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Agde Marina is equipped for any maritime activity you can imagine. There are several 5-star centers here that are suitable for training if you want to dive underwater for the first time and embark on a wreck exploration adventure.

Our experts will be happy to help you arrange a yacht charter in Agda so that your vacation is memorable and enjoyable, without the hassle of finding the right yacht.

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Agde is a two-person city on the Languedoc coast in southwestern France. On the left bank of the Hero is the historical center, while Cap d'Agde by the sea is a place to relax, with beaches and entertainment for children and adults. Agd is also synonymous with nudism. From ancient times to the 18th century, Agde was one of the key trading ports of the Mediterranean. Find out about this at the Epheba Museum, which displays artifacts found in the area.

Gran Conque Beach - the most magnificent place in the resort will surprise you. It would seem out of nowhere - a volcanic beach in the shape of an ideal horseshoe with gray-black sand and small pebbles. The beach is located at the foot of the cliffs , which are divided into two parts on the south side, known as Les Deux Frères (two brothers). If the weather has settled, this is a convenient place for swimming: the sea is protected by these capes. When the weather is windy, on the beach you can watch the swirling surf run off the coast.

Museum de Ephebos - a spectacular underwater archaeological museum overlooking the harbor in Cap d'Agde, was opened in 1987 and consists of modern galleries around a traditional rural house . The local seabed is almost cluttered from shipwrecks. The objects found on them will inform you about the cultures and population of the city of those times. The museum owes its existence to only one thing, Ephebu d'Agde, a late Hellenistic bronze statue of a young man, possibly Alexander of Macedon. The statue was discovered in 1964 and was stored at the Louvre for many years, and then returned to Agde to become an exhibit of this museum.

The 12th-century Agde Cathedral looms on the left bank of the Hero. A tower with elements and battlements on the walls make it all look like a fortress , while building material, black volcanic basalt, enhances the sense of threat. This is no coincidence, because the cathedral served as a military fortress, and the walls were not just for demonstration, since they were two to three meters thick. The interior is sparse and austere, so several decor items catch your eye.

Get to know the amazing Baroque marble altar and magnificent 17th century organ.

Rest without limits

Rainy days are not frequent in Agde in the summer, but if the weather is getting worse, you can visit the Marine Aquarium with the kids. For children under 6 years old, the attraction is free, which is convenient, because it is they who will receive the maximum benefit. Well-lit aquariums show the colors and iridescent octopuses , seahorses, jellyfish and clown fish, so the kids will love it.

Nudist Village - the name "village" is a little misleading, because this resort on the remote northern border of Cap d'Agde is practically a city. It can accommodate 50,000 people at any time, and if you prefer to walk in what the mother gave birth, there are several places to relax. People come year after year from all over the world to stay at a campsite, chalet, apartment building or at one of three hotels served by a long sandy beach. There are shops, restaurants, night clubs and all kinds of entertainment.

Nudists have the best beach in the area : a long strip of soft sand surrounded by dunes and all the necessary amenities, such as lifeguard patrols and medical centers.

North of the lava field of Cap d'Agde, Beach du Molle is a more traditional beach. There is a sidewalk on the back that leads to restaurants and beach bars, and there is enough space on this sandy arc and small pebbles to relax in the sun. The beach is protected by two large breakwaters , which on clear days create pools of clean water. Many sunbathe on the narrow sandy spurs between the bays, which are washed by the sea.

If the Museum de Ephebos is dedicated to exciting urban archeology, the Agatois Museum has been exploring the smallest details of everyday life in Agde for centuries. Reconstructions of traditional houses and shops are carried out here, and with the help of large-scale models you will understand how the port grew after it was founded by the Phocians in the 6th century BC. You can get acquainted with the local dress and the exquisite lace hood that women still wear on holidays.

Old Agde is a twilight and tangled knot of tiny alleys and passages behind the cathedral and is just a few steps from the 1960s seaside resort. Many of the houses are built from the same black volcanic rock as the cathedral. Two hotels - Hôtel Malaval and Hôtel de Viguier-Guérin, are French historical monuments and date from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Rest on land

Luna Park, Ile de Loisir (leisure island) is located in the center of the Cap d'Agde lagoon at the marina. There are casinos, bars, restaurants and nightclubs, but Luna Park dominates the island, where admission is free and you pay for individual trips and entertainment. At the beginning of the evening, young families bring their kids to the slides , carousels and bouncy castles. Later, the park is filled when young people beat a slingshot with white knuckles and ride bungees.

The water park was opened in 2015 and has a number of inflatable ramps, bridges, climbing walls, trampolines, slides and swings, which is much more complicated than it seems.

When the surface gets wet, you can hardly stay on your feet, but the water is shallow and without currents , so there is no danger. Children aged six years can try to have fun for an hour.

Having traveled hundreds of kilometers in southwestern France, the Canal du Midi reaches its last stretch north of Agde. The UNESCO listed canal was an amazing facility designed by Louis XIV's construction engineer Pierre-Paul Riquet to help transport wine, silk, grain and many other goods made in Languedoc and Gascony. Built from local volcanic basalt, the Écluse Ronde (round castle) of 1676 is located at the site where the canal connects to the Hero. Its circular format allowed boats to sail with three different water levels - this is a unique engineering work that you will not see anywhere else.

Agda Marina is equipped for any marine activity you can imagine. We talked about shipwrecks earlier, and you can go down to some if you are an experienced diver. There are several 5-star centers that are suitable for training, if you want to swim for the first time under water or an experienced diver and go on an adventure to find what you need.