 19th century, but the sources were considered a place of healing many times in all parts of the world. The foundation of the bathing tradition in the springs in the legend is attributed to Bloodood, the son of Lud Hudibras and the father of King Lear, who in 863 BC was cured of the disease by immersion in smoking swamps. Roman colonists created a significant resort there, as well as in Buxton, Derbyshire. After the Romans left, the baths appeared to have been neglected for a long time, but many churches were built on the sites of ancient healing places throughout Europe, and the treatment was associated with immersion in baths fed by springs under the sanctuary. At the beginning of the 18th century, some Roman baths were restored, many new “watering holes” were created, and spas became fashionable social centers of the resort for the upper classes in hot seasons. For sick and feeble many sanatoriums, year-round treatment centers are provided with varying degrees of medical supervision.

Spa therapy at Torre Annunziata is based on drinking and bathing in certain waters containing substances that are believed to have medicinal value. Mineral sources usually contain appreciable amounts of salts in the solution, including lime carbonate and sulfate, sodium chloride, iron and sulfur. Magnesia and many trace elements, in particular lithium, are also therapeutic substances. In addition to solids, gas is present in many waters in significant quantities. Some of them contain little oxygen and a lot of nitrogen. Thermal springs obtained from two sources: meteor waters that rise from considerable depths along cracks and volcanic waters that reach the surface in the form of geysers or hot springs. Most of the thermal water contains a mineral substance in solution.

It is likely, however, that most of the healing effects of spa treatment are due to environmental factors located in the spa.

A person who attends a spa usually finds a different climate, diet, and lifestyle here than he is used to. In a new and probably more fun society, a person is more relaxed and can do more outdoor sports.

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