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From Crikvenica, not far from the central part of the country, Istria. Here you can rent a car to have fun with your family (friends), or rent a yacht in Crikvenica to take a sea trip, get to know the local culture and taste Croatian wines.

We can offer profitable options for yacht charter in Crikvenica, choosing which you can plan your vacation without overpaying. Choose 2yachts for an unforgettable vacation on the Adriatic coast!

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Crikvenica is a small town on the coast of the Kvarner Bay in the Adriatic Sea with streets stretching along the slope. On the waterfront there are many shops with clothes, souvenirs and jewelry shops. Along the promenade is a strip of the park, beaches and sidewalk.

Yacht Charter in Crikvenica

Motor and sailing yachts are available for rent on our website - a list of available yacht charter offers in Crikvenica can be obtained by contacting the search engine of our website. Just enter the required criteria, and the electronic catalog will choose the most profitable options for you. Yacht charter in Crikvenica is your chance to visit the ancient city with its beaches, intricate streets and well-kept villas.

The city has the title of one of the sunniest resorts in Europe. In Crikvenica, the horizon is closed by the island of Krk, on the western side of which forests and tourist complexes are located. The beaches are 8 km long and have the Blue Flag award. The island of Krk is connected to the mainland by a bridge that is unparalleled in size in Croatia. The island of Krk has magnificent sand and pebble beaches, bays with blue water, as well as dense forests, vineyards.

The climate in Crikvenica is Mediterranean, with the opening of the swimming season in June, with a peak period in July and August. May and September are not comfortable for swimming, although at this time you can do sightseeing.

Unforgettable vacation

In Crikvenica there is a paid Aquarium, the entrance to which will cost several tens of kunas. You can visit the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in which there is a monastery, converted into a hotel today. The walking area of Crikvenica offers evening walks along the sea , choosing a suitable restaurant along the way.

There are many hotels in Crikvenica, and they are located mainly on the promenade. The houses in the city are well-groomed, there are a lot of trees and colorful flower beds on the promenade. There are many restaurants and cafes along the entire promenade, some of which have excellent views of the bay.

Natural beauty, beaches and a warm climate contributed to the establishment of tourism in Crikvenica. Now there is infrastructure for recreation, including on a yacht.

On the central promenade is the amusement park "Adrenaline Park Crikvenica" (Milovana Muževićeva Street) with a paintball field, adrenaline tracks, a trampoline, table tennis tables and an adrenaline bar. Here you can test your strength by moving from tree to tree, move along suspension bridges and other types of interesting platforms.

Local beaches are pebble and rocky, the sea is azure in color with clear water . The beaches are equipped with changing cabins, some with showers. The beaches of the city are mostly free, additional services are provided: rental of catamarans, rental of umbrellas, children's game attractions, massage, etc. Due to the presence on the beaches of various types of children's entertainment, you can have a good time with children, playing with the ball or doing water sports. There is a paid sandy beach, which is open until 20:00. There is everything you need for outdoor activities: bars, pizzeria, massage, toilets, playgrounds for the very young and the soul. Around the trees, so that there is always a shadow. Here you can play beach volleyball or play table tennis. The city is also located Dog-friendly beach where you can relax with your pets.

You can go fishing in the village of Tribalj (5 minutes drive from Crikvenice), where there is a lake with beautiful views of the old castle. Here is annually held the tournament of Europe for the title of best fisherman.

You can also go on a hiking trail, passing half a kilometer from the old city. Here you will relax in the shade of trees, appreciate the picturesque view of the river and the mountain valley. Time in a walk takes you 1.5 hours.

From Crikvenica, not far to the central part of the country, Istria. You can rent a car to have fun with your family (friends) or rent a yacht in Crikvenica to go on a trip by sea, get to know the local culture and taste Croatian wines. We can offer profitable yacht charter options in Crikvenica , when choosing which you can plan your vacation and not overpay at the same time. Choose 2yachts for an unforgettable vacation on the Adriatic!