Yachting in Corfu
Denis Korablev
  • 29.03.2021
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Yachting in Corfu

The Ionian Islands are one of the most beloved places among yachtsmen around the world, known for their picturesque landscapes and excellent weather at any time of the year. A distinctive feature of the Ionian Sea can be considered the azure waters, beaches with clean sand and an abundance of vegetation on the islands that form quiet and beautiful bays. For most of the year, there is a moderate wind that blows for several hours only in the afternoon, so yachting here is an excellent entertainment for those who appreciate warmth and sun.

The island of Corfu (another name is Kerkyra) is the second largest island in the Ionian Sea, second only in size to the island of Kefalonia. At different times, it was owned by the Romans, French, British, Greeks. Thanks to the Venetians, the island became the only part of Greece that did not fall under the influence of the Ottoman Empire (all attacks by the Turks were repulsed). The architecture of the buildings still traces a Venetian trace, and when walking around the capital - the city of Kerkyra - one gets the feeling that you are walking in a typical Italian town.

Corfu differs from other islands in a more mild climate and picturesque landscapes, many natural, historical and other attractions are concentrated here, and there are all the possibilities for a not too expensive vacation.

Places of interest

"Island of the Kings", as Corfu is also called, is an excellent place for educational tourism. And since it is one of the saltiest islands in Greece, it is also called emerald. One of the symbols of Corfu is the kumquat (Chinese orange), from which the locals prepare amazingly delicious jam. Lush olive, orange and cypress groves grow here, which you can not only visit, but also harvest healthy fruits with your own hands.

Despite the fact that the main attraction of the island is the magnificent nature, there are many man-made objects that are worth visiting:

  • Cathedral of Saint Spyridon with the relics of Spyridon of Trimifuntsky, patron saint of the island;
  • Fortress Angelokastro or Castle Angela (one of the most prominent and significant buildings of the Byzantine era, which is a well-fortified Acropolis. To this day, it attracts many tourists interested in the history and culture of Greece);
  • Monument to Admiral Ushakov (located near the New Fortress of St. Mark in the center of the island's capital, attracts attention for its historical significance - after all, the fleet under the control of the famous Russian admiral liberated the island from French occupation in 1799);
  • Old fortress of Kerkyra;
  • Achillion Palace (built in 1890, was used by the state for military and other purposes for many decades, and only in 1983 the palace was transferred to the possession of the Tourism Board and was opened to visitors);
  • Waterpark "Aqualand" with several types of pools, all kinds of slides and playgrounds. Fans of extreme recreation can get vivid impressions here from bungee jumping or from high-speed closed pipes. The park adjacent to the facility is equipped with paths immersed in lush greenery, sun loungers, changing rooms, showers and safes for storing things. There are souvenir shops, shops and boutiques nearby, and for the convenience of buyers there is a parking lot for 600 cars;
  • Seashell Museum;
  • Throne of the Kaiser (from there you can see a panoramic view of the nearby villages, the Ionian Sea, from the top you can see neighboring Albania).

Also noteworthy is the most famous sandy beach of the island - Peroulades, famous for the pristine beauty of nature, excellent soft sand and high inaccessible rocks. This beach is difficult to access, since you can only get to the coast at a certain time, at low tide. And when the tide begins, it is no longer possible to stay here - the water rises to such a level that it reaches the rocks. It is worth noting that standing infrastructure is not established here, the reason for this is the same inaccessibility - only two stairs lead from the rocks to the beach, along which the beach workers raise their sun loungers every time at high tide. The best views can be seen from the terrace, where you should book in advance, having agreed with the owners of the tavern nestled above the sand.

Options for spending time actively

Over the past decades, Corfu has securely held its position in the TOP-list of the most popular islands among millionaires. The number of luxury hotels here exceeds the number of ordinary ones, which is explained by the constant influx of top managers, stock dealers and just people with a tight wallet here. But ordinary mortals can also find entertainment in Corfu to their liking.

What attracts yachtsmen to Corfu? As experienced yachtsmen say 2yachts, there are all conditions for diving, as well as the infrastructure of the island well suited for families with children.

Best Beach Destinations:

  • Paradise Beach;
  • Dassia Beach;
  • Paramonas Beach;
  • Porto Timoni Beach;
  • Agios Gordios Beach;
  • Yaliskari Beach and others

The Island of Eternal Returns, as tourists call it, is always waiting for new guests and welcomes them with friendly sun, good weather and local cuisine. Among the traditional entertainment available in Corfu are football, cricket, bowling, quad biking, paragliding, etc. The resort village of Benitses is worth a visit for those who are not averse to taking courses in sailing yachts at a local school.

If you are interested in original ways of exploring the beauty of the island, it is worth sign up for a horse ride, where you will be shown all the nuances of proper horse handling, as well as a tour of local attractions.


This direction of yachting should especially appeal to those who appreciate the picturesque nature and quiet, measured rest. The most popular marinas in Corfu include Old Port, Naok and Gouvia.

The infrastructure of the largest yacht marina Old Port includes a number of services, including:

  • Supply of vessels with drinking water and electricity;
  • Hotel;
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout;
  • Weather forecast;
  • Locker rooms;
  • Toilets;
  • Parking lot;
  • Video surveillance;
  • Restaurant;
  • Bar.

In Naok Marina, you can not only take advantage of the modern service, but also relax in an exquisite environment, from here you can clearly see the Old Fortress of Corfu, the beach and the bay. Marina Gouvia (the country's first private harbor) offers nearly 1,000 berths on the water and over 500 on land. You can get here from the city center by taxi in just 10 minutes.


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