Secrets of organizing the perfect corporate regatta
Denis Korablev
  • 10.11.2020
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Secrets of organizing the perfect corporate regatta

Corporate sailing regattas are a great way to organize sports team building. Taking part in corporate regattas, yachtsmen get the opportunity to try themselves in a new role, to feel vivid impressions, and for the organizers this event is a effective way to increase employee loyalty. During the regatta, employees constantly interact with each other, working in a team and being carried away by the race. The sailing regatta allows participants to experience the special mood of a sporting event, friendly support and team spirit.

A sports corporate party on the water has recently become a very popular format for organizing recreation, providing an opportunity to experience excitement, swim and spend time with benefit in nature. Holding a corporate party in the format of a sailing regatta is an opportunity for its participants to receive incredible emotions with a not too expensive budget.

When organizing a corporate regatta, the following goals are set:

  • Employees gaining new knowledge and skills that help them in their work;
  • Development of valuable qualities, for example, responsibility and the ability to make quick decisions in critical situations;
  • Improving the company's image and motivating employees;
  • Awarding the best participants of the event.

Corporate regattas are held on small yachts with a capacity of up to 5 people each. Any place can be chosen as a venue for a sporting event, from a simple pier to a yacht club with premium service. A significant advantage of any corporate regatta is the opportunity to hold outdoor events, while participants can be divided into activity zones, for example, one part of them compete on yachts, and the other takes part in a barbecue tournament or is engaged in another activity. Also, the regatta can be organized in the quest format.

Organizing a corporate regatta is a whole art, and for this it is necessary to know special secrets, which are known to those who regularly engage in such events.

Competition format

One of the main conditions for organizing a good yacht regatta is the choice of a suitable format. The event can take place in a short dynamic format within a few hours and can be organized even after work. Or you can go to another region for the whole weekend and go yachting there.

If you want to devote a week or more to sailing, you should think about organizing a corporate regatta in Greece, Croatia or Turkey. Depending on your capabilities and goals, the format of the event may change. It is also worth deciding which should be more: sports spirit or relaxation and parties?

The most popular locations for organizing corporate regattas on sailing yachts are countries located on the Mediterranean coast - Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Turkey, etc. The most developed infrastructure for organizing yachting holidays in Italy and Croatia, here is the most extensive network of marinas and the longest coast with a large number of islands, which allows you to plan a variety of routes.

In addition, the islands of the Caribbean are interesting - Barbados, San Martin, Saint Barth, British Virgin Islands, Antigua. Due to the possibility of holding the regatta in the autumn-winter period and the exotic nature of the local nature, this region is especially attractive for regattas.

Load Scheduling

Another condition for organizing a fruitful corporate holiday is the correct assessment of the strength of employees or partners participating in the event. Traveling too long during the day and difficult distances can exhaust the participants to such an extent that by the end of the day they will no longer want to talk to each other or participate in the party. As a result, the event for them will simply be spoiled. However, if employees of your company are fond of sports and prefer active recreation, then on the contrary, they will appreciate that the regatta will be a test of their capabilities.

Reliable skippers

If you do not have proven skippers in the company, you will need the help of professionals who are ready to take control of the yacht and take responsibility for the crew during the regatta.

Experienced skippers must be able to approach different people and understand the difference between sports and corporate regattas. The selection of experienced and reliable skippers is a guarantee of safety and good mood in the team.

Interesting program

A corporate regatta is started for the sake of getting emotions and new impressions, and the more there are, the better. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully think over the regatta route and schedule, the best indicator is when the participants want to participate in the event again, and not forget about it as a bad experience.

Modern Yachts

For beginner yachtsmen, it is not so important how technically perfect the vessel is, but even beginners feel better on easy-to-navigate yachts that quickly pick up speed. It is preferable to match identical yachts for all participants in order to record the results after finishing. In addition, if taken from yacht rental are used and the participants will have to live on them during the competition - you should pay attention on their equipment from the point of view of everyday life.

Panel of judges

When planning to hold real sports competitions, it is imperative to involve the panel of judges in them. They should be experienced professionals who are impeccably versed in the rules of sailing races and avoid misunderstandings, mistakes and conflicts.

Music score

With the help of music, you can create the desired atmosphere and set the tone for the entire event. This is especially true if the musicians are playing or singing live. It is necessary to take into account the age and preferences of the regatta participants, adjust the volume and select suitable compositions for each occasion, for example, a leisurely background can be used when gathering guests, and solemn music can be used during the awards ceremony.

Food and alcohol

After participating in the races, rarely does anyone refuse a gala dinner or a buffet table. Delicious food cheers up, relieves fatigue, but you need to be careful with alcohol, otherwise the next day you may miss many participants at the start.

Event branding

An important point in the organization of any corporate regatta is the application of branding on yachts, flags, awards, T-shirts, baseball caps, etc. Branding should not be overlooked, as it is the thematic images that employees will associate with your company. A full-time photographer can provide professional support for the event and capture the brightest moments.

Nice gifts

Valuable prizes are pleasant not only for children, but also for adults who enjoy their victories no less. Cups and medals is an indispensable attribute of a sporting event in which everyone wants to feel like a champion and grab their slice of glory.

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