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Verbania is called the “garden city” for its beauty, the harmony of the surrounding area is ideally combined with flowering plants. Verbania, as a city, was created in 1939, when the towns of Intra and Pallanza were united. Today, Verbania has the status of a major tourism center and is able to impress the inexperienced tourist with its magnificent gardens, parks, as well as views of untouched nature.

Yacht Charter in Verbania

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Yacht charter in Verbania will allow you to sail along the Italian coast, appreciating local beauties and tasting Italian and European dishes, which, if necessary, will be delivered on board your vessel.

Not far from Verbania there is a very windy zone where servers from Germany and Switzerland come to rest on water. According to the environmental organization Legambiente, Verbania is the best place in the country for environmental indicators .


The main attraction of Verbania is Villa Taranto with its botanical garden. The garden was created on the site of cut down trees by the Scotsman Neil McIcharn in the 30-40s of the last century. Today, over 20,000 plant species grow here, including azaleas, dahlias and others. The city has many medieval buildings, magnificent Baroque villas and other examples of the outstanding architecture of these places.

The church of Chiesa di Madonna di Campagna (16th century) was built by the architect Giovanni Beretta and decorated with frescoes from the inside of the master. The palazzo Dugnani Palace serves as the location of the Museum of History and Art, which displays sculptures by Arturo Martini, works of artists of the 19-20 centuries and much more.

It is worth visiting the Romanesque chapel of San Remigio (11th century) and the church of San Leonardo with a high bell tower. Attractions such as the church of Madonna di Campagna are also worth a look. You can go to the ancient village of Unkio, located at the foot of a hill, from the top of which there is an impressive view of Mount Monterosso and the surrounding area. Once the hill was covered with pastures, now forests from pine, birch, chestnuts and other deciduous and coniferous plants grow here. At the top of the hill is the chapel of Madonna delle Croce (19th century), next to which were found cave paintings, the origin of which scientists argue to this day.

Pallanza, a remarkable area of Verbania, contains architectural monuments - such as the Church of Santo Stefano or the City Hall (19th century), as well as Villa Giulia (19th century).

Modern Verbania is a large industrial center on Lake Lago Maggiore, which is also a place of attraction for tourists not only from Italy, but also from all over the world. Whether it is an independent tour or an excursion trip, you can meet in Verbania the splendor and beauty that attracted Italian and foreign writers here. Thomas Dickens, Stendhal, George Byron and others wrote very well about Verbania.

Verbania is a picturesque town with a peculiar nature, architecture and ponds. There are not as many beaches in the city as we would like. But near the central beach there are playgrounds, so here you can have a good rest with children. To rent a yacht in Verbania , take advantage of our site. The system will offer you the most suitable yacht rental options in Verbania based on your criteria: length of stay, type of vessel, availability of a skipper, etc.