The best sailing simulators
Denis Korablev
  • 20.09.2021
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The best sailing simulators

About the benefits of simulators, no matter what area they concern, there are often heated debates among fans and opponents of virtual learning. Of course, it is difficult to call the winner in "shooting games" a real warrior, driving a virtual car will not replace the realities of the road, it is strange to consider the winner of virtual sailing races an experienced captain.

On the other hand, modern technologies are able to simulate quite realistic situations being on a virtual battlefield, driving a computer car, and sailing a virtual yacht.

It all depends on the degree of perception and involvement in the game of each student. As for the beginning sailors, virtual simulators are a good alternative to hands-on training. A yacht is too expensive a toy for inexperienced hands. Simulators, at least, give theoretical knowledge to gain a foothold. Specialists 2yachts in this article are the best yachting simulators.


When Richard Nohl was developing his game, he made every effort to ensure that the participants of the virtual sailing regatta could live it as in reality. The computerized sailing race takes place in real time, and it will take weeks or more to fly the Sailaway. True, a modern virtual yacht is equipped with an autopilot, and having set the course, you can go about your current business. The program periodically sends reports about what is happening during the race in offline mode. The control of the yacht must be constant, the simulator uses very realistic navigation. Getting a virtual sailing ship into a virtual storm happens a lot.

The good thing about the game is that it has several modes, and beginners can hone their knowledge of yacht sailing skills while learning how sailing ships work.

Sail Simulator

This simulator is good because the player can choose a sailing yacht (Laser or Bavaria36), at his own discretion, the player can set the weather parameters himself, adjusting both the strength of the wind and the height of the waves. Virtual workouts from easy to difficult, makes learning pretty decent. In addition, the ability to complete the team (from one to seven), teaches to work with different crews. Sound accompaniment, realistically imitating even the creak of the mast or the sound of the winch handle turning, with excellent graphics, gives an incredible feeling of being at the race.

Virtual regatta

For those who want to feel like a participant in virtual races and compete for one of the countries, the Virtual regatta simulator is just right. Before starting to sail one of the sailing trimaran, the yachtsman undergoes training at the sailing school, where they learn the basics of yacht sailing. The student does not need to control the actions of the crew and tune the sails, but he will have to learn how to catch the wind, take a position on the start line, make maneuvers when bending around signs at distances, while watching the opponents, while assessing their actions.

The simulator has the modes of coastal and offshore races, and all results are displayed in the general table of declared participants.

Virtual Skipper

The fact that the sailing simulator Virtual Skipper is deservedly popular is already the fifth version of this game. The details, perfectly worked out by the developers, make the virtual version of the well-known famous America's Cup regatta very realistic. Changing weather conditions, against the backdrop of quite realistic yachts and waves, create the effect of complete presence. The player controls the crew and fights against the opponent, overcoming squalls and storms.

VR Regatta

The best technology and graphics that create a full sense of reality - that's what the VR Regatta simulator has incorporated. The simulator allows you to become the skipper of the yacht chosen by the player himself, to decide for himself whether to become a member of the regatta or go on a cruise. With three difficulty modes, the game gives the player the right to choose the training option. In addition to vivid graphics with the landscapes of the Caribbean Gulf, VR Regatta offers to significantly improve practical English during the game, learning and memorizing common nautical terms along the way. The simulator theoretically teaches you to better understand the structure of the yacht, the ability to work with the crew, set up the sails, navigation.

Of course, virtual yachting will not be able to replace the real romance of the sea, will not be able to give a feeling of spaciousness and freshness of the open sea, a computer yachtsman will not be able to feel the emotions of a real sailing race. At the same time, to remain a couch skipper or take a yacht for rent and become a real sailor, learning real marine science, this is the right everyone's choice.