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Porec has a magnificent promenade with breathtaking views of the nearby islands, and the coast in this area is indented by numerous lagoons of emerald water. There are many temples in the city, there are medieval fortress walls and towers. Many buildings here are built on the foundations of ancient Roman buildings.

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Yacht Charter in Porec is a good way to get acquainted with the culture of the ancient city, visit local recreation centers and go for beautiful views of the nearby islands. Since 1997, the small town of Porec in Croatia has the status of a cultural monument of world significance, assigned to it by UNESCO. The city is famous for its beautiful views and outstanding cultural and historical heritage, there are many attractions and well-developed infrastructure.

Yacht Charter in Porec

For a very reasonable amount, renting a yacht in Porec , you can go on a journey of your dreams. Our site will help you figure out the search for suitable offers. You can choose yacht rental options depending on what the rental period and price are, the total trip budget, you are planning to rent a boat with or without a captain, rent a whole yacht or a separate cabin.

About city

There is a magnificent promenade in Porec with breathtaking views of the nearby islands, and the coast in this area is riddled with numerous lagoons with emerald water. The city has many temples, there are medieval walls and towers. Many buildings here are built on the foundations of ancient Roman buildings . It is worth looking at the Euphrasian Basilica with slender marble columns, which has several naves, an atrium and a baptismal site. The basilica was built in the 6th century and is richly decorated with Byzantine mosaics depicting clergy and saints.

The first walls in Porec were built by the Romans, and the configuration of the streets repeats the outlines of the ancient Roman fortress. In the historical part, you can visit the ruins of the North Tower, next to which there are fragments of ancient city fortifications . On the street Decamunas is a Gothic tower of a pentagonal shape, which is part of the ancient city fortifications.

Fans of museum exhibits can look into the museum of history with exhibitions of paintings, ancient collections of ceramics, medieval sculptures and historically significant documents .

The largest city square is Marafor, on which are located the Big Temple, the Martha Temple, the Temple of Neptune and the remains of the Roman Forum. In the old part of the city you can sit in cozy squares with centuries-old pine trees.

When visiting the old city of ancient times, go to one of the many souvenir shops - there is plenty to choose from. Near the marina is a market where clothes, food and souvenirs (magnets with symbols, shells, etc.) are sold. General impression of the city: it is clean, comfortable and beautiful. There are many restaurants, cafes and shops on the promenade and pedestrian streets. Many people come here to improve their health, some are interested in cultural attractions, and some go to Porec for spectacular sea views.


Local beaches are mostly rocky plateaus, there are also concrete platforms. Sea - with clean water, depending on the quality of the water, an assessment of the purity of the sea is available. Along the southern part of the city stretches the main city beach, offering a high level of service . The pebble beach Parentium is located next to the hotel of the same name, Borik beach is located next to the forest, and Brulo is spread half a meter in a picturesque bay near the village of the same name. If you plan to swim, do not rent housing in the historical center - it will be inconvenient to get to the beaches from here.


In Porec there are great opportunities for practicing various sports, including tennis courts, paths for cyclists, water centers with all kinds of entertainment: water skiing, bananas and jet ski rentals. And, of course, there is always fresh sea air, nourished by the smells of pine needles - you can relax on the gentle sandy beaches or dive from the rocks.

You can profitably rent a sailing or motor yacht of any class in Porec in order to go on a sea voyage. In Porec, vacationers are waiting for the clean Adriatic Sea with a picturesque coastline, cozy bays and beaches. Our customers can rent yachts in Porec with or without a captain. Renting a captain will cost much less, but then you will need international rights to manage a yacht in the waters of Croatia. The cost of yacht tours for today is quite affordable, and you can additionally save by renting only one cabin. Use one of our offers to go on an impressive sea trip alone or with a team of like-minded people!