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The history of the Italian brand Pershing begins in 1981 with the creation of a private shipyard by yachtsmen and entrepreneurs Tilly Antonelli, Fausto Filippetti and Giuliano Honori. The concept and brand name was formed after the addition of Fulvio De Simoni - Pershing, which is associated with rocket, speed and maneuverability. This corresponded to the first 45 model in 1985, so it was successful.

Joining the Ferretti Group allowed to expand research, develop and introduce innovative methods of construction. In 2012, the Chinese SHIG-Weichai Group acquires a stake in the Ferretti Group, which provides financial support and new markets.

Yachts from 14 to 35 meters long are produced in Mondolfo on an area of 53 thousand square meters, and superyachts 115 and 140 models are produced at the shipyard in Ancona, designed for such construction. The Pershing lineup includes eight high-speed sports yachts and superyachts from 16 to 43 meters long, made in composite and aluminum hulls.

The brand’s particularity is its high speeds, so the captain can be called a pilot, like on racing cars. All yachts are characterized by stability, lack of vibration, perfect control and safety.

Installed propulsion systems with partially immersed propellers and water jets allow speeds of up to 40-50 knots. Fleet's flagship - Pershing 140 43-meter superyacht with four 2,600-MTU MTU engines and with a maximum speed of 38 knots.

Pershing announced the launch of a new project, the first yacht of which will be officially presented at an exhibition in Dusseldorf in 2020. It is envisaged to preserve the brand design, increase the space and internal volumes on board, improve navigation comfort and ease of use.

The company has dealers and service centers around the world. Help and support are provided anywhere in the world by the Ferretti Group team: a network of spare parts warehouses, round-the-clock consultation on all issues, crew training and provision, warranty and post-warranty service.

Yacht models

X Series

Length 16.51 m2 Cabins12 Passengers
new from $ 1 089 002
Length 25.55 m4 Cabins16 Passengers
Length 28.09 m4 Cabins20 Passengers
new from $ 8 853 321

Motor Yachts

Length 18.94 m3 Cabins14 Passengers
new from $ 2 242 698
Length 22.66 m3 Cabins16 Passengers
new from $ 3 612 038
Length 32.81 m4 Cabins20 Passengers
new from $ 14 717 707
Length 43.30 m5 Cabins20 Passengers
new from $ 36 551 667

Discontinued production models

Length 15.23 m3 Cabins7 Passengers
Length 15.83 m3 Cabins12 Passengers
Length 15.83 m3 Cabins12 Passengers2014 - 2016
Length 17.60 m3 Cabins6 Passengers
Length 18.00 m3 Cabins14 Passengers2010 - 2011
Length 20.04 m3 Cabins16 Passengers2008 - 2015
Length 21.44 m3 Cabins16 Passengers
Length 22.26 m3 Cabins16 Passengers2010 - 2014
Length 24.42 m4 Cabins8 Passengers
Length 24.50 m4 Cabins16 Passengers2010 - 2014
Length 24.98 m4 Cabins16 Passengers
Length 27.00 m4 Cabins12 Passengers
Length 27.42 m4 Cabins16 Passengers2006 - 2009
Length 27.43 m4 Cabins10 Passengers
Length 27.96 m4 Cabins20 Passengers2013 - 2017
Length 35.37 m4 Cabins22 Passengers2004 - 2010

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