Yachtsman's library: 12 books worth reading
Denis Korablev
  • 01.12.2020
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Yachtsman's library: 12 books worth reading

Books are not only the best gift, but also a valuable source of knowledge that contributes to the study of any science and always leaves its mark in memory, helping to understand and find a way out in the future from difficult situations. For any yachtsman, books about their favorite hobby are a good source of knowledge, allowing them to better understand and operate their yacht.

And although there are no uniform textbooks on the theory of yachting, the information collected in books and manuals is very useful and reading books about yachting is a real pleasure. The team 2yachts invites to consider the most interesting books on yachting and sailing, helping to learn from yachtsmen modernity and past centuries.

Yachtsmen's Handbook by Bob Bond

The author of the book is Bob Bond, an instructor of the Royal Yachting Association (UK), who managed to collect and present all his experience in sailing yacht management and yachting training in one handbook. The book covers in detail the structure of sailing yachts, tips for navigation and safety on the water, and also provides information on the main provisions of sailing.

The publication is equipped with vivid illustrations, simple and understandable even for those who are just starting their way in yachting with training at a yachting school. It is impossible to fully tell what is contained in the Yachtsmen's Handbook, the information collected in it is so detailed and varied. It obviously does not hurt to study this book, as well as to take it with you on yacht travel.

The Art of Sailing, P. Elvström

The author of the book is Paul Bert Elvström, who is rightfully called the "Mozart of sailing". He is one of the most talented and successful yachtsmen of the 20th century, having won four Olympic awards. Elvström has always been the strongest competitor to other sailing competitors and has constantly striving for excellence. Punching his way to victory, Paul Elvström not only engaged in physical training and developed tactics, but also used technical innovations. The legendary yachtsman outlined the secrets of achieving his victories in this book, where you will find the techniques he used during the races, tips for tuning the yacht and other valuable information.

Note that the book is not intended for a wide audience of readers, because to read it you should understand the narrow terminology of yachting. The book is well illustrated and you should study it anyway if you are considering purchasing a sailing yacht.

“Yachting. The Complete Guide, Jeff Toghill

The book is perfect for novice yachtsmen or those who are just looking at the offers on the yachting market. Written by Jeff Toghill, a yachtsman with 25 years of experience, this publication has detailed the essential aspects of sailing.

Also, the book tells about the structure of the yacht and its equipment, methods of ship control and all kinds of navigation techniques. From the manual you can find tips for choosing a yacht, advice on boat care and other important information. In general, we recommend starting your acquaintance with yachting with Jeff Toghill's guide.

"Sea Knots", Lev Skryagin

The book "Sea Knots" is a tutorial for knitting sea knots.

The publication contains descriptions of more than 150 nodes for all occasions. It is important that the author not only lays out instructions for knotting, but equips each description with a story about the origin of the knot and tips for its best use.

"Sea Knots" by L. Skryagin is an excellent handbook accompanied by illustrations for those who wish to study rigging better.

"White triangle", V.Mankin

This book is the work of the 3-time Olympic champion Vladimir Mankin, which is a practical guide to yacht management.

In addition, the book of the honored Soviet athlete and coach contains a large amount of useful information, presented in an accessible and fascinating form.

After reading this work, you can look at sailing from a completely different side, namely - through the eyes of an experienced athlete.

Sailing Tactics by Bill Gladstone

Written by renowned American racing driver Bill Gladstone, this book contains a lot of useful information about participating in sailing races and his strategy and tactics in competition.

The book "Tactics of sailing races" has not lost its relevance for more than a dozen years and serves as a fundamental guide to teaching sailing races.

This publication, translated into different languages, can be considered a real "alphabet of sailing races", which describes the specifics of setting up the yacht before the regatta, crew training and many other useful points.

Marine Practice in Pictures by Harald Schwarzlose, Robert Das

This book is a multi-illustrated textbook and reference guide that describes a wide variety of nautical situations and actions such as anchoring, hoisting sails or mooring.

"Yacht Captain", Vatrunin Vladimir

Vladimir Vatrunin's book is considered cult and is recommended in many yachting schools as a valuable guide for owners of motor and sailing yachts.

In fact, the publication is a coastal course translated into understandable language in the educational systems of yacht schools - IYT and RYA.

"Wind Strategy" by David Houghton, Fiona Campbell

This book is considered a reference book for more than one generation of yachtsmen.

From it you can glean knowledge of the fundamental principles of participation in competitions at various levels.

The peculiarity of the publication is that the authors avoided using mathematical equations, and the wind parameters in the book are presented in the form of models, which can be simply superimposed on a specific situation.

"Theory of sailing", Markhai Czeslaw

The author of the book is the famous Polish yachtsman Czeslaw Markhi, who is a very serious explorer for his time.

The book was published in 1963 and it is difficult to find it on sale today. provides a wealth of theoretical knowledge on sailing, with practical examples and illustrations.

The book "Theory of Sailing" is suitable for those who wish to expand their knowledge of sailing and strive to achieve the pinnacle of skill in this matter.

"How to arrange life and food on a sailing yacht", Lin Hardy, Larry Parley

The book is a collection of practical tips and tricks for preparing for a yacht trip, choosing products and yachting clothing, setting up everyday life, etc.

The book, which has already become a world bestseller, is easy to read and has been translated into several languages of the world.

From it you will learn many useful tips on how to live at sea on a yacht.

“Marine navigation. A Practical Guide for Yachtsmen ", Sergey Akatiev

The book describes the work experience of Oleg Goncharenko, the owner of an international yachting school, a man who has been in love with the sea from an early age and has chosen yachting as a hobby, business and lifestyle.

After reading this edition, you will learn a lot from the practice of yachtsmen training, the book is perfect for both experienced skippers and novice yachtsmen.

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