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Arcachon is known for its cozy bay, beautiful green spaces, small restaurants and bars on the beach, a lighthouse and dunes. So, a few kilometers from the city you will have the opportunity to climb the highest sand dune in Europe - the Pilat dune. Located in the southern part of the bay, it stretches several hundred meters wide and several kilometers long.

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Arcachon is located on the Atlantic coast of France. Like Biarritz, La Baule or even Royan, Arcachon is one of the most popular places for sea and tourist events. At the foot of Arcachon Hill there are many opportunities for lovers of marine entertainment. Twenty minutes from here you can also visit the city of Guan Mestras.

Port Arcachon with 2600 seats is the largest port in the bay. On our site you can find all offers for renting motor boats in Arcachon . Choose the type of boat that best suits your needs and sailing program. If you do not have a boat license, you can also rent boats with skippers. Take advantage of our best motor boat rental deals in Arcachon thanks to our professional rental partners in Arcachon.

Rent a boat and go sailing to discover the hidden wonders of the bay. Two unreachable features of Arcachon Bay are Ile de Malprath and Ile-o-Ouazo (bird island). These two places provide shelter for numerous protected animal species. Leaving the bay, you can appreciate the greatness of the sand dune “du Pilate” from the ocean. This is the most famous of the French sand dunes and the best view of it opens when viewed from the ocean. Opposite the dune is the equally famous sandy beach of Ban d'Argen.

The beauty of local nature

In Arcachon Bay, you will learn about local fishing and oyster farming methods that have been authentic for centuries. Surrounded by forest sand dunes, the bay offers calm waters , protected from the strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean, at much warmer and more suitable temperatures for swimming and practicing your favorite water sports. Just fifty kilometers from Bordeaux, Arcachon is a very popular destination among Bordeaux who love to run away all day or on a cozy weekend.

In the heart of the bay, equidistant from Arcachon and Cap Ferret, you will find the famous island of Birds and its “chunks” cabins. The island offers about fifty huts , located in the heart of five small quarters. Although Bird Island is inaccessible and very well preserved, it receives many visitors during the summer season due to its proximity to Arcachon and Le Cap-Ferret, two very popular sea resorts.

Rest on land

The city of Arcachon can also offer many surprises on land. With its beautiful green spaces, small restaurants and beach bars, its lighthouse and dunes ... You will also be amazed at the landscapes and activities that you can enjoy in Arcachon. A few kilometers from the city you will have the opportunity to climb the highest sand dune in Europe: the Pilate dune. Located in the southern part of the bay, it extends several hundred meters wide and several kilometers in length. Unusual events await you at the top of the dune. Some will enjoy skiing or snowboarding, while others will prefer to enjoy the view from the paraglider in the air.

Arcachon Harbor is one of the largest harbors in the entire Aquitaine region, so you will have a wide selection of private sailing or motor boats .

Owners who offer their boat for rent will be able to give you advice and recommendations on both the places you need to see and the routes. This shipping area at the entrance to the vast expanse of the ocean will give you wonders that you will enjoy on your rented boat. It is a calm and soothing pond where you will spend unforgettable time with friends or family.