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Mahon is known for one of the most ideal natural harbors. And thanks to this, this place can retain its natural charm, at least for the moment, infrastructure development projects are minimized. Indeed, when you arrive in the city of Mahon, you will immediately be enchanted by its lush and green landscape.

Mahon definitely has everything you would expect from a top yacht tourism destination, and if you are looking for an authentic holiday in Spain, Mahon yacht charter is definitely the best choice. For a comfortable stay, 2yachts offers the best rental options in the region.

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This idyllic port town is an important and popular destination for experienced sailors and charterers yacht that regularly conduct their yacht vacation in the Mediterranean. Mahon is located on the eastern side of the coast of the island of Menorca in the Balearic Islands region of Spain. It is about 20 kilometers from the north-east side of Cap d'en Font and about 35 kilometers from the south-eastern part of the Cala Galda.

Mahon considered old Spanish town, which was inhabited in the second century. Currently, this idyllic city is a popular destination for lovers of yachting from around the world.

The city of Mahon has a global distinction due to the presence of one of the most ideal natural harbors. And because of this, this place of rest can preserve its natural charm, as development projects have been minimized. Indeed, when you arrive on the island and en route to the city of Mahon, you will immediately be fascinated by its lush and green landscape.

Mahon definitely has everything you expect from a top tourist destination, and if you are looking for an authentic Menorca vacation, Spain is certainly the best choice. Mahon's other well-known assets are its diverse shops and restaurants. Therefore, it is important that you spend some time exploring the main area of this ancient city. Of course, you should also include several important historical structures and archaeological sites in your daily itinerary if you want to explore and learn about the prehistoric activities in this ancient city.

Just like Fuertevertura and Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Corfu and Crete in Greece, as well as in Mallorca and Ibiza in the Balearic Islands, the city of Mahon is a popular destination for lovers of superyachts and yacht charter from Europe. This bustling port city has an ancient fortification and several impressive structures that reflect a legendary and rich history.

Attractions in Mahon

The city of Mahon, the capital of the island of Menorca, is an important port of call for experienced sailors and yacht charter lovers, and most of them often visit restaurants and other restaurants and cafes located in the city harbor.

The character of the city is usually calm and boasts several English houses, indicating strong British influence and noisy residential neighborhoods. In addition to exciting events along the harbor and fun activities on the beach, Mahon is also famous for other important attractions.

Popular attractions and important destinations in Mahon include the Golden Farm, which was once used by Admiral Lord Nelson, the Xoriguer Distillery, the iconic Minorcan gin using the centuries-old distillation process, and the famous huge organ housed in the Church of Santa Maria- la major.

Indeed, you should point the bow of your rented yacht towards this idyllic old Mediterranean town. Lovers of rental yachts and tourists who spend their holidays aboard a luxury yacht should take a couple of days to explore and discover the treasures of Mahon.