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Omis is a quiet, cozy town with many attractions. First of all, it is worth visiting the Church of St. Michael, the fortresses of Mirabella and Stari Gradi, as well as the local Dinopark, which has a mass of entertainment for adults and children. The boat port can accommodate a large number of yachts, and many attractions can be seen on the waterfront.

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Omiš, Croatia
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Omis yacht charter - this is your unique opportunity to plunge into the life of medieval Croatia, visit the favorite beaches of tourists and see the picturesque views of the Adriatic coast. Omis is famous for its mountain landscapes, pristine beaches and medieval buildings.

Omis is a medieval city located at the mouth of the Cetina River. In the Middle Ages, Omis was a fortress and a haven for local pirates . Near Omis are the Adriatic cities such as Split (25 km) and Makarska (30 km). On the site of Omis in the Middle Ages there was a settlement called Oneon. In the 16th century, the city was a basement under the influence of Venice, from the end of the 18th century the city belonged to the Austrian state.

Omis is a quiet, cozy town with many attractions. First of all, it is worth visiting the church of St. Michael, the Mirabella and Stari Gradi fortresses, as well as the local Dinopark, where there is plenty of entertainment for adults and children . The boat port can accommodate a large number of yachts, and on the promenade you can see many attractions.

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In the old town, the Stari Grad fortress with a square tower and dilapidated walls has been preserved. It is also worth looking at the Mirabella Tower, which serves as a reminder of the city’s pirate past. The tower offers magnificent views of the surroundings . The old city is simply magnificent with its narrow streets, stairs, arches, sometimes turning into a real maze.

In addition to ancient monuments, in Omis it is worth visiting sandy and small-pebble beaches - you can rent a catamaran, an umbrella or a sunbed. The beaches stretch for 35 km, and here you should also visit the beaches of the nearby villages - Mimice, Marushichi, Nemira and others. The city beach of Punta has an extensive range of entertainment for tourists, it is equipped with showers, changing cabins and there is also a cafe and a playground. On the beach you don’t need slippers, because the sand is large and not prickly. There are not as many people on the beach as on other beaches in Croatia. Omis is a place for solitary relaxation alone or with family.

There are rapids on the Cetina River, so you can go rafting here .

Omis has an unrecognized status of a restaurant city - there is where to gourmand. To this end, you can visit the local market teeming with farm products. You can also successfully practice water polo, beach volleyball in Omis, rent a catamaran or a yacht. Near the central beach a large selection of hotels.

For fresh seafood you can head to the local market, the choice of which is truly huge.

The coastal areas offer magnificent views of the canyon and the Cetina River.

Yacht Charter in Omis

Charter a yacht in Omis and you will feel the charm of a boat trip in the vicinity of the medieval city, try the local cuisine and enjoy the magnificent scenery. Renting a yacht in Omis at a cost is approximately equal to the cost of living in a hotel, the only advantage is that you can take a look at the city from the sea, and your impressions will more than pay off. Embark on a sea voyage - explore the flora and fauna of the nearby islands, as well as engage in real sea fishing - you have a fun holiday!

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