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The best time to visit this region of France is summer. It is a resort town that comes alive from April to September. The winter months are very quiet and there is not much to do as it can be too cold for entertainment. The Gulf of Morbihan, which surrounds Arzon, is a great place for fishing and oysters.

If you want to experience an unforgettable vacation in one of the most beautiful places in Europe - the best way to do this is by taking a yacht charter in Arzon. This will allow you not only to look at this beautiful city from a unique perspective, but also to visit the best places in the region.

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Arzon - a municipality in the region of Brittany in northwest France. It is a classic French seaside town. Admire the large bays with bright blue water, classic houses and churches. Take a walk and you will see many boats sailing in the harbor and on the nearby coast. It is believed that it has the longest coastline in France, since it is located on the peninsula. You are never far from the sea, while you're in Arzon.

When is the best time to fly to Arzon?

The best time to visit this area of France is summer. It is a resort town that comes to life from April to September. The winter months are very quiet and there is little to be done, as it can be too cold for entertainment.

The nearest major airport is Nantes, an hour and a half drive from Arzon. You can also fly to nearby Lorient Airport and Rennes-Brittany Airport and take a car or catch a ferry to the port. Arzon is a five-hour drive from Paris.

Due to its small size, Arzon has only one marina, Port Croesty. This port has many magnificent boats moored at the berths, and there are restaurants and bars nearby where you can drop by and eat. It is also a good place to shop. Watch the sunset over the water and enjoy a pleasant evening while walking around the port. Staff can give you advice on where to ride a boat around Arzon to help you plan your perfect day.

During your stay in Arzon, you can take many wonderful walks to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city. For hiking, head to Ile d'Arz, an archipelago of islands. Spend a day strolling through these quiet islands and exploring a different lifestyle. This is a true look at the old French culture and how it feels to live in a sleepy seaside town.

An interesting attraction is Cairn du Petit Mont, an ancient monument located on a magnificent hill. Also visit the tomb of Gavrinis, it is a structure of the Neolithic era in France and contains megalithic art and carving.

Why is renting in Arzon a cool idea?

Despite being a tiny city, Arzon has no shortage of boats and water adventures. Charter a sailboat or yacht on a day of cruise in Quiberon Bay with a professional captain. You can enjoy stunning views of the Arzon coast and the surrounding French cities from the deck of your boat. On a day trip, you can visit the nearby islands of Belle Ильle, Ouat, Oedic and Grua.

Scuba diving is a popular water sport in Arzon. Daily trips depart by boat and bring divers with various levels of experience to interesting places. Experience scuba diving with your adventure family and explore the underwater world while in Arzon.

Morbian Bay, surrounding Arzon, is a great place to fish, and it also offers special oyster fishing trips. Embark on an experienced local guide who will take you to the best places to enjoy a great catch.

Arzon is the last municipality at the end of the Ruiz Peninsula, on the outskirts of Morbihan Bay. There are several small villages typical of Brittany: Port Krusty, Port Navalo, Le Monteno, Kerners, Beninze, Port Nese. Take advantage of two city resorts to share your moment of relaxation and go to sea to discover magnificent landscapes and deserted beaches. In Port Krusty you will find a marina with 1,432 moorings for yacht parking. At the harbor you will find typical shops and residences, as well as a vibrant and warm atmosphere. Each year, the port hosts the Thousand Ports Boat Show and many other maritime events. In Port Navalo you will discover a more authentic and traditional port with a capacity of up to 534 boats. It is ideally located for sailing to the islands of Morbihan Bay, such as Belle Ile en Mer, Huat or Höditch. Each year, the port organizes a large regatta, which offers an impressive show for sailing enthusiasts. Whether you come with family or friends, Arzon offers a wide range of activities for your relaxation. Beach clubs, fishing, cycling, concerts, festivals, restaurants.