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The best time of the year to visit San Antonio Abad is the summer season. The tourist season opens in April and lasts until the end of October. April and May are quieter and off-season months with lower accommodation prices. This can be a great time to visit for couples. June to August is much busier and more expensive. The weather at this time is the hottest and sunniest. Temperatures are mild during the winter months, but much of San Antonio Abad shuts down completely.

So that you can relax comfortably, 2yachts offers profitable options for yacht charter in San Antonio Abad according to your requests and wishes. On a pleasure boat, you can leisurely explore the cozy harbors and relax on the beaches, moving between the islands, as well as enjoy fishing, snorkeling and other types of entertainment.

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Catamaran island travel is another popular experience in Ibiza. Coming out of San Antonio, you will cruise on a magnificent catamaran and stop on different beaches of the island. Travel companies provide snorkeling equipment so you can see fish swimming in the beautiful clear water around you. You can also rent a catamaran for a private, single day sailing.

The sunsets that can be seen from a boat in San Antonio Bay are some of the best. A sunset cruise is a fun and beautiful way to spend an evening on the island . Rent a boat on your own or go on a group tour to get this wonderful experience.

Speed boat tours are a popular choice for travelers in Ibiza. You can explore some of the bays around the island, stop for snorkeling and rush further along the bay surrounding Sant Antoni.

Ibiza is all about entertainment, so there is no dearth of choice in water sports. Jet ski rentals, scuba diving, parasailing and banana rides are just some of the options . Clear, calm water makes it a great place for beginner divers. Your diving teacher knows quiet places where there are many untouched marine life where you can go.

Parasailing is an exciting adventure in Ibiza. You can fly on a parachute attached to the back of the boat, travel around the bay and enjoy the beauty of the island from the air. Surfing, windsurfing and kayaking have become popular with tourists on the island. You can take a lesson or rent equipment for a fun day at sea.

Boating Activities in San Antonio

In April, the White Island Classics sailing regatta arrives in Ibiza. This is a sailing competition in which magnificent yachts appear in Ibiza and Formentera. At this time, the "village of regattas" is being created, where various events and entertainments are held. This is a great event if you want to avoid crowds of tourists, because at this time of the year the island is much calmer than at the height of summer.

The most important thing in San Antonio is getting to know the nightlife . Clubs and bars are open until the early hours of the morning. The West End is a place in the city with many bars and small clubs that are great for dancing if you don't want to pay a big price for visiting megaclubs. Some of the most famous are Amnesia, Privilege, Gatecrasher, and DC-10.

When you go for a walk in San Antonio, you should definitely walk past the Passeig de ses Fonts. Here you will see beautiful fountains and many restaurants with outdoor seating. This is a great place to eat or drink. You will also have a beautiful view of the boats entering and leaving the harbor.

The landmark San Antonio is the sculpture of the Eggs at the roundabout in the city center. This is a good meeting place for groups that split up for the night.

About Sant Anthony de Portmany

San Antonio de Portmany, also known as San Antonio, is a city on the west coast of Ibiza. It is one of the largest and club cities in the world. Most visitors are young British clubbers, they are becoming increasingly popular among visitors from all over the world. Famous nightclub DJs gather crowds of young guests .

Ibiza is part of the Balearic Islands of Spain. This is a small island located in the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, with magnificent natural features and vibrant beaches.

The best time of the year to visit San Antonio is the summer season . The tourist season opens in April and lasts until the end of October. April and May are calmer months that start out of season, with lower room prices. This can be a great time for couples to visit. From June to August, it is much livelier and more expensive. The weather at this time is the hottest and sunny. During the winter months the temperature is mild, but most of San Antonio is completely turned off.