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Yacht charter in Rovinj is a good opportunity to visit the best cities of Croatia and to see local sights from the sea, as well as to relax, having weaned for some time from the hustle and bustle. The water in the waters of the Adriatic in this area has a blue-green color, and transparency allows you to see fish and swaying algae, even at a depth of more than 5 meters.

  • 2020
  • Length 5.45 m
$ 276
per day
12:08 04.07.2020
  • 2012
  • Length 13.81 m
$ 1 835
per day
08:32 10.04.2020
Beneteau Antares 36
Rovinj, Croatia
  • 2019
  • Length 10.32 m
  • Beam 3.80 m
  • Draft 0.90 m
$ 821
per day
09:05 27.03.2020
  • 1971
  • Length 20.00 m
$ 2 047
per day
06:00 22.02.2020
  • 1993
  • Length 7.40 m
$ 918
per day
20:35 22.01.2020
  • 1991
  • Length 5.79 m
  • Beam 1.65 m
  • Draft 0.27 m
$ 459
per day
10:10 03.11.2019
  • 2004
  • Length 10.00 m
  • Beam 3.45 m
  • Draft 1.90 m
$ 688
per day
10:09 03.11.2019
  • 2011
  • Length 12.85 m
$ 2 110
per day
09:53 03.11.2019
  • 1972
  • Length 6.50 m
$ 172
per day
03:14 07.09.2019
fisher — 20 (2018)
Rovinj, Croatia
  • 2018
  • Length 6.00 m
$ 367
per day
21:50 31.08.2019
  • 1990
  • Length 10.20 m
$ 459
per day
22:00 23.08.2019
  • 2018
  • Length 10.52 m
  • Beam 3.21 m
  • Draft 0.86 m
$ 814
per day
22:23 07.08.2019
  • 2019
  • Length 5.50 m
$ 195
per day
19:20 03.08.2019
fisher — 17 (2017)
Rovinj, Croatia
  • 2017
  • Length 5.00 m
$ 275
per day
03:30 19.07.2019
180 Sundeck Tiburon
Rovinj, Croatia
  • 2005
  • Length 5.50 m
  • Beam 1.75 m
  • Draft 0.40 m
$ 207
per day
03:19 19.07.2019
  • 2017
$ 183
per day
21:56 18.06.2019
  • 1993
  • Length 14.00 m
$ 2 294
per day
21:49 30.05.2019
  • 1970
  • Length 9.50 m
  • Beam 3.00 m
  • Draft 0.75 m
$ 917
per day
04:14 08.05.2019
  • 2006
  • Length 12.40 m
$ 1 376
per day
04:09 08.05.2019
Sea Ray wolf 27
Rovinj, Croatia
  • 1995
  • Length 8.23 m
  • Beam 2.65 m
$ 917
per day
04:09 08.05.2019

Yacht Charter in Rovinj (Croatia)

You can rent a yacht in Rovinj for a day or a week, choosing from the available types of yachts, and if necessary, use the services of a skipper. Using the services of our website, you can see all the yachts available on a specific date, as well as clarify all the nuances that accompany the rental of yachts in Rovinj .

Rovinj is the most beautiful city in Croatia, living its atmosphere of the Middle Ages. The city is located on the Istrian peninsula and the islands forming a large archipelago. Stunning views of Rovinj from the water open, the Adriatic coast in this area is rich in picturesque landscapes. Tourists come to Rovinj to get acquainted with the Venetian architecture of buildings, wander through the narrow streets, plunged into the atmosphere of the Old Town and meet the sunset on the beach.

Rovinj has a favorable geographical position and has changed hands more than once - at different times in history, the Byzantines, then the French, then Germans, and then Austro-Hungarians ruled here. Powerful walls with towers and 7 gates were built on the peninsula to protect against attack. The Church of St. Euthymius, located on a hill, is visible from all corners of the city and from the open sea, and breathtaking views from the observation deck to city attractions and the coast. The Church of St. Euthymius is located in the center of the oval peninsula, which is the historical center of the city. The peninsula is connected to the mainland by a jumper (until the 18th century it was a separate island), on one side of which is the main square of the city (Marshal Tito Square) with the town hall, on the other side there is a local market. On Tito Square, there is the Palazzo Califfi Palace, made in the ancient Renaissance style. The palace houses a museum of the city of Rovinj.

Cozy stone-paved streets lead past houses with shutters on the windows, which have become one of the symbols of the city. The main attractions are in the old city - this is the chapel of the Holy Trinity (the oldest building preserved on the territory of Rovinj), the town hall, the hospital, the already mentioned St. Euthymius Cathedral and the Kaliffi Palace, etc.

What to eat

Rovinj is an old fishing port, and fresh seafood is still harvested here. You can taste the dishes of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine in the local restaurants, the choice of which is impressive. Among the products traditional for these places, wine, olive oil, and truffles stand out.

Rovinj is considered the leading city of Croatia for tourism, and you can experience this by tasting fast food, Italian pizzerias, restaurants with expensive wines and visiting attractions, some of which are local beaches.


The beaches of Rovinj are mostly small-pebble or rocky, nudist beaches are concentrated in many of them. The boundaries between ordinary beaches and nudist are not always clearly traced, keep this in mind when planning a joint holiday with children . Scaraba - a rocky beach within walking distance from the center, Monte Beach - a rocky beach near the Church of St. Euthymius, Lone Bay - the most popular beach in Rovinj near the forest.


The climate in Rovinj is Mediterranean, with warm and humid winters and hot summers. The water temperature in summer does not drop below 22 degrees Celsius.

Yacht Charter in Rovinj

You can choose the option of renting a yacht in Rovinj that suits you in terms of cost, duration and other conditions on our website. One of the main factors when choosing a yacht is the year of manufacture and size. Depends on the year of release how high the likelihood of emergencies on board and the overall safety of navigation. When choosing the size of the yacht take into account how many people go and how comfortable you want to spend time at sea.

With little driving experience, renting a yacht in Rovinj with a skipper is the best option. So you can enjoy the rest, entrusting the business to a professional and get an unforgettable experience with maximum security.