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Besides its historical and natural beauty, Vela Luka is also a favorite for travel lovers with a visit to the cosmopolitan clubs and glamorous hotels along the coast.

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Occupying an irregular shaped bay in the western part of the island, Vela Luka is the island's main port for car ferries in Split and Lastovo. Founded by the inhabitants of Blato for the export of wine and oil, Vela Luka does not have an old medieval appearance, like the city of Korcula, but a number of its 19th-century houses with sea views, bordering palm trees and lawns, are as beautiful as any houses in Dalmatia . As in Blato, the streets of Vela Luka have no names, but are instead numbered.

Where to go in Vela Luka

Museum collections of the cultural center Vela Luka

In this joint archaeological collection and art museum there are finds from the neighboring Vela Spila, inhabited in the Neolithic era. Summer art exhibitions often exhibit sophisticated works by contemporary Croatian artists.

Hill hum

At the end of a winding road that runs through groves north-east of Vela Luka, Hum Hill is crowned by the abandoned Habsburg Fortress. It is not difficult to understand why they fortified this place. It offers breathtaking views of the sea approaches to Vela Luka, with the island of Lastovo in the south and the long gray island of Hvar in the north.

Vela Spila

Among the olive groves above the city is hidden Vela Spila ("The Great Cave"), a gaping limestone hollow with access to the sea and two large openings on the roof, creating an eerie atmospheric play of light. Inhabited since the Stone Age, the cave is the earliest known dwelling of modern people on the Adriatic and is a major center for archaeological research. Coordinated by a local museum and an international team led by the University of Cambridge. Fragments of ceramic cult objects found here in recent years have caused a sensation in archaeological circles - they are supposedly about 17,500 years old, they are believed to be the earliest examples of clay craftsmanship in Europe. Visitors can peer into the excavation trenches and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of discovery in the style of Indiana Jones, although there are no museum exhibits in the cave. A dumb brown stone marks the spot where Stanko was discovered a decade ago, a skeleton 9,000 years old (one of the oldest human skeletons excavated on the Mediterranean coast). Vela Spila is a five-minute walk from the Vela Luka promenade.

Restaurant Konoba Mate

This popular family-run establishment is located near the main road of Korcula-Vela Luka in the village of Pupnat on a hillside. The ingredients are grown locally . So, Pršut ham is cooked in a smokehouse on the terraces; pastes (such as goat cheese ravioli) are rolled out by hand and dried in the sun, and lamb and pork are cooked under a lid of the pitch.

Restaurant Konoba Bata

If you are not a foreigner and not a fan of Dalmatian cuisine, then forget about the menu and arrange with the waiter. Before tourism, Vela Luka lived on fish, wine and olive oil, so his kitchen hides delicious secrets that are worth discovering. A pair of Veloluski, a type of brodetto, would be a good choice, but if you want to take no risks and try everything that the sea has to offer, then choose a dish of Bata fish.

Yacht Charter in Vela Luka

Your luxury rented yacht will take you to places with pristine natural beauty. In addition to its historical and natural beauty, Vela Luka has also become a favorite for travel lovers with visits to cosmopolitan clubs and glamorous hotels along the coast.

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